15 Stunning Logo Designing Ideas For Your Website

logo tipsLogo designing has become an important aspect of brand marketing in this day and age. Unless you have a good and eye-catching logo, you would not be able to grab the attention of the people towards your brand. Not only does a creative logo increase the popularity of a product among the people, it also gives potential customers a chance to have a brief look at the vision of the company as well. Here are some creative and innovative designing ideas for your website.

1. Visual Text

Using Visual Text for logo designing is a very unique way of creating picturesque logos. Shaping the text in such a way that it takes the form of a visual image is a very good way of showing your product and the vision of your company through your logo.

2. Motion Depiction

Dynamic representation of your company’s core objective can prove to be a very good logo design idea. Add a bit of motion to it, not real motion but rather just a depiction of the movement, and you get a logo that instantly grabs the attention of the viewer.

3. Symbolization

Using a symbol to highlight your company’s principal goal or product is also a very creative logo design idea. However, the symbol should be such that is easy to identify for everyone not just a select group of people or community.

4. Simplification

Simplicity has an attraction in itself that grabs people’s attention towards it. Using simple letters and objects in the logo can help you in creating a simple yet attractive logo that cannot be overlooked by viewers.

5. Viso-Lateral

Viso-Lateral designing is a new and innovative logo design technique that involves the representation of a company’s name or principal product in an unusual visual manner. Viso-Lateral logo designs are self-explanatory and at the same time quite unique.

6. Imaginative

Imagination is a very important aspect of logo creation. Creating an imaginative logo using the brand name of the company involves the formation of a unique image based on that brand name. This logo creation idea has no boundaries; you can let your imagination fly with this one.

7. Multi-Colored

Colors are an important part of logo designing that give a distinctive edge to a logo. Using multiple colors in a logo design can enhance the impact a logo has on the minds of the viewers. Therefore, multi-coloration is another great logo design idea that you can use for your website.

8. Negative Image space utilization

The images you use in your logo sometimes have a negative space in them. For instance, the image of a dog will have a negative space in between its legs. Utilize this negative space to form another image and the result will be a creatively crafted logo design, which will remain fresh in the minds of the viewers for a very long time.

9. Use of Signature

If you want to add a personal touch to the logo design of your website or blog, then using your signature in a smart and unique way is an excellent idea. Such a logo design idea is perfect for designers.

10. Placement of Unexpected Images together

If you want your logo to really stand out among the sea of logos out there then this logo design idea is ideal for you. Placing two entirely different images that are somehow linked to your brand can help you in creating a memorable logo.

11. Stylization

Styling images or words in such a manner that they convey the name, idea, objective or vision of your company or brand is an innovative logo design idea that is becoming quite popular among the people.

12. Addition of springs or loops

Logo designs having loops or springs present in either the image or the letters used in the logo can make them look more visually appealing and different from the other monotonous logo designs.

13. Smart use of Animation

Animations can prove to be vital elements for a logo design. Using them wisely in logos can enhance the logo’s impact. So wisely choose animation in your logo. This tip can be taken only if you are making logo for a fancy service or something related. Don’t practice this for professional logo designing. 😉

14. Single Alphabet Designs

Sometimes saying less is better than saying a lot. Using a single alphabet logo design can add a lot of value to the design and can increase its appeal.

15. Abstract Designs

Designing logos abstractly is a very impressive logo design idea that is hard to master but is very effective in leaving a lasting impression on the viewers.

By following the above ideas, I am sure that you will be making awesome logos with good creativity. Above all try to make logos with some meaning relies inside it. Make people think about your logo even they left watching it!

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  1. Great Logo designing ideas. Logo defines your website identity. I am planning to design a new Logo for my business website and these ideas will be very useful for me. Thanks!!

  2. I’m not a designer at the moment but after my exams i will start learning desgning and this article will really help out,

  3. Very beautifully captured.
    The logo has to be stunning enough to create a visual impact and also convey what it stands for. It also has to be easy enough to be remembered.
    Must read for all logo designers out there!! 😀

  4. Very Simple and straight forward writing, as a designer, he will understand these concepts amazingly. But im not much aware of these things! Good to read! Sweet and simple 🙂

  5. addition of springs and loops nice pint mentioned!! perhaps you can throw in some free font sites in here !! too !

  6. Hi Lewis,
                 The sharing of all your logo designing views are all very much understable.I have gone through all the shared ideas among which  i feel that symboliozation is most effective in order for marketiong  a company.Thanks for the share…!!!

  7. Hi Lewishooker, I like your post. Really Nice collection of logos. Its very Simple unique and very attractive. It is one of the best branding techniques  used to catch their attention…usually people will teach with some tips.Really its nice..Well thanks for nice collection of logo..

  8. Last week itself I was talking with my team about the logo for my blog. I am surely going to consider all the 15 points while creating the logo. A decent logo is really very essential as its only the logo which talks all about the brand! 🙂

  9. Thanks for these important ideas about logo designing. All the ideas are really very important for both old and new designers. I found these ideas very helpful for me. 

  10. Imagination in your logo design also defines your company’s identity. It is one of the best branding technique used to catch their attention and so discover of who you are and what business products and services you engage with.

  11. Attractive & well design logo increase to customers & well design logo has become a important part of online marketing & it is also believe that beautiful logo increase selling in marketing.

  12. Indeed logos should be eye catching so once who ever see it stops by and know about in detail about your product/service. Logo’s main purpose is to make your brand or service remembered by others so it should be simple but meaningful.

  13. Hello Lewis,

    This post is brilliant. Logo designs are a vital aspect of designing a website. In the current world of heavy competition from rivals, efforts are always on to create something unique and stay on top. All your ideas are brilliant. Motion depiction can really strike a chord with the viewers and animations create interest for many. Thanks a lot for posting this.


  14. Interesting post Lewis, multi colored logos are best, just look at Google, those colors are brand right now, al lover the world.
    thanks for sharing 🙂 

  15. Animated logos are in trend now because they have this extremely attractive quotient in them. If the animation is innovative and something out of the box, people would like to get connected to that particular site because the first impression upon them about the site is already amazing.

  16. Logo turns a blog into branding business. As am not designer these points listed here helps more to get a basic idea about logo


  17. Hey I think this post is written For me because I am also thinking to design logos for all of my blogs but not getting Idea. I think these ideas may help me. Thanks again.

    • You yourself trying to create logo for your blog? Why not giving a try to someone who knows the job? 😉

  18. Logos play a vital role in the brand recognition… if people start recognizing what the company does from its logo, the job is well done… and well begun is half done 🙂
    I recently got a logo designed for my dedicated Apple products blog and it does look catchy.. lets see how it does and how people take it.. will accordingly get the changes incorporated and these points are worth keeping in mind when I give a briefing to my logo designer next time.. Cheers! 🙂

  19. I consider using simple and catchy logos so that our loyal readers can find our site just by looking at the logo.
    Thanks for sharing 

  20. When it comes to logo designing tutorial, usually people will teach with some tips like with designed logo, here are some wonderful tips to craft a logo to attract millions.
    Thanking you.

  21. I like simple, unique and brandable logos. Then only users can remember them for quite long time. These tips are ultimate and thanks for sharing them.

      • Yes, you are right!

        Logo Designing is just not putting a icon with some glossy alphabets. It’s more than that! And, if your designer knows how to design professional logos then you will get more than that.

        I have been designing logos for an year now (before that I was just doing icon + text designs). For a good logo it is essential to learn what your client prefers. If he wants just text and you are presenting him a glossy design he might not be interested in your design then.

        Regarding animation, I don’t think that animated logo works. It gives a childish look. Logo should be professional.


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