HOW TO: Autofill Your Credit Card Details On Sites

It’s really a tiresome job filling up the userid and passwords each time you try to login to a website. Today all browsers have the autofill option which can be used in your personal computers and enabling the option saves most of our time which cut down our headache of save us from remembering them always. For those of you are frequent online shoppers and business person, there are sites that ask for your credit/ debit cards details each time you complete a purchase. In that case you need to go through that long process of finding out your credit card, typing its number and then completing the purchase. To make this much easier, Google Chrome provides such an option where you do not need to insert your card number every time. To enable to autofill option for Credit/ Debit Cards:

  • Open Chrome browser.
  • Click on the Settings icon and go to Option.
Chrome 1
  • Go to PersonalStuff.
  • Click on Manage Autofill Settings.
  • Now click on Add new Credit Card.
Chrome 2
  • Fill up the required details and click on Ok.

Your Credit/ Debit Card details will be saved.

Chrome 3

You can also delete the details whenever you want by clicking the cross sign beside your card details.

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11 thoughts on “HOW TO: Autofill Your Credit Card Details On Sites”

  1. It's really great method to do that. But, it has both advantages and disadvantages in it. Thank you for sharing your ideas on here 🙂

  2. I dont feel this will be a secured method for transactions because there are huge possibilities for data my opinion is, better not to try this.. anyway thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Thanks for your short but informative post. But its a case sensitive issue to use our Credit Card Number. So any wise guy can't take a risk to use this auto save feature. Even we like to clear the history after every use of our Credit Card Number entry.

  4. well great app but i would still enter my details all the times by myself rather been stolen. As loopholes in technology are quite often

  5. Thanks for sharing for time saving tool i think many person like this because who are very busy in work for long time they can utilize this option and they can reduce their some burden form himself.

  6. I don't think I can trust external services for Credit Card management. Anyway, thanks for the share. I might use it to store my cash-card details or other cards!

  7. Thanks, didn't know about this feature. And why not? I guess it's not so dangerous to store you credit card info if you know that it's your PERSONAL computer.


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