HOW TO: Filter Tweets And Facebook Updates

FB-and-TwitterToday Social Media is used for, well, almost anything and everything. Particularly Twitter and Facebook. Today I thought of sharing some useful stuffs related to them. Below I mentioned two useful scripts — Filter Tweets (script for filtering tweets) and Filter FB Updates (script for filtering Facebook updates). You can use these scripts for filtering specific topic.

Using Greasemonkey you can use these scripts. It is an extension for Mozilla Firefox, an open source Web Browser and I recommend you to use the latest version of the browser. Most userscripts are written for Mozilla Firefox & Greasemonkey alone. But there are some scripts which works in Opera, Safari and even Internet Explorer too. These scripts are developed by @varunkumar.

#1 – Filter Tweets : Filter Tweets is a script for filtering tweets about a specific topic. Works only with the new Twitter version.

Filter Twitter Tweets

Features of Filter Tweets

  • Filter out a person
  • Filter out keywords
  • Remove hyperlinks
  • Filtered count indicator
  • Remembering the filter settings

#2 – Filter FB updates : Filter Facebook Updates is a script for filtering Facebook updates about a specific topic.

FB Filter Updates

Features of Filter FB Updates

  • Filter out topics
  • Filtered count indicator
  • Remember your settings

Do tell me which script you found the most useful and also share your opinions below as comments.

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16 thoughts on “HOW TO: Filter Tweets And Facebook Updates”

  1. There is nothing for Google chrome yet? I hope the developed it already, I often use chrome because of its speed.

  2. I have to try new features of Twitter. Thanks for sharing this information.. 🙂

  3. Another way is to make a Twitter List or Facebook Friends List 🙂 so no need for third party applications..

  4. Really Wonderful inputs. Now a days We must need this kind of filtering as we are getting so many updates. Thx for sharing this wonderful inputs.

  5. Great that after Gmail now i can filter my home of FB too but unfortunately its not available for my Chrome. Now this is the moment i can say Firefox is important. 🙂

  6. uh..its a gr8 tips to find a unique things wen we are searching tnx for info 🙂

  7. Damn Good Feature, Very Useful to search old posts instead of scrolling them for months. 😀

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