Things To Do Before Reviewing A Product (Checklist)

Reviewing A ProductAs I know that most of the newbie bloggers write a review article of a product without knowing what it does. It is weird to write articles or reviews about an unknown product. It is also harmful for your blog’s and your reputation. Every Pro Blogger review an article only by knowing them and using them completely. So in this article I’ll show you the (Checklist) things to do before reviewing a Product. In order to increase sales and you will be able to write it completely and know its pros and cons.

(Checklist) Things to Do Before Reviewing a Product

1. Buy And Use The Product

This is one of the or the major task or checklist before reviewing a product. You have to buy the product and use it for a week or a month. Get to know about it completely, don’t Pretend or copy the review from other blogs. This will definitely spoils your blog’s reputation and also your reputation in blogosphere.

2. Check The Manufacturer Reputation

Never ever forget to check the Manufacturer or the person who is behind the product. This ensures that you are not reviewing about any spam or scam product and lose your reputation. Search for review and user rating of the product or the manufacturer before writing a review. Do a really intense research about the manufacturer and check what people are speaking about the product and about the manufacturer. Also check what other bloggers have reviewed about that product.

I know that its time consuming but it helps you to choose the right product to review.

3. Create A Brief Idea Of The Product

After you have done with all the researching of the product, you have to get an idea of the product that how you gonna write it on your blog. Is it a video review or audio review or an article review?! Prepare a basic idea and start writing the article. Be Honest on what you’re writing .

4. Search For The Best Alternative Product

Search for the best alternative product of the existing product. We all know that there are several same products with more features and more commissions. Search all affiliate sites. If you can’t find it then make use of Google and search for the alternatives.

5. Conduct A Poll On Facebook or On Your Blog

This is not an important checklist to do, but it is better to conduct a poll on your Facebook profile or on your blog asking your friends or readers to vote whether the product is good, working, real, scam, etc. Mention the poll results on your review. People will get to know what others are saying about the product and it will also create conversion and you will get more sales.


I hope that from now all the newbies and some of the pro bloggers will research and write a honest review of a product and make tons of sales. If you have any problem please don’t hesitate to comment below.

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  1. Great list of points.
    It is good to buy a copy and use before writing a product review. It lets us know more about it and thus we can write more detailly.


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