Price Of Apple iPad In India

iPadIndians are always stunned by Apple’s products.

Now it’s time for getting stunned again.

Now you can order an iPad in India and the cost of different iPad versions are quite confusing.

Apple distributors in India, the Apple iPad will be available in India from April onwards. So I thought of mentioning it in this article.

So What’s The Price?

  • Apple iPad 16GB costs 32406 INR
  • Apple iPad 32GB costs 38269 INR
  • Apple iPad 64GB costs 44119 INR

Overall it will fit within 45K – 50K budget. You can also order an iPad through eBay and you can pay via PayPal.

If you are going to buy Apple iPad, you should also consider checking its good alternatives, for example HP Slate.

19 thoughts on “Price Of Apple iPad In India”

  1. that price is so high!i can provide cheaper goods!

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  2. Thats NOT TRUE.. Apples official sites shows the price as $499 so how come it is 32000INR in INDIA for the 16GB version.
    Pls update the post or delete it rather than giving unauthentic data..

    • Maybe special offer for Indians! πŸ˜‰

      Mr. AppleFanboy, thanks for reporting this to HBB and we’ll check and update it soon…

      Meanwhile, you can check this screenshot from eBay which might tell the answer for your Q :

  3. But the question is, do we really need such a high price gadget that not really worth such a price. Laptops are better I feel.

  4. Woah!! That’s a lot of money!! But then again there are lots of rich people in India that could afford it.

    • yep, at the end of the day, all these hyped products are basically targeted towards the kids of deep pocketed dad’s… for the normal everyday people even the eating apples are costing a fortune πŸ™

  5. Apple ipad price is very high in india, But i likes to buy the ipad at cheap price. You guys plz let me know where the apple ipad is available at low price.

  6. hmm…Price is too much i think. :(. it’s more than the price in $s. I think buying a new laptop or desktop is better than buying an ipad, LOL :p

  7. i will be mad to spend that kind of money to buy it, well i guess am already mad πŸ˜› am tempted all the same to buy it lol,

  8. Woah!! that’s too much…..

    I would rather sit back and wait for new generation of iPAD, coz Apple has always come up with a better product when it relauches its product again remember iphone 1g, 2g and now 3g


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