HOW TO: Check Flight Schedules Using Google

You have used Google almost for everything except for flushing your toilet, seriously! You can even use Google as your personal finance advisor. Now you can plan your next trip with the new flight schedule feature from Google.

For planning your trips you would have searched lots of websites for flight schedules and other details. Now Google makes it simple by adding flight schedules in search results.

Flight Schedule Google

Suppose if you search for “flights from san francisco to minneapolis”, you’ll see a selection of non-stop flights and the airlines that offer them. To see a full timetable, click on “Schedule of non-stop flights.”

You can also search like “flights from buffalo” and you’ll get a list of places you can visit non-stop from your local airport.

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  1. Great Feature, thank you for sharing this, I would use this when i have to go for a long trip 😛 Anyway awesome post buddy, Google is getting much developed day by day!

  2. this feature is really a good one..just used it for Indian flights..even working on Indian Google site also..


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