How to make Attractive Videos for Your Social Networks?

On social media, everyone can get their 15 minutes of fame, as Warhol said about life in general? But they can get even more, if they learn how to do things right. One of the media that they need to use, in order to get more visibility, are videos. They are the most liked posts on the internet, including on social media, of course. Here is what you can do to create attractive videos for your followers and to add new ones. 

Follow the Trends

If you want your videos to be liked, you need to follow the trends on social media, at all times. They are different on each of them. However, the latest phenomenon (TikTok) is probably the one where users tend to copy ideas the most, from one another. Here is where you can learn more for a TikTok photo editing trend that could help you gain likes and visibility, on this social media. It is not uncommon that users repost what they have created on TikTok, onto Facebook and Instagram, so you may see them there, if you don’t already have a TikTok account.

Use Template Backgrounds

To do great videos on Instagram, you can start by using a background template. It is the best way to create unique posts, yet look as professional as all the other videos being featured there. If you worry that they will look too much alike, you should know that there are a large variety of possible additions that you can make. For example, once you have prepared the video background, you can play with filters, in order to give it a different flavour. You can also add some music to it, so that it is more alive. If you prefer to keep the sound that was recorded with the video, that is also possible. Then, place stickers, add texts and you find yourself with an extremely professional-looking video, because you used a background template to start with.

Keep it Short, and to the Point

The one mistake you don’t want to make, on social media, is to use long videos. Internet users don’t have the time or the will to spend more than a minute, for any video they watch online. The reason is simple: They do so in their time off. If they have to take their full break for one video, it isn’t as interesting for them as seeing a few short ones. Also, social media followers tend to have a short attention span. Therefore, too many details will just get them to move on. Get to your point as soon as you can, so they can be entertained and you can have your message go through.

Many people think that the quality of videos depends on viewers taste. However, that is not true. Recording the video, as a cinematographer would, and editing it like an editor are two crucial steps to get your video to work on social media. If you don’t know how to do these, maybe you should call upon a specialist, if you want your videos to reach their target the right way.

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