How to Clean and Maintain Your Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has come a long way since it was first popularized to homeowners, with no signs of slowing down soon.  Even though it was the perfect flooring for kitchens, this is no longer the case.  Now more than ever, Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl flooring is an ideal choice for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other high-traffic areas. 

Better, this flooring type helps keep the time you spend cleaning and maintaining it to a minimum. To get the most out of your vinyl flooring, always understand what goes into proper care and maintenance. And that is what this quick guide will help you unearth today.  Read on for tips to clean and maintain your Rigid Core Luxury flooring without the hassle. 

Keep Dust and Dirt at Bay 

The best way to keep your vinyl flooring looking good for years is to prevent it from getting dirty in the first place. Even though that is not super feasible, there are a few things you can do to make it happen.  You don’t have to go overboard to keep dust and dirt at bay since using a doormat can work magic. 

It is in your best interest to opt for a doormat without a rubber backing to shape off any loose particles from your shoes. After all, rubber discolors vinyl flooring without a wear layer.  Additionally, make it the norm to use furniture pads to prevent scratches, scrapes, and dents. 

Avoid Premature Contact and Cleaning 

Finding the best Expert Luxury Vinyl Flooring Dealers to leverage doesn’t mean the end of your road. Also, employ simple preventative care and maintenance tips to ensure you get the maximum life out of your new Rigid Core Luxury vinyl flooring. No wonder you should never rush into walking and cleaning the flooring after installation. 

Be sure to check with your Rigid Core Luxury vinyl dealer or installer to determine how long it takes to walk on the flooring after installation.  Remember, premature contact and cleaning does more harm than good. And this is easy to see since it affects the vinyl adhesive’s setting process. That is the last thing you want to make do with after installing vinyl flooring in your home. 

Leverage Low-Impact Cleaning Techniques

You don’t have to push yourself to the limits when cleaning your vinyl flooring. Even though it is tempting for most homeowners to remove dirt using heavy-duty cleaners, sometimes the mildest cleaning techniques can save you a lot.  Make it the norm to vacuum or sweep the floor evening and clean spills right away. 

But what if the vacuum cleaner can’t get the dirt off your vinyl flooring? In this case, you are better off counting on a mop dampened with warm water. If nothing is working perfectly, feel free to use soap while cleaning. The good news is Expert Luxury Vinyl Flooring Dealers will always let you know about the right cleaner to use. 

Final Thoughts 

Let’s face it; vinyl is the perfect option for durable and inexpensive flooring. Either way, how you clean and maintain this flooring type says a lot about whether or not it will work for you. Use a doormat, sweep frequently, and learn low-impact cleaning techniques. If a seam in your vinyl flooring opens, you should reseal it as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. 

Now that you have insights into the cleaning and maintenance tips for Rigid Core Luxury vinyl flooring, why not buy and install it today. After all,  it is the next step in the evolution of flooring technology. 

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