Why Field Service Businesses Need To Care About Blogging

Word of mouth, flyers, and billboards have their place as marketing channels. But their customer reach limitations necessitate using digital marketing strategies, such as blogging. 

Currently, every other field service business has a website plus a blog where they regularly post informative content that addresses common customers’ concerns. Indeed, it has grown so customary that customers may shun your brand if you don’t have a blog. With that in mind, here are five reasons why you need to set up a blog for your field service business:

  1. It helps you pass critical information to customers

Most customers go online to look for information on how to solve everyday problems. If they land on your blog, read your content, and find out it’s helpful enough, they’ll develop some trust in your brand and always turn to your site for solutions to their problems. Therefore, provide as much information as possible regarding how you go about your field service business to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.  

For instance, if you run a pet care business, you could elaborate on how using dog walking software like Jobber that helps you with scheduling, invoicing, time-tracking, quoting, and communicating with your customers as well as a whole host of other things. Such information is enough to influence interested customers to order your services.

  1. It improves customer experience

The customer purchase journey starts when they go online to search for information on a given product. You can count lucky if a customer lands on your blog and starts navigating from page to page. With a well-structured blog that includes helpful internal links, you can considerably assist web visitors in finding what they’re looking for quickly. Eventually, you’ll manage to turn the lead into a customer and make a sale.  

Another tactic to improve customer experience is simplifying the process of making orders, receiving job quotes, and finally, the invoice. You can consider using a free customizable invoice template for this purpose, which ensures accuracy and portrays a great deal of professionalism.  

  1. Blogging helps you reach new markets

Blogging has a ripple effect. If you take your time to craft highly useful and engaging content, readers who appreciate the blog post won’t hesitate to share your work on different social networking sites. As a result, you get new visitors to your site who you wouldn’t have reached directly. By and by, you gradually expand your customer base.

For faster conversion of such leads, ensure to include powerful calls-to-action (CTAs) at strategic points within your content. Some of the CTAs you can use are the following:

  • Sign up
  • Click here
  • See more
  • Reserve now
  • Join now
  1. It increases your site’s ranking on search engines

You can significantly boost your rankings on search engine results pages with proper search engine optimization tactics. As you know, search engines give higher scores to sites with helpful content.

So, by having well-researched blogs with appropriate keywords, you can easily make it to the first page of the search engines. This is a coveted spot as it tremendously boosts organic traffic to your site, meaning you won’t have to spend a lot in marketing your brand through other means, such as pay-per-click advertising. In the long run, you save a lot of money, which is a key goal in any business.

  1. Blogs stay live forever

The internet is here to stay. Once you post an article, it will stay online for as long as you wish. That means a single blog post can reach millions over several years without additional effort from you. That’s unlike pay-per-click advertising, wherein your ad ceases to exist the moment your budgeted money is depleted.

  1. It gives your business a voice 

Blogging lets you talk to your consumers about your business in your preferred style. With proper language and intonation, you can portray your brand whichever way you want, either as friendly, professional, caring, funny, family-centered, or the like. Moreover, creating your blog with your customers’ needs in mind makes them feel you genuinely understand them. Such emotional connection goes a long way to set you apart from your competitors. 


Evidently, blogging is more than essential for your field service business. Consider setting up one if you haven’t done so yet. Even if you’re busy with your core business activities, there’s the option of hiring freelance writers to help you create premium quality content regularly. Ultimately, you’ll have never-ending orders from customers across your locality, and that’s a dream come true for your business.


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