Introducing HellBound Bloggers (HBB) Status Blog

Philosophers used to say, Life has ups and downs. The trend now continues to blogging, bloggers say blogs have uptime and downtime. Especially in the case of HBB, we have been encountering lots of downtime. So we created this status blog to keep the communication going when our main site or other services is down.

HBB Status Blog


Using Status Blog to Communicate with Readers

Yes, that’s the main intention of creating HBB Status Blog (now Slashsquare Status). On our Status blog, we’ll mention the cause of the downtime and steps we took to avoid such downtime in future. We’ll also provide you the details when our site will be live again.

That’ll be good for us to recollect our mistakes and avoid them. Moreover I believe a blog post can deliver much more content that a Facebook status or Twitter tweet.

I recommend all the bloggers to have a status blog for your main site, it will avoid confusions amongst your readers. Your site maybe down because of maintenance or revamp, but your readers might think your site has been hacked or attacked.

Why Posterous instead of Blogger, or Tumblr? 

I have used all of them (Blogger, & Tumblr) except Posterous. Right now am really comfortable with it.  I believe Posterious will be a great platform for connecting with our readers. It is simple to use, and users rarely encounter downtime. 

UPDATE #1 We moved to permanently.

UPDATE #2 Since Posterous Spaces is no longer available, we decided to go with Tumblr itself.

13 thoughts on “Introducing HellBound Bloggers (HBB) Status Blog”

  1. If the blog will not available due to webhost downtime, the status blog which is in same subdomain will also not available. so, it's better to start a status blog with different host and offcourse different domain.

  2. The whole thing with posterous is new to me. I might try it in the future. I checked out your status blog. Looked interesting!


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