Guest Blogging Will Be Dead In 2013. Is It?

When we came to the world of Blogging, I had never heard about Guest Blogging, as the system was not that much active. However, today, every upcoming blogger is well known about Guest Blogging before they get familiar with blogging in their own blog. The reason is quite simple! In these last two years, the popularity and demand of guest blogging has acquired a dramatic change, especially in 2013. We would have to say guest blogging got a partial death in this time, when famous SEO based decisions are taken by Search Engine Giant, Google. Now, let us analyze the change we see in guest blogging nowadays.

Agendas for Guest Blogging

The main agenda behind guest blogging has acquired some changes in the mentioned time-period. When the rush started, people were doing this for publicizing their blog and gaining traffic to their site or blog. Nowadays, rather we will have to say that Guest Blogging got a face of business and people are running behind content writers and guest bloggers, who can deliver a do follow backlinks from a high Pagerank website. In the world, where internet markets are becoming bigger than conventional marketing methods, people usually try to bring their web page to users’ search results, which is quite favorable by backlinks and Page rank.

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guest blogging

Problems faced by Guest Blogging

As we said before, guest blogging has to face some major problems in this time. It has come to a situation, where Web masters and editors hesitate to accept guest post and publish it in their blog. As you might know, Google’s search engine algorithms like Penguin and Panda is actually killing Guest Blogging; to be precise, killing the bad ways of Guest Blogging.

When the blog admin gets a guest post request from someone, he usually get into trouble in determining whether the guest post is a genuine one or will be penalized by the Mountain View Giant. If you are publishing a guest blogging that is specialized for getting back links from high PR sites, Google will surely penalize your blog. Regarding this decision changes, majority of top blogs are now hesitating to accept guest posting. This also makes a big confusion about guest blogging.

Tips for Effective Guest Blogging in 2013

For Guest Bloggers

  • Do not guest blog for links. Always keep a desire of traffic and exposure as well.
  • Focus on not only PR but also Traffic and DA.
  • Try contacting the web master directly rather than using the ‘Write for Us’ page.
  • Try to be a contributor to the blog rather than blogging under the label ‘Guest Author’. We hope this is possible only if you are linking back to your own website or blog.
  • Choose the most appropriate website for the title. We hope you know how Google will consider your link to a tech blog from a SEO based blog.
  • Use the correct anchor text because a bad one can make Google confuse about it.
  • Only accept the guest blogging work (if you are doing so) only if you think the targeted website is trustworthy and popular.

For Blog Editors

  • Confirm that the Guest Post is genuine.
  • Check Backlink and accept the post if the link is to a personal website [Will help in preventing spam links from your blog].
  • Do not label it as a Guest Post. Never let Google know that the post is written by a person, who is not even trusted by webmaster. [If the webmaster does so, he would have given the author name instead of label].


Analyzing the current issues on World Wide Web and the Mountain View’s decisions, we shall say that Guest Blogging is in a path of partial death and you should be very careful while publishing a guest post as well as submitting a guest post in order to publicize your blog. In addition, this post is not for who undertake bigger Guest Blogging works of SEO Companies and to spread spam links among high PR blogs.

Guest Blogging and Enhanced Transparency

Guest Blogging TransparencySince you have already heard all of the great things that link building can do for your websites, I really don’t think it is necessary to cover any of that. While it is a great move, we tend to lose sight into the best ways to approach it. Site owners these days are getting offers all over the world by people like me who are looking to share an article on their site. With all of the talk of Guest Blogging‘s perks, it really shouldn’t be much of a secret anymore into what the primary motive is for a guest blogger – Links!

The problem is that guest bloggers are still trying to become too sneaky with their links. If you’re contributing an article for the sake of a link back, then it is extremely important to tell the site owner. This is more of an applicable approach when the guidelines of the site have not been stated. While it is ironic, you’ll see this for sites that have a higher PR and flow.

This is mostly due to the fact that high PR sites contain content that is exclusive to the writers who are associated with that site. Once in a while though, if you can give great content, the editor/owner of the site might be open to your submission. The ideal situation is writing content so good, that the owner doesn’t care what you link to (within taste, mind you).

It’s About Establishing Relationships

Incase you forgot, site owners are people too. It is an unfortunate situation that guest bloggers and site owners can’t really talk face to face. If that were the case, the relationship would easily become more enhanced, which in turn opens up to easier submissions. But these interactions often happen on opposite sides of the world, and sometimes idealism can not interact with realism.

I have several sites that I regularly contribute to, and it really all just started out like any other link building campaign. The site owner knows what you want to do, but despite the cut and dry process, the least that you can do is treat the owner with as much respect as possible.

This means that if the owner is kind enough to put up your article, then make sure that you are regularly commenting on what people are saying about your work. This not only keeps the interest in the subject going (which keeps your link exposed), but also shows the owner that you didn’t just show up and leave. Maintaining these interactions could mean further invites for you to continue writing. Search Engine Land and SEOmoz articles frequently talk about this point.

Owners put a lot of time into taking care of the content that gets thrown at them all of the time. If you want to maintain relationships, then make a point to consistently come back to see how they are doing with their site. If they are looking for more from you, keep it coming even if there is no link involved. It’s a barrier to entry, but once you’re there, that is how you establish yourself in the blogosphere. Just make sure you’re writing good content.

This article is written by Sophia Lirendo. She is a blogger in tech, SEO and internet marketing who contributes content for AspireDirect.

Guest Blogging Vs Social Media. Which Is Better?

guest post vs social mediaReading a few articles on SEO will tell you, that there are two main ways of promoting your blog and getting readers – Guest Posting, or Social Media. However, each work out only for a specific group of people. This article will discuss the pros and cons of each, and will conclude with which is better for you, the blogger. What are they?

Guest Posting – Posting an article on another blog, as a “guest”. Thus called Guest Posting. A guest post usually gives you 1 – 2 dofollow links at the end of the article.

Social Media – Using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to promote your blog. Using social media may have different results based on the person.

Pros and Cons of Guest Posting/Blogging


  • Have around 2 dofollow links – These links are placed at the end of the article, and thus are sure guaranteed to be seen by the readers.
  • Have author description – The description tells people about you, and your work, that other types may not offer.
  • The links are valued more than others – You may think, that a link in the comments will give you same credibility of the link in the article, so guest posting would be useless. Actually, that is wrong, and links in the article are valued more by Google. Moreover, links in the comments are usually nofollow, which gives no actual SEO benefit. Then, links in the comment have less chance of being clicked, whereas links in the end have more chance of being clicked, thus having more authority.
  • Target Audience – posting guarantees that your links are shown to the target audience. This means, that if you have an SEO blog, and write a post about SEO, the only visitors will be the people searching about SEO, not something entirely different.


  • The most obvious disadvantage is that you have to write a big, long, suitable article everytime, for the actual owner of the blog. This is not necessary in other methods.
  • You have to contact the admin, which could take time, and thus results aren’t instant.


The links in the author description are high valued by Google and Readers alike. On a blog with good ranks, this could be a potential boost to your SEO. The only problem is that you have to write an article everytime, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Pros and Cons of using Social Media


  • Very easy to do – All you have to do is copy the link from the article, and paste it on your profile. No need of doing something tough.
  • Mass exposure – If you have 200 friends, you got your link to 200 people, with no actual work.
  • Easy to spread the word – Your post has chances of going viral, and thus getting loads and loads of readers with this method.


  • The post is not shown to target audience. If you have 200 friends, it’s not necessary that all 200 of them are interested in the topic. Most probably, 5 – 10% of them would be interested.
  • Amount of clicks. Even if you have 20 – 30 people familiar with the topic, there will be only a few that click the link. Maybe because the info presented in that article is known to them, or they just miss the link.


Upon reading this article, it would be obvious that only a certain type of people get benefits from the methods.
Guest Posting is always appreciated, and if you are a good writer, then you can establish trust. It is a bit difficult, I agree, but it gives you an SEO boost if not readers.

Using Social Media is very easy, you can get views, but they are not guaranteed. Thus, we can say that Guest Posting is great for people of all types, but they do need to have a bit of writing flair. Social media may not prove beneficial to those who do not have friends interested in the topic, but if they have a page, with good number of likes, and they post the link there, it is sure to attract some attention, and get readers.

5 Benefits of Guest Blogging You Should Know

5 benefits of guest bloggingNowadays every blogger knows the importance of Guest Blogging. It has been playing a major role for growing your blog business and expanding it in the Internet World. But still lot people deny this important part of their blogging career.

They avoid Guest Blogging. In simple words, Guest Blogging is an art of publishing your post on any other person’s blog. No matter how is your blog’s condition or it belongs to an individual or many authors, Guest Blogging is always beneficial.

Most newbies or most individuals are still confused that they should write for other blogs or not. So, I am listing below 5 benefits for writing for other blogs i.e. Guest Blogging.

5 Benefits of Guest Blogging

1. Targeted and Quality Traffic

No one can deny the fact that Guest Blogging brings to you a lot of traffic. However, the best part of it is visitors of another blogs come to know about your blog by this process as you are given a backlink for submitting a post on any blog. As such, you are most likely to get unique visits to your blog. However, if your posts get published on a big blog, then you are most likely to receive huge traffic. However, this thing also depends upon the Quality of your post. By targeted traffic, I mean that if you own a Technology blog, you are most likely to submit Guest Post on a Technology blog. This mutual exchange of information helps to bring traffic from a different blog which brings you targeted Traffic.

2. Exposure

Everyone likes to be famous. Isn’t it?? However, Guest Blogging helps to build an authority over the Internet people from different blogs and helps you & your blog to be famous. Guest Blogging helps you to bring exposure to you and your blog. It make your blog a Big brand and helping you to create high Impact over the Internet World. Let us consider this as you have published your post on two blogs. One gives you 100 visits and other gives you 50 visits. As a result, we conclude that your blog has been exposed to 150 people which gave your blog Targeted Traffic and Exposure. Guest blogging helps to be popular quickly.

3. Improve Your Writing Skills

We know that it’s the experience only which helps a person to decide what is right and what is wrong. However, when I was new to Blogging, most of my posts got rejected. Then I started from some small blogs and later on the process moved on and I became quite good at my writing skills. This is what The more you write, the more you learn. So, to improve our writing skills, we should be focused on our topics, try optimizing our posts for SEO and readers both which a quite hard process. Most bloggers will accept your Guest Posts only if they find your article at least better to some extent that readers find it useful. For that, you need to improve your writing skills.

4. Get More Backlinks

Whenever we submit a guest post on another blog, we get backlinks in the author bio and even sometimes in the post. Most bloggers include their blog’s link to get some essential backlinks. You need to be smarter in this thing. You should include your site keywords properly so as to increase your Search Engine Visibility and rank higher with your rankings. These backlinks can also result to increase in your Pagerank. Good Pagerank means more Search Referrals and Good amount of organic traffic which is really most and needed.

5. Know what people think about your posts

People that share views are different from blog to blog. Your blog visitors might take your posts in a different manner and others may too. However, you should be aware of the fact that what are the reaction of others about your posts, you must know that you are appreciated or you are criticized for your posts. However, Guest blogging can help you to know about this thing because people from other blogs may not know about and your blog, so you are most likely to get a honest opinion from them.

So, after reading my these posts, you would like to write for other blogs and gain Exposure, Traffic, Backlinks, Better Writing Skills and opinions. Guest Blogging is the best way to build authority and market your blog in the Internet World.

4 Hot Internet Marketing Techniques For Targeted Traffic

Targeted trafficThis is my first post on HBB. Though I was registered as a contributor since a long time I wasn’t able to contribute anything till now. I am happy that I am able to do it now.

In this post I have discussed 4 of the most smartest traffic generating methods that you can utilize to increase targeted visitors to your blog/website. I am sure these are quite conventional methods and most of the bloggers/IMers are aware of this, but I hope these might be useful for at least the absolute beginners or newbies.

The techniques that I have discussed here are,

  • 1. Social Networking Sites
  • 2. Social Bookmarking Sites
  • 3. Guest Blogging
  • 4. Pay Per Click Ads

1. Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are a great traffic puller, if you know how to use them properly. Did you know that Facebook is visited by more than 250 million people on a daily basis which is next to Google? Now do you see the immense money-making potential from such massive traffic? You can surely get highly targeted traffic from social networking sites like Facebook if you do it right.

Twitter and LinkedIn are other excellent places to spread the word about your website. The rule of ‘No Spamming’ very much exists on these social networking sites too. Interact with your followers or fans on a regular basis and post links on valuable information as well as off-topic links that invoke interest in your fans. You can occasionally post links pointing to your site or some valuable products or services too. This way your posts would look natural and informative to your fans or followers.

Facebook Fan pages are a great way to promote your website. Facebook allows you to promote your fan page by installing the fan page widget code on your website. Here is a blog post tat I found on the internet that will teach you how to utilize Facebook Fan Pages effectively – The Facebook Fan Page Recipe.

2. Social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites allow you to submit your website URLs to them. By submitting your sites to social bookmarking sites you can increase your traffic as well as get high quality back links. This activity is also known as Social Media Optimization or SMO. Some of the popular social bookmarking sites are, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Mister-Wong, Reddit and Mixx. There are hundreds of them out there in the internet. If you are using a blog you can try out SexyBookmarks plug-in which will add social bookmarking icons at the end or beginning of each post.

Tip: Onlywire is a great tool that allows you to post your webpage or blog post to dozens of social bookmarking sites with just a click of a button. It was free, but now I believe it’s going to be a paid service very soon.

3. Guest Blogging

As you know that, submitting your articles to others’ blogs is known as Guest Blogging. Some blogs openly advertise about guest blogging on their sites, but many won’t. So in that case you must first try to know more about the owner of the blog by frequently visiting his/her blog, reading the posts and leaving comments that add value. This way you will get noticed by the blog owner and over a period of time you will win his/her trust and confidence. Then you can try contacting him. Most blogs have a contact form through which you can contact the owner and ask whether he would allow you to post articles on his blog. If you are approved as a guest blogger you can start posting; but you must definitely make sure that your articles are original, of good quality and most importantly you adhere to the blog’s quality standards. This way you can build quality back links as well as drive highly targeted traffic to your blog.

To be a successful internet marketer you must develop a network of like minded bloggers in the same niche. You can do that by visiting their sites regularly and reading their posts, leaving a comment or even trying to catch up with them using Facebook or other social networking sites or forums or even in person. When you become a regular visitor to their blog and start leaving valuable comments with a link back to your site, you gradually start getting traffic and back links from those sites. Internet Marketing is all about developing a good relation and trust with your visitors and other bloggers.

4. Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC)

Apart from free traffic generation methods, you can also resort to paid methods like PPC ads. One of the most popular PPC advertising programs is Google AdWords from Google. There are other equivalent PPC programs from Yahoo!, Bing and MSN and other search engines. PPC ads are contextual ads that will be displayed on the sides of search engine results as well as on publisher network which includes articles on article directories, blogs and websites. But how frequently your ads are displayed on these networks will depend on the budget that you have set. There are informative help documents on Google AdWords that will teach you how to advertise with them, so you must read them carefully before you get started with it. Please be aware that Google has a ZERO tolerance policy on their advertising standards, so If you don’t play by their rules your account might get suspended for good in no time, and they won’t even give you a second chance.

Google AdWords also runs a FREE certification program that you can pursue. Once you successfully complete this program, you will become a Google AdWords Certified Professional .

I hope these techniques will benefit you in your blogging and Internet Marketing ventures. Thanks very much for taking out your valuable time in reading my post.

This article is written by Deepak Eapen. He has been into Internet Marketing/blogging/SEO for the past 2 years and owns multiple blogs and websites in different niches.

5 Common Guest Blogging Practices You Should Know

Guest Blogging PracticesBlogging is all about communicating your thoughts and opinions on a particular subject to readers and subscribers who are looking out for informative posts on the subject. It is a human to human communication, and bloggers have realized the immense value that networking among themselves carries. Guest blogging (being invited or hosted to write a guest post on another blog) is one of the ways in which bloggers are using their networks not only to promote new talent, but also to enhance their own subscriber base.

If you are a new blogger, you can benefit by writing guest posts on other blogs. This will add to your reputation and drive traffic to your blog and help you build up a solid base of genuinely interested readers. Here are some steps that you can take to make optimum use of this method of blogging.

1. Find blogs in your niche that accepts guest posts

A simple way of doing this is by searching for your niche keywords along with the terms guest post on Google. You will have to sort through the results to come up with a list of blogs that are relevant to your industry or subject area that accept blog posts. Enter these blogs and their details into a spreadsheet so that you can track your submissions and live posting details.

2. Start at the bottom

Do not attempt to submit guest posts for the most popular blogs on your shortlist at the onset. Instead start with blogs that have a smaller readership. Hone your skills as a writer. As you have more and more of your posts published, you will not only be more confident, but also have greater credibility as you go on to write for the more popular blogs. HellBound Bloggers (HBB) also allows guest posts.

3. Give it your best

Guest posts often get step-motherly treatment from writers since they feel it is not going to be on their own blogs. Never make this mistake. Write as if it were the most important post you will ever write. A guest post is like an advertisement for you, and it needs to showcase your best.

4. Keep your links balanced

One of the ways that guest posts pay off is through the links you put into your post and your bio. Avoid cluttering up your post with links back to your blog. Instead restrict it to just one or two links to your site and remember to throw in a couple of links to pages on your host’s blog. This will establish you as generous and unbiased. This reputation will win your readers who might otherwise dismiss you as merely a self promoting writer.

5. Set up an incline

Allow your blog to be the platform for other bloggers to do guest posts. By promoting others, you would have set up an incline, in a manner of speaking, and before you know it, instead of writing to blogs to do a guest post, you will have blogs inviting you to do posts for them.

With these best practices under your belt, you are now ready to become a guest blogger of repute. You must keep in mind that becoming a popular blogger is the result of diligence and perseverance and that it would be immature to expect results overnight. Keep on posting high quality content. With each live guest post of yours that you see published, your confidence, skills and reputation will grow to a point where you will find yourself being counted among the bloggers that you look up to as role model today.

Similar Useful Articles For Guest Bloggers

This article is written by Alia Haley. She is a blogger who is in awe of technology and loves collecting them. Recently she is planning to write on space hotel.

4 Steps To Prepare Your Blog Before Guest Posting

I am sure you all heard how important guest posting is for your internet marketing strategy. There are tons of article out there that teach you how to guest post, what are the benefits, on which blogs to guest post and so on and so forth.

Depending on the size of the blog you are guest posting on you can get quite some exposure. This exposure usually consists in one or two days of high traffic and that is it. Guest posting on the so called “A list” blogs can bring in from a couple of hundreds new visits up to one thousand or even more. That is a nice amount of traffic especially for the beginners but also for the not so new blogs.

guest posting

What anyone didn’t tell you is that you need to prepare your blog for this kind of traffic. You want to make the most of the additional traffic you will get from the guest post and you have only one chance to do it. If your blog is not optimized you will lose of this traffic. You want to take as much advantage as you get from it, whatever your goal is: get people to subscribe to your RSS feed or to buy something from you.

Below are a few tips that will help you make the most out of the additional traffic you will get.

Step #1 – Offer freebies

People love to get stuff for free. Even if your content is top notch, freebies are the only things that will make your readers give out their email address. Write an e-book and offer it for free to you new subscribers, offer a free WordPress theme or whatever product you can produce by yourself. Make it loud and clear that you are giving away free stuff for your subscribers. Put a subscribe form on your sidebar at the very top and write down something about the stuff you are giving away. The line that I believe that works best is something like this “Subscribe and get for free an e-book worth xx $$”.

Some people might want to make the freebies even more visible and use popups. As long as they aren’t too annoying for the visitors and there is a “Close” button you can use them as well.

Step #2 – Work on your content

Make sure the content your homepage is displaying is the best one you can show to your visitors. Make it interesting, write catchy headlines. “How to”  and buzz lists, like “Top 5”, “Top 10” type of articles work best. Have a most read posts list so people can check out older articles as well.

Step #3 – Introduce yourself

People love to see that you are a real person. Work on your about page. Make sure you have a photo of yourself and a few lines about you: who you are, what you do, what are your goals.

Don’t hide this page. Make is visible to everybody. Add an author box at the end of each post and link it to the about page. You can also put a small author box on the sidebar of your blog, above the fold so that everyone can see it when they land on your homepage.

Step #4 – Social media

Having a boost in visitors on your blog can also bring you a boost in Twitter followers or Facebook friends. Make your social media buttons visible and encourage people click them. Instead of closing your posts suddenly, tell readers where they can follow you on Twitter or where to connect with you on Facebook.

Your opinion

So, these are my top 4 tips for preparing your blog before getting your guest post published on “A list” blogs in order to make the most out of them. If you have used other methods that have shown good results please share them with us.

3 Simple Tips and Tricks for Future Blog Pros

Starting a blog, contrary to some popular belief, isn’t simply about sharing random thoughts. You can get into blogging on your own, by contributing to other blogs, editing blogs, putting your creative online to share with friends, or even just taking online writing classes.

While it makes for some interesting reading and can get you a handful of dedicated readers, know this:

The concept of the “weblog,” the original coined term that has evolved to the more well-known word “blog,” is essentially a collection of links from all over the web with your introductions and opinions about them.

Future Blog Pros

The point of a blog is to help the internet circulate even more – the more links, the more they pop up on search engines; the more they pop up, the more people all over the web will find those links.

1. Expand your Topics

So make sure you’re not simply writing about yourself. An effective blog will be about some sort of topic that will be meaningful on some level to a large assortment of people of varying ages.

Make no mistake, though: your readers need to know who you are, so don’t hold anything back just because it might not be “trendy” enough for the general reading population.

If some ideas or links you’ve found seem stupid, that’s probably all the more reason to include it on your blog!

2. Credit your Sources

Keep in mind that it’s also important to credit your sources, giving readers the chance to check on what you’ve found. Your purpose with the blog isn’t necessarily to gain readers – it’s to spread information all over the internet. Don’t misunderstand, though – you will gain readers no matter what, but not primarily because of your efforts; rather, it’ll be the efforts of many all over cyberspace producing viable, malleable, and worthwhile content that is both important and valid to you as well as many others.

The key is connection. Achieving readers of the same mind and feeling will automatically put you at the top of the blogging list. That’s why it’s not simply about you. Keep that in mind as you write a blog on whatever topic interests you – whether it’s politics, religion, fashion, horror movies, cartoon rabbits, or whatever else!

If you’re looking for connections to other bloggers, you can reach a larger audience by guest blogging. There’s a ton of sites out there that say they accept guest blogging  (even this one). And if they don’t and you’re really interested… simply ask!

3. Guest Post

You’re also not limited to regular blogs, you can expand into contributing to news sites and even contributing small bits and pieces to Tumblr blogs that accept submissions.

This might be surprising to you, but if you want quality content for your blog, you better start reading, watching TV, watching movies, and maybe even traveling.

The more you experience in your life, the more you are able to harness your own creativity and ability to produce quality content on a regular basis. That’s the important thing about a blog: regular content. You can’t simply stop for a month and expect to keep your readers.

Continual updates are important.

Because a blog continually grows, with archives lasting until you’ve deleted your blog, it’s also important to re-post some of your past work for anyone who might’ve missed them in the first place. Whatever news you find or stories you’ve heard, set up an interval where you can write links to your previous posts, or simply re-post all of it – whichever you prefer.

It’s all about how you want to do it. It’s your blog. Just know the role you have and the readers you’re looking for. You’ll already be one step closer to being one of the future blog pros of the century.

This article is written by Jennifer Williams. She is a traveler who feels grounded by her new found love of blogging. She’s a writer, turned traveler, turned blogger.

What Guest Posting On Blogs Is NOT About

I know many are doing guest posting these days. Guest posting has become one of the most welcomed methods to generate backlinks, traffic, making new friends, branding blogs and so on. There are many cool benefits of guest posting. It is very good for every blogger when he/she chooses to guest post; it also makes you a better writer.

But it is equally alarming that these days many bloggers make up wrong notions about guest posting. I have encountered many fellow bloggers who choose to guest blog with a wrong notion and ultimately stop guest posting.

So I wanted to bring up this issue for all those who are guest blogging out there. Here are some of the major wrong expectations of guest bloggers.

Set Up and Forget

Traffic Guest PostingNo it never works that way. Guest posting is not a scheme or a strategy which you set up first so that you can stay in peace without doing anything for the rest of your life. I say this because many people think that after getting one post published in a A-Lister blog, they are set for life and expect constant gush of traffic to flow to their site for the rest of their life time.

I tell you from my personal experience. You will indeed get a sure spike immediately after your post goes live on a popular blog. You may even get a very good number of visitors and subscribers (far more than you would normally get) for the next couple of days.

And then? The trend comes back to normal. You would only get your regular visitors with a possible slight increase in the number of visitors and subscribers. There comes a plateau.

Never expect the spike to stay forever. Although I can assure you that the more guest posts you write the more number of visitors you will get. But you have to accept the fact that one guest post will give a spike immediately after getting published and then the number will decay (usually dramatically) as time goes on.

Once Established, You can post Crap

No. You can’t. This attitude comes because of two reasons:

(i) When your post gets published in A-List blogs you come to a mindset that you have established a voice or authority and hence you can write lower quality posts and people will still read them (or)

(ii) You will tend to write high quality posts only for blogs having greater than 6 and you think that you can write low quality posts for other blogs.

I can tell you that this attitude will get you nowhere. Even if you have 10 guest posts each published on Mashable and Problogger, you still have to deliver quality on your next blog post or it won’t work.

People will not read your crap just because you once wrote an excellent post on a A-Lister blog. And, the blog owners will also won’t be ready to compromise on quality just because you are a guest posting super star.

In any case, quality comes first.

High PR = More Traffic

No! That is totally wrong. A blog with high PR necessarily means that the blog is authoritative.

Something off topic – However, recently the Mozrank seems to do well and give very good stats about blogs. So I’d suggest looking at the blog’s Mozrank instead of pagerank (but if the blog is already having a good PR that should be fine). Well I went a little bit off topic but wanted to mention this.

Now back to what we were talking-

The sad fact is that many bloggers still think that a blog with high PR will have more traffic. That can be true but that need not be true. And, even if the host blog has tremendous amount of traffic, that doesn’t mean that all of those readers will click through your blog to check it out. In my opinion only very less than 10% of the people ever want to find out who you are.

Guest Posting Means High Quality Backlinks

That is both true and false. It depends on the blog you are posting at. Guest posting surely means backlinks, but the quality of the backlinks rely mainly on both the quality of the host blog and the quality of your post. So don’t be fooled by this myth and start guest posting on every blog you stumble upon.

That is a waste of your time and writing energy. Pick out top quality blogs and write guest posts only for them.


Hope that I have at least given a tint of the wrong beliefs and myths about guest posting. Guest posting is a cool thing. Just don’t have wrong notions and expectations. Such expectations will never be satisfied (since they are not going to work anyway); you will be easily disappointed and demotivated. Avoid these fake expectations and enjoy the true benefits of guest posting.

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6 Best PageRank 6 Blogs To Write Guest Posts

Seriously almost every blogger know about the below mentioned 6 blogs and they are perfect to write guest posts. Because they are ruling the blogosphere quite well and they deserve it. I personally recommend these 6 blogs to write guest posts and also don’t forget Guest Blogging is also enabled on HBB, though it is PR 4 :|.

#1 – Problogger : Problogger is the brainchild of Darren Rowse. Founded in September 2004, Problogger has almost 3500+ articles, tips, tutorials and case studies. This site is dedicated to helping other bloggers learn the skills of blogging, share their own experiences and promote the blogging medium.


#2 – DailyBlogTips : DailyBlogTips is founded and maintained by Daniel Scocco. Daily Blog Tips is the place where he shares what he learned along the way. The blog was nominated under the “Best Web Development Blog” category in the 2007 Weblog Awards, and currently it is ranked among the 500 most popular blogs in the world (according to Technorati).


#3 – QuickOnlineTips : Quick Online Tips, also fondly known as QOT, is a popular PR6 blog regularly publishing Technology news, practical blogging tips, social media buzz, and useful computer software. Launched in late 2004, QOT has come a long way is now a respected blog in the tech, blogging and social media niche. [UPDATE: QOT stopped accepting Guest Posts right now.]


#4 – CommentLuv : is a PR6 site and has multiple PR4 pages across the whole domain, write to your own subject and squeeze some fresh Google Juice to your own site. guest bloggers get to write about whatever it is their blog is about. That means if your blog is about cats, you get to write about cats!


#5 – Digital Inspiration : Digital Inspiration, launched in 2004 by Amit Agarwal is among the Top 100 technology blogs on the Internet out of an estimated total of 130+ million blogs. The purpose of this site is to help you take maximum advantage of the software tools and web technologies at your disposal so that you spend more time doing things your really love. [Digital Inspiration accepts your post if it is really good, I repeat ‘really’]

Digital Inspiration

#6 – Copyblogger : Copyblogger was founded in January of 2006 by Brian Clark. Brian is CEO of Copyblogger Media, a serial entrepreneur, and a recovering attorney. The Guardian named Copyblogger one of the world’s 50 most powerful blogs.


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Have you ever written any guest posts on these blogs? Do you know any other best PR 6 blog? Do share them in the comments below.