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Advantages Of Advertising On Blog Over Other Media


You may seen now a days maximum number of blogger have those 125×125 ad space at their blog, where most of the space are filled with advertisement. Have you ever think why these are so popular? Why, advertisers are choosing blogs to advertise their product over other media?

Here I am going to discuss about advantage of advertising on blog over other media.


1. Extra traffic with no extra cost

There are two type of traffic for any blog, fixed and volatile. When you paid a blogger to advertise your product then you are actually paid for fixed traffic and not for volatile(or extra) traffic.

If the blogger become able to post a good post, which may drive huge number of  volatile traffic, then you also receive extra exposure to your ad. Are you paying money for these extra traffic? And is there any media which can provide this functionality to you?

No other media rather than blog can’t generate maximum number extra traffic within limited period of times at no extra cost.


2.  Advertisement rate is low and easy to get started

Advertising cost is much more lower comparing other media because most of the bloggers are part timer and are happy with any income they generate from their blog.

Most of the blogs have ‘Advertis here’ or ‘Advertise with Us’ link, click on it and you will launch into the space from where you can easily buy advertising on that blog through PayPal or other easy payment option.


3.  Bloggers are early Adopters

Bloggers are the early adopters, they like to use new products. So, if you are not going to advertise your products where your power buyers resides then you are missing huge market place.

Rather most of the blog reader are actually blogger. If they become interested about your product then they may write about your product for free of cost(to provide important resource and quality content through blog to their reader), which will provide backlinks (that is required for Search Engine Optimizaton) and huge extra traffic to you.


Note : It wouldn’t make any sense if you try to advertise your technology related product at food related blog(or vice versa). My full discussion is based on the assumption that you are going to advertise at the blog which falls in the same niche of your product.

This article was written by Guest Author Shahnawaz of He is a Software Engineer by Profession & Blogger by Passion.

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    • Mustafa Gaziani

      Hi Shahnawaz,

      Great stuff, Right on mark.
      No doubt, anyone can easily earn from blog without investing a penny. On the other hands, other media charge for their service that we use to advertise.


    • El peso ideal

      Totaly agree with the points above. I think it is proven that blogging is very fortunate way to make money. When you've a blog with a high traffic and an affliliate link you will get for sure traffic to that link. So it can really by fortunate. But I hope that the content will remain important to google, otherwise it would be a waste of the internet (all the mini-block advertisting websites).

    • Mary

      All the points listed are really wonderful

    • Sandeep Singh

      Yeah pradeep a good one !!! hope everyone understands that

    • Hami

      interestingly once the other media is not well researched or you are amatuer blogger it will not serve you good 🙁 .. it is better to get appropriate person for the marketing works 🙂

    • Rathan

      All the points listed are really wonderful 🙂

    • Mad Geek @beingPC

      Well not only Blogs but advertising on Facebook is also a good choice

    • Marikxon Manurung

      Yeah, I am also very surprised were many businessmen who made a blog to sell their products. They even set up their own ads on these blogs, I think it’s really smart

      Marikxon Manurung

    • Chethan

      yeah! But its difficult to get advertiser for this 125×125 box.. Its empty for more than a Month in my Blog! SomeOne Please Buy it and give respect to above post!

    • IndianCashMaker

      and one thing more i personally feel that bloggers are honest….your money will not be wasted

    • chester

      I prefer advertising on blogs and find that our conversions and traffic from them is quite good.

    • Bangaloreloka

      While adwords might get expensive, advertisers go with banner ads on blogger if at all bloggers have good blog traffic.. well for everything we have an exception 🙂 nice points listed out.

    • humanrace

      Some of the people out there think that social networking is losing its charm. Global recession is what people point out as a reason that is degrading the popularity of the social networks. The real fact is that social networking is headed towards a different path.

    • chandan

      Yes Shahnawaz I completely agree with your points, Bloggers are always helpful to promote other products, as well as promote on blogs is also cost effective. Advertiser spend big buck by paying high media site and I think they do not care much on their advertiser. But bloggers do everything for promote advertiser products.

    • Ajith Edassery

      PPC advertising or advertising on hugely popular blogs can be really expensive. Sticking to advertising on good quality medium sized blogs can be really helpful. You may get an adslot for a month for less than $25 a month. And more importantly, relevant visitors.

    • Rishi

      I agree with all points. Blog is viral for advertising but blog is also viral for marketing. These days advertisers themselves start blogs for their namely products, and market it well.
      A point I’d like to add. Micro Blogging is now taking about blog advertising. You see how much Kim Kardashian is paid for each sponsored tweet? 😉

    • Marlene

      I wish I could attract more advertisers on my blog, too. 🙂
      I agree with you in all points, especially that an Advertiser should find blogs that are related to their products or whatever.

    • Uttoran Sen

      i would vote for the 3rd point, bloggers like to use new things, write about it, make it viral on the social sites and the blogosphere… this is, i guess the biggest reason why advertisers should advertise on blogs. The direct benefits are nothing compared to the extra advantages which will keep coming for ages even after the ads campaign is stopped 🙂

    • Rohit Sane

      Clean write up Shahnawaz. And I don’t really find anything missing here. But I would say, mouth to mouth promotion still works even when Internet is becoming such an inseparable part of our lives.

      @Pradeep: There seems to be something wrong with your blog header. just check!

    • Sriraj

      That last note answered all my queries. For blogs like these (HBB for eg), which mainly concentrates on blogging tips and Internet related stuff, it would be easy to find matching advertisements and for other magazine related sites,that concentrate on various topics with no match at all, it would be that difficult to get hold of an Advertiser.
      In any case, I find 125 Ad blocks to have become just too common like the early days half banner Ad which people would safely avoid.

    • Kyle

      4. If it’s successful it’s viral

      5. Costs less or even free.

      6. it’s for a lifetime as long as the blog is up

      • shahnawaz hossain

        Hi Kyle,
        In your comment you have showed three more advantages of advertising on blog over other media. But I have something to say regarding those.

        4. (If it’s successful it’s viral) – is this a viral technique? Let me help you. Go here to understand viral technique.

        5. (Costs less or even free) – Already discussed in 2. Advertisement rate is low and easy to get started

        6. (it’s for a lifetime as long as the blog is up) – no dear, it’s not for lifetime, don’t contradict it with ‘Get Paid to Write Review Technique’

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