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HOW TO: Drive 1000′s Of Visitors To Your Blog/Site


Increase TrafficI am sure the eagerness would have brought you into the topic so please go ahead with no further delay. If you are running a Blog then I am sure you would love to get more and more Visitors everyday and we call them Technically as Traffic Technically.

I always love to get more and more Traffic to my Blog but at another place I hate Traffic like something, huh it is when I go to my office. If you want to run a decent blog then you must have at least a minimum four figure visits i.e. 1000 a day. Is it easy to achieve? I would say it as possible but not so easy. Though there are many ways, here are the few simple ways to do it, creep into it. Meanwhile don’t forget that Killer articles can drive tonnes of traffic and may also crash your server! And if you are a newbie, don’t expect heavy traffic unless you created a community or platform around you. Also check 5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Starting A Blog. Below you can see 6 simple yet effective ways to drive lots of traffic to your blog or website.

#1 – Guest Post :

This is the best way I would suggest to get few hundred visitors a day. Always have a habit to write one or two guest posts a day with backlinks to your Blog. Try to find out the Blog which accept guest posts on your niche and write for it. I would always suggest you to write it for big Sites/Blog for 2 reasons. You will get loads of Targeted visitors and quality backlink from an Authority site. These 2 guest posts can give you at least 200 Visitors a day.

Reference : List Of Cool Blogs To Write Guest Articles

#2 – Comment :

This is the next best thing you must do to drive traffic to your blog. Here again a simple Google search can get you some niche related Blog/Sites. Do not care about the link type i.e. a dofollow or a nofollow, just comment. This is also a best way to get targeted visitors to your Blog. Make a habit to comment on other Blog and I would suggest spending at least 2 hours a day for commenting. Please make sure that the comments are good when you comment on other sites. By following this way you can get the same 200 visitors a day.

Tip : Brand Your Comments To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

#3 – Article Submissions :

There are thousands of Article directories available today which allows you to submit articles for free. The best part about these directories is that they accept articles which are submitted on other directories as well with 2 free backlinks, what else do you need? I would suggest you to write two small but very good articles and submit it to Top 10 Article directories. Some of them are Ezinearticles, articlebase, articlealley and much more. This way can give you 10*2*2=40 backlinks along with hundreds of visitors. I am sure these 20 submissions can fetch you around 150 Visitors a day. So count it, we are at 550 now.

The What, Why And Whodunit - September 2009

#4 – Social Networking :

Oh my god these are really turning out to be a big source of Traffic these days. Though there are many Social networking sites I would always suggest you to focus on Facebook and Twitter. I have noticed many times that at least 50 visitors come from my Twitter account for a single day provided I tweet something from my Blog. Facebook is just awesome, the referrals I am getting from Facebook wall and Fan page is getting increased daily. So try to get more fans and followers, I am sure this will give you 200 visitors a day if you have got enough people on your back. So now the count is 750 visitors and we are now left with only 250.

Note: To get the traffic you must have good amount of fans in Facebook and Followers in Twitter.

#5 – Forum Posting :

This is also a very good way to drive Traffic to your site if you use it properly. Go and find out all the Traffic forums on your niche and register on it. Almost 99% of the forums give you two spaces on your profile signature so use that space. Place your Blog links on your space and start posting threads/replies in the forums. Please do not spam the forums as the chances are high for getting banned. Try to post at least 10 threads/replies in 10 high traffic forums for getting 200 visitors a day. So now we are at 950 visitors, bite your nail just 50 more to go.

#6 – Social Bookmarking :

This is also a best way to drive traffic to your site especially with sites like Stumble Upon and Digg. Try to get SU and DIgg from your friends which will definitely fetch you little traffic. The next one to focus is on which can give you handful of visits. These 3 social bookmarking sites can give you 100 visitors a day. So now we are at 1050 visitors, ohh cool we have crossed 1000 already.

Hope you like the share!! Please share your views and add some more if I have missed any!!


Praveen Sivaraman is the Editor-in-Chief and CEO of Techperk. An Engineering Graduate with a passion for technology, a knack for writing and most importantly addicted to Blogging. Catch him on Twitter. His recent shares are collections of google chrome plugins and 2 ways to create custom google chrome themes.

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