HOW TO: Put Multiple Links Into One Small Link

LinkBunchYou might have found several awesome links on the web that you want to share on services such as Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger or microblogging platforms such as Twitter and Pownce.

Using LinkBunch you can take all those links and put them into one “bunch”, which is just one single link. LinkBunch lets you put multiple links into one small link which you can share over IM, Twitter, email or even a mobile phone SMS. Simply put in a list of links in the box below and click ‘Bunch’ to get your small LinkBunch link! You can share all the common links through one single link using this awesome tool. Personally I found this URL shortener tool really useful, now I can keep multiple links on my blog posts.

I kept all the below mentioned multiple links into a single small link.

You can see the bunch link here –>

Suppose if I want to share the top commented articles on my blog, I can easily share this single link all over the blogosphere and social networks.

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21 thoughts on “HOW TO: Put Multiple Links Into One Small Link”

  1. Not very good from a SEO point of view. These links won’t get any SEO love with this service. Great for twitter though!

  2. This is really Interesting when we want to share important links with our friends. Now With Single Links we can share all important links.. It is also like a bookmark.

  3. Nice tool… Can be gr8 product if get good finishing… It will be awesome if Somebody tries to make a hosted alternative to the tool…

  4. Hi Pradeep, thanks for sharing this tool. I am a Social Media Marketer and I am sure this tool will be helpful for me. Thanks again


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