Optimize Your Blog For Visitors In A Short Time

optimise blog short timeYou can achieve the purpose of why your blog is created if you optimize it for visitors. For the fact that all blogs are created because of visitors, it is very important to do everything possible to make them happy and willing to come back to your site anytime.

Remember that your blog isn’t just a custom essay that you can write once and forget forever after getting some mark. You should take care about your blog and make it interesting for your readers.

There are diverse ways to optimize your blog for visitors in a short time. Highlighted below are some of the ways to optimize your blog for visitors in a short time.

1. Selecting the Appropriate Domain Name and Niche

Choosing the right domain and niche is one way to optimize your blog for visitors in a short time. Make sure that the domain name is short and includes some related keywords once you have decided on a particular niche for your blog. This is to make the name of your blog easy for your visitors to remember when they leave your site.


2. Make Use of Google Webmaster Tools

The purpose of using Google Webmaster tool is to get your blog indexed in a short time and in a comprehensive way. However, it is the Google Webmaster tools that assist you in submitting the map of your blog to search engines. Google Webmaster tools offer information concerning the performance of your blog in order for you to take necessary steps to increase visibility.

3. Make Your Code W3C Compliant

Another way to optimize your blog for visitors in a short time is to make it W3C compliant.  As a matter of fact, use the W3C markup validation to confirm your mistakes even though few insignificant errors may be acceptable but if the errors are so many, you may need a developer’s assistance to make the required rectification.

On the other hand, you must code your blog correctly as poorly coded blog can prevent search engine crawlers from indexing your blog successfully. This is the precise reason why the code of your blog should be W3C compliant.

4. Optimize Your Blog Past Post Titles

You want a catchy title, particularly when you publish a new blog post. You will not likely garner tons of clicks from visitors from a hum-drum title. Hence, you can always optimize your blog titles for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in a short time for your visitors and not for clicks.

5. Calls-to-Action of Your Blog Should Be Optimized

Remember that you are Blogging for the purpose of getting traffic and this traffic will not come from heaven but from your blog visitors. Therefore, optimize your calls-to-action of your blog to get more traffic to your blog which can be converted to lead and customers in the long run.

6. Carry out a Topic Analysis

Another way to optimize your blog for visitors in short time is to carry out a topic analysis.  You could equally conduct a more comprehensive analysis to determine which of the topics resonate most with your reader since you are already knee deep in the blog post popularity contest.

Typical topic analysis will inform you of what you ought to write to meet various requirements and objectives. Just export the analytic of your blog into a spreadsheet and start sorting by topic categories or what you write about.

7. Make the Blog Social

You can optimize your blog for visitors in a short time by making it Social because the success or failure of your blog depends on it.

Hence, your blog should contain social follow button as well as social sharing buttons for you to expand your social reach and the reach of your content simultaneously. You can as well add things such as social recommendation widgets so that your blog visitors will understand the blog content that is accepted among the connections in social media.

8. Optimize the Frequently Visited Pages of Your Blog

Your blog will likely become more than rolling page of content as it continues to grow. For this reason, you should consider where other visitors are going of the other places on your blog so that you can optimize those places as soon as they click off your blog.

Hence, spend more time optimizing those pages that visitors land on once click if they are clicking on the links in your top navigation at all the time. On the other hand, you may even decide to make some of the links landing pages.

The purpose of a blog is to offer useful information to those who need it. Therefore, it must be well optimized for your readers. Always think of your visitors first before as they are the people you blog for, to achieve your intention.

HOW TO: Track Your Blog’s RSS Feed Clicks

Do you want to know how many people are visiting your blog via RSS Feeds?

Go to your Feedburner Dashboard, now select the title of your RSS feed.

Then choose the option “Configure Stats” under the Analyze Tab.

Tick the options that say “Item views”, “Item click” and “Track clicks as a traffic source in Google Analytics” and save it.

Track RSS GA
Now this tip will help you to analyze the click counts and the exact source from where that click may be originated. You can also find whether Google Reader subscribers are more engaged than your My Yahoo! Subscribers.

Track RSS GA

Use the “All Traffic Sources” and “Campaigns” sections to track the traffic from clicks inside your RSS feed.

How Many Visitors Do I Need To Make Money?

If I had a nickel for each time I saw this question being asked…. Should I start by telling you there is no right answer to that question or save it for the end of the post?

By the way, if you are asking yourself this question you are on the wrong path already. I bet you hate me right now, but hey, putting it right in your face early in the game is for your own good.

Would it help you out if I said that one blog of mine which gets 10,000 impressions a month is making me 200 euros? No it wouldn’t. That is completely irrelevant.

It is all relative

Your earnings depend on lots and lots of factors like how targeted your customers/visitors are, the niche you are in, the layout of your website or blog, the advertisers you are working with, the product you are selling and so on and so forth.


Let’s take AdSense for example, because I know a lot of people are using it. AdSense earnings are calculated based on the number of clicks your ads get. For each click you get a specific amount of money. That amount can vary a lot from one click to another even in the same niche. For example I have got clicks worth 0.04 € and clicks worth 2 € in the same day on the same website. That is quite a big difference.

Another thing that can vary is the click through rate. Today you may get a 2% CTR while tomorrow you can have a 4% CTR.

See? The famous “How many visitors do I need to make money?” question does not make much sense now, does it?

The right approach

Ok, I understand, but how do I know when I should start monetizing by blog?

What I would do before starting to throw ads all over my website is wait to build a returning base of visitors or a nice number of RSS subscribers. There is no magical number in terms of traffic that you need to reach in order to be able to make money online. Just wait until you get positive feedback from your audience. Wait until you see them asking you for a service or product. Don’t just fill your blog with AdSense ads and make it look spammy. It will put everybody off. You can even show ads only to search engine visitors and maximize your earnings.

One of the advices I would give to anyone who is starting a blog or website is: don’t try to make money out of it. Build your reputation first and then, gradually, start monetizing the traffic you are getting. Think of your blog as a long term business and pay respect to your visitors; don’t try to rip them off.

Give before you ask

Your goal as a beginner is to share useful content with the world. That is where all your time and focus should go. Create free content for your visitors and let them know about it. Write an e-book and offer it for free to your subscribers. Don’t ask money for it. People won’t pay for a product created by someone with no authority.

I like to compare a new blog to a product that is going through a free trial period. The trial period is up to you, it might be just 2 months or it might be 2 years. Start asking people money only if they are dying to get fresh content from you. Let them ask for it.

Your comments

I would love to hear you personal experience on this topic. How long did it take you to make your first 1,000 dollars online? How did your readership react when you first started to use ads?

HOW TO: Drive 1000′s Of Visitors To Your Blog/Site

Increase TrafficI am sure the eagerness would have brought you into the topic so please go ahead with no further delay. If you are running a Blog then I am sure you would love to get more and more Visitors everyday and we call them Technically as Traffic Technically.

I always love to get more and more Traffic to my Blog but at another place I hate Traffic like something, huh it is when I go to my office. If you want to run a decent blog then you must have at least a minimum four figure visits i.e. 1000 a day. Is it easy to achieve? I would say it as possible but not so easy. Though there are many ways, here are the few simple ways to do it, creep into it. Meanwhile don’t forget that Killer articles can drive tonnes of traffic and may also crash your server! And if you are a newbie, don’t expect heavy traffic unless you created a community or platform around you. Also check 5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Starting A Blog. Below you can see 6 simple yet effective ways to drive lots of traffic to your blog or website.

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6 Quick & Simple Ways To Irritate Your Blog Visitors

Irritate VisitorsWell guys I am sure you must have opened this post after seeing the title as that is bit different, lol. So here I am after a bit of gap in HellBound Bloggers (HBB), one of the best blogging sites in India.

I am sure you could have read so many stuffs in famous blogs like HBB, techperk, SML and many more about the ways to keep your visitors stick to the Blog.

So now let us try something different i.e. let us try the upside down. I am going to teach some simple but easy ways to irritate your visitors easily. If you want to drive your visitors out of your Blog’s window then do not do all these listed or else try this and get tons and tons of 0 visitor daily, lol.

Earlier we shared an article about 5 simple things to make your blog Addictive and today we are going to see an upside down article. So let us start the ways now. Below I mentioned 6 quick and simple ways to irritate your blog visitors and also lovable readers!

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