InkThemes Review: SEO Friendly & Fast Loading WP Themes

We already have a lot of things to do to get our businesses out on a much better track, since trends change every now and then. Heck’s is all the tactics that suck in a lot of time to provide you a perfect business website that hits the target right.

And that’s why it is the right time for you to get hands-on experience with InkThemes. Yes, because you need to make your website more SEO friendly, fast loading, and at the same time you want useful features. And next, if you ever require to use any plugins, additional tools, etc., these themes would support that too and so well.

InkThemes Reviews

Likewise, there are many things to consider before we buy a template. InkThemes is recommended because of their overall score that comes out from their functionality, pricing, graphics, flexibility, customer support, etc.

InkThemes Review – Know about these gems of InkThemes

When Speed Matters A Lot

The hell lot of coding garbages are done away. Might be, InkThemes is having world class expert developers. This is realized when their themes work above the expectation in any condition, whatever is the device, whatever is the browser, InkThemes are very much compatible and always fast to load.
Certainly, this is the thing that gained a quite different identity in the field of website development for InkThemes.

Get your website built up fast too

Today, if someone wants to get his business website in any niche ready with just a few clicks, InkThemes is highly recommended.

There’s already enough to worry about with running a business, content and marketing. So, even if you are an innocent non techie person, you never have to look for someone else to get things done. InkThemes has kept all the work already done for you. Things have been made such easy that you feel like playing with settings of facebook, twitter, etc.

All the themes at InkThemes are completely functional and have the standard WordPress Framework, which makes it extremely easy for the users to manage their website settings with comfort.

Customize Your Way

Now you can easily hate coding and all which you think is an utter waste of time. Everything is there in one theme options panel from where you can easily customize the front-end of your website.

‘InkThemes’ also provides a complete step by step documentation and even video tutorials to make things very clear.

Impressive Customer Support

Although it doesn’t seem like guys there at their support desk would be having any work since their customers generally don’t stuck with anything. I think that’s how they are able to give such a quick response. They are really smart working people, and sure, will get your queries resolved within no time.

Cool Graphics and Features

InkThemes are generally of clean and professional design. Also, they have implemented wookmark effect and have sound theme appearance.

The themes come along with custom page designs and translation framework if needed. With InkThemes, you can build a Professional Website in minutes.

Trust Is Not A Question!

Today, InkThemes is considered as one of the best trusted theme companies. Their kind of approach is making them grow very fast. No wonder if you find many people talking about InkThemes in the near future.

They have grown and expanded to all corners of the globe and their work is being highly appreciated. Even by their competitors, who find it quite difficult to beat them on grounds of providing both user friendly and SEO friendly templates in at once.


It costs you $59 a theme. You can grab all their themes for just $147, and you can grab their Themes + Plugin package for $247.

At present, InkThemes have some 44 business themes on various particular niches with all having completely different features as per the requirement of any particular niche.

InkThemes also provides some very useful plugins to cater your business needs. There are plugins for Appointment Booking, Lead Capturing, and many more other. You know the price is pretty less if you know how difficult it is today to get such kind of high quality performance products.

The Final Verdict:

Whether you are a blogger, a WordPress beginner or owning any small or large size business, InkThemes is certainly one of the best options available in the marketplace for you to choose. If you want to get free from worries of pros and cons of templates so that you may be able to plan strategies for your business to grow, then it is the right time to get hands on experience with InkThemes.

Want To Be The Lucky Winner For “Elegant Themes” Developer Subscriptions?

I have been monitoring the growth of “Elegant Themes” ever since I started Blogging, and their immense growth is something which should be appreciated considering the competition WordPress themes has. Elegant Themes is popular for their unique designs and support. I’m a big fan of Elegant Themes and I have suggested their brand to various clients. They are affordable and premium. HellBound Bloggers (HBB) is happy to partner with Elegant Themes to giveaway 3 Developer Subscriptions for our readers.

Elegant Themes Giveaway

Elegant Themes has more than 2 Lakhs customers and 86 (and going..) themes. One of their themes which impressed me recently is the “Divi Theme“, and I would this is one of the most fantastic responsive WordPress themes I have ever seen, you can check out the demo page class=”ext-link” rel=”nofollow”to see its effectiveness.

“Divi” is smart and flexible, moreover it has an advanced page builder and awesome modules to customise it further. Apart form these, they also have pre-made page layouts (you can also export and import layouts) and video backgrounds to create good impressions. You can also integrate eCommerce platform into this.


It’s very simple to participate, kindly do the following activities and you could be the lucky winner to get Elegant Themes Developer Subscription. We’ll be giving away 3 Developer subscriptions. All the best!


Ready Themes and CodeinWP: REVIEW

WordPress themes can be found almost everywhere on the web today. While there are many free and great themes around, often it may be a little tedious to find a theme that is truly suitable for your specific need. After you have found your desired theme, the next step is the most crucial part, customizing it to the way you want it.

Sometimes asking for support from the theme creator may not be as prompt as you would like, as you are not the only one using the theme who needs help. So wouldn’t it be better if you could get a professional WordPress consultation to solve all your theming woes? Today, we are glad to partner with Ready Themes and CodeinWP to giveaway a premium WordPress theme plus 2 hours of Free WordPress consultation to 5 lucky readers.

About Ready Themes and CodeinWP

Ready Themes design and develop WordPress themes for those interested in earning money online. All of their themes are researched and tested for the best possible results.

They understand that there are many companies on the market that provide outstanding WordPress themes. However, most themes developed are created as generalized themes without considering the trending money making strategies that savvy internet entrepreneurs employ. You can take a look at their available premium WordPress themes.


CodeinWP consists of a team of 10+ people based in Bucharest, Romania with more than 3 years of experience in developing custom WordPress themes for clients. Codeinwp offers 100% work satisfaction guarantee to all its clients and aims at making the experience of each customer a memorable one every time.



1 X premium theme of your choice from Ready Themes + 2 hours WordPress consultation by CodeinWP.

Free WordPress Theme Vs Premium WordPress Theme

Free Vs Premium WordPress ThemeEven before launching the blog/site, creating content, backlinks and all such stuff, the only thing which confuses us the most is finding a good WordPress Theme. Free, premium, themes, child themes, skins, frameworks and there are lot more if you get deep into this themes. From a huge library of free themes, it’s tough to pick one out and if you are looking for a premium one, it’s not so easy. There are hundreds of awesome themes which can make your site look stunning. But when you have a huge database of awesome free themes, why should you choose a premium one? Or why choosing a free theme worth more than a paid one? The reasons does depend on the themes you have in both of your hands.

Free Themes

Free themes are always made using simple code and layouts. The themes may be awesome in looking from the front end, but at the back-end, things are simple. It is said that developers always release a free theme to get some exposure and once they get enough of it, they immediately start developing a better one for paid. Even considering the SEO, there are a lot of things like site structure, navigation, readability, headings, title tags, meta tags and a lot more that matters in a site’s success. Free themes may or may not be seo-friendly and additionally, you get no support for the theme.


  • Free of cost
  • Free to customize the themes
  • Easy upgrades
  • Support on WordPress Community


  • No regular updates
  • No support from the developer
  • No instant solution if the theme has a bug
  • The theme which you are using might also be on hundreds of other blogs. No uniqueness.
  • No Theme Settings/Options

Paid Themes

Premium/Paid themes are made creating the user probably the buyer in mind. Developers use awesome functions and write the most attractive CSS accordingly. Each of the premium theme has awesome features and functions and they even support multiple page layouts which are quite useful while creating custom pages. Most of the premium themes also do support Landing Pages and Portfolio templates while creating a new page and the theme will be definitely (hopefully) SEO friendly.


  • Worth- Every paid theme worth the price
  • Theme Settings/Options- where you can customize the theme with ease
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Support
  • Seen on very less site comparably


  • Price may or may not be affordable
  • Can not be easily customized
  • Prices may vary according to the license (Single, Multiple, Developer)

After analyzing both the free and premium themes, one can easily say; premium themes are far more better than the free ones. Yet, you’ve decided between the free one and the paid one, there is more ahead. There are hundreds of websites that sell premium themes and each site has dozens of themes in its collection. Choosing the right theme becomes harder than anything if you check out a lot of themes.

How To Pick Out The Perfect WordPress Theme?

As there are thousands of premium themes awaiting for your download, you should be careful in picking the best one out as this process isn’t free and you are about to spend some of the bucks from your pocket. The important thing to keep in mind while categorizing the themes out is your site’s niche. Whether it is a personal site or a business/corporate site or maybe a site to show up your portfolio/resume or anything. Choosing a magazine theme for a personal site doesn’t suit good nor using a corporate site for your photo site.


  • Choose the one which suits your site’s niche
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Make sure it is responsive and optimized
  • Supports multiple page layouts
  • Compatible with plugins
  • Support and Updates
  • Faster loading

Selecting a quick loading theme is also quite important as you might get penalized by Google if your site’s loading time is slow, since they consider Site Speed for Search Rankings. In addition to the free and premium wordpress themes, we also have some cool theme frameworks which are premium though but work great and you can also have child themes accordingly. Happy Blogging!

5 Free Thesis Alternatives for Beginners


So, coming to self hosted WordPress is actually a decision to be proud of. But, do you need to use a premium theme as soon as you start Blogging. My answer would be to wait and try some free themes. Just becuase you will have an idea of what kind of theme to purchase and use later in the future. Here are some themes that you can use as free thesis alternative for your blog.

While, I’m also a newbie. I would suggest all those new bloggers to try out some free thesis alternative and actually think about what kind of theme should they buy.

Thesis is one of the best themes ever released and used. The thesis theme have almost all the features that can take you days to enhance. But, what if you don’t have that much of money and want to know how does it feels and some of the looks of the thesis theme. We have an idea, why don’t you try these non-paid but still OK themes on your start-up blog. So, here we go. You can enhance these themes whenever you like by the CSS. But, as we all know, you will be later provided with a page with options to edit the theme if you like.

1. Swift theme

Swift Themes

Swift theme is a magazine style theme and very much useful. It already have a pre-embedded slider which allows you to show posts, as a slideshow. Earlier published on this blog, a post tells you about the premium swift theme. But, there is also a free one.

[Download Swift Theme]

2.Niche WP


This theme is launched by a tech Blog Niche Wp. It is the fastest of all themes and loads your blog pretty fast, but you still need to capture the eyes of other by some modifications to the theme. For example, you can change the hover colors and the

[Download NicheWP Theme]



The Techmaish theme was also launched by a personal blog and have a great look just like you can see in the Thesis themes. You don’t need to enhance it more as it is already very modified.

[Download Techmaish theme]

4.Mantra theme

Mantra theme

The mantra theme is the best of these all with a pre-provided menu to change the settings of the theme. You don’t have to touch the CSS in this theme as it provides with it’s own menu to do that.

[Download Mantra Theme]

5.Techpad theme

Techpad theme

The theme is very good looking and allows you to display your niche correctly among others. One of the chief features of this theme is that it is free and still very useful.

[Download Techpad theme].

I don’t say that these themes are the best. But, hey! they don’t cost you a penny. And as our elders tell us to have some experience about what we are going to buy. We would tell you to try them a bit, then getting some experience from these thesis alternatives, you will have the idea of which one to buy. And an experience about needs, more than just looks.

Please leave a comment of which one would you use if you were a newbie. Thanks for reading and keep coming 🙂

This article is written by Aman Singh. He is a blogger, loves to read and addicted to write. He currently blogs at blogogeek. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

8 Unusual Themes From WordPress Themes Directory

For all its wonderful features, usability and ease of accessibility – WordPress sites can sometimes feel a little bit generic. It’s not surprising really, with so many people using it. But with such a massive pool of free themes to choose from, surely it should be possible to make your own blog stand out?

With that in mind, here are 8 less known themes which might give your blog the novel and unique style you have dreamed of. You can find all of these in your WP admin panel, simply by searching for the theme name.

1. Autofocus – (Download)


This theme is brilliant for photo bloggers and anyone who wants to display their blog posts very visually. You can do away with the tired sidebar and simply display your latest posts using their featured image and in a slick mosaic.

2. Adventure Journal – (Download)

Adventure Journal

This is one of my favourite themes – perfectly designed for travel type blogs it allows you to use really vibrant and inspiring images which will enthuse your readers and keep them on site if only to gaze at your holiday pics!

3. Jasov – (Download)


This quirky little theme is great if you want the opportunity to keep your site navigation in focus and provide a focal point for your readers. It is certainly different too. The posts scroll, and the navigation (to one side) does not… Cool huh?

4. Carrington Mobile – (Download)

Carrington Mobile

This theme is simple and has few features. It is designed for mobile browsers and is a great way to ensure that all of your users have a usable experience, regardless of device.

5. Skulls – (Download)


Perfect for bands and anyone who wants to show a bit of personality. The theme gives lots of space to show the site’s background – you can either upload your own cool artwork or stick with the standard imagery included.

6. Ice Breaker – (Download)

Ice Breaker

This theme is perfect for blogs which are still being developed – it simply presents a holding page for any visitors who do find you and offers the opportunity to sign up for emails.

7. Bare – (Download)


This theme is designed for coders who want a little freedom. There is literally no styling added, so you have complete control over how you shape your website. Do it yourself, without the need to first un-do all the styles that come as standard.

8. Revolt Basic – (Download)

Revolt Basic

Honestly I can’t do this justice, but as far as unusual themes go, this is the unusual-est. Basically it’s a guy (you) holding some cardboard with blog posts on it… See, told you it was odd.

This article is written by Muzammil Bashir. She is the Senior Editor of whoishostingthis – Visit their website to see the latest HostGator reviews.

2 Free WordPress Themes That Look Like Google+

What makes Google+ click? As a fan of simple design, I believe the clean layout of Google+ can make a different. That doesn’t apply only to Social Networking sites, but also for WordPress blogs. Right now we have two free WordPress themes from my friends that look like Google+.

WP Plus WordPress Theme [Download | Demo]

WP Plus

This theme has Styled sticky post and they avoided Graphics for fast loading. It is WordPress Custom Menus compatible and Background compatible.

WP Plus is designed exactly like the design of Google plus. It is a 3 column WordPress theme with two sidebars and one content area. One sidebar is on left and the other is on right.

The theme loads really fast because it don’t uses any graphics at all. WP Plus is compatible with WordPress Custom Menus and Custom Background. You can easily change the links that appear in the navigation bar from the dashboard page without editing the coding of the theme. You can also change the background from dashboard if required.

PlusOne WordPress Theme [Download | Demo]

Plus Theme

This is also another good WordPress theme that looks like Google+.

PlusOne is a WordPress theme that looks exactly like Google+ interface. Please don’t remove the footer links if you want to support further development of the theme. This is Version 1.0 of the PlusOne theme. In future versions, I will add custom nav menu support, color selectors, options page and much more. Future development depends upon the feedback I get for Version 1.0.

Do download these themes and tell us what it works for you. Do you know any other cool simple WordPress theme?

WP Perfect – Free WordPress Theme By TricksDaddy

WP Perfect is a two column SEO optimized WordPress theme designed and developed by my blogger friend – Simrandeep Singh from TricksDaddy. Thanks Simran, for making this splendid theme free of cost. Kudos! 🙂

The best thing about this theme is it’s simple and professional look. I agree with the name, it’s PERFECT. WP Perfect is fully compatible with WordPress 3.0. Users who are not well in coding can also easily use this theme.

WP Perfect
WP Perfect

Features of WP Perfect

  • Simple and Professional
  • xHTML and CSS valid
  • WordPress 3.0 Ready (Custom Menus and Custom Background)
  • Fast loading
  • Fixed width
  • 2 Columns
  • 3 Column widgetized footer (Footer widgets can be disabled from the options page)
  • SEO Optimized
  • Theme Options Page to control the basic settings of the theme
  • Author profile box below post
  • Styled sticky post
  • Free of cost

Theme Options Page Settings

WP Perfect has modern looking jQuery powered theme options page which offers better control options to its users. The theme options are available under Appearance tab by the name of ‘WP Perfect Options’.

  • General : If you want to use the custom favicon for your blog, you can paste the URL of your custom favicon in this tab. Author profile box can also be enabled or disabled from General tab.
  • Header : You can use your own image logo. Just paste the URL of the image. You can also enable the secondary menu to use Google Links Ads from Header tab.
  • Sidebar – Social Widget : Sidebar social widget tab enable or disable the social widget in the sidebar. Simply paste your user ID’s and widget is ready to use.
  • Sidebar – 125×125 Ads : This widget is used to display banner ads of size 125×125 in the sidebar of the theme. Just paste the URL of the banner and link to it.
  • Footer : From Footer tab, you can control footer widgets. You can also paste your stats or tracking code like Google Analytics code here in the Footer tab.

Do tell us your opinions about this gorgeous simple and stunning theme!

Winner Of Blogussion Inspired Thesis Skin

Hope you are aware about the Blogussion Inspired Thesis Skin giveaway. Like Thesis, this is also an User Friendly Theme. Has own additional admin options and plenty of new widget areas.

This inspiring Blogussion Theme comes with four color schemes. They are Grey, Orange, Green and Blue. You can manage them from your admin Control Panel. This theme also has three column widget powered footer. You can also try Asnio Footer designed by this Theme Author. Blogussion Theme + Asnio Footer gives excellent result.

Winner - Narendran.M
Winner - Narendran.M

P.S. You need Thesis theme to apply this Blogussion Inspired Theme/Skin.

I have been conducting such giveaways in order to encourage Commentators and Tweeples.

The winner is Narendran. M. Congratulations for Narendran.M and thanks for the other participants. I’ll conduct him asap with the theme.

This is not the end. I have prepared a list of cool themes and ebooks for you. I will conduct contests and giveaways to give them to you guys. If you want to get quick updates regarding that, you can subscribe us and participate easily.

Retweet & Win Blogussion Inspired Theme Worth 60$

This week I’m back with another giveaway and this one quite bigger. First of all, I would like to thank Alex Fraiser of for being generous for giving this Gorgeous Blogussion Inspired theme. Like Thesis, this is also an User Friendly Theme. Has own additional admin options and plenty of new widget areas.

P.S. You need Thesis theme to apply this Blogussion Inspired theme.

4 Color Schemes

This inspiring Blogussion Theme comes with four color schemes. They are Grey, Orange, Green and Blue. You can manage them from your admin Control Panel.

Color Schemes

Widgetized Footer

This theme also has three column widget powered footer. You can also try Asnio Footer designed by this Theme Author. Blogussion Theme + Asnio Footer gives excellent result.

Widgetized Footer

Some Features of Blogussion Theme

  • Color chooser – 4 color schemes
  • Logo manager
  • Ad management – 125×125 ad placements
  • Widgetized header and footer (3 Column widget powered)
  • Admin panel controlled “big navigation” menu with dropdown menu options

How To Win This Premium Theme?

To win this theme all you need to do is follow these simple two steps :

# 1. Follow @SPradeepKr on Twitter.

# 2. Retweet about this giveaway and comment here with Tweeted link/status :

RT @SPradeepKr Retweet and #Win Blogussion Inspired Theme Worth 60$ #WordPress #theme #HBB :

P.S. I need the hashtag #HBB

Note : Entries are valid ONLY if both steps have been followed exactly. Participants are allowed one entry per Twitter account!

Contest Deadline

This Contest starts now from today onwards (9th July 2010) and will end on 11th July 2010. Entries after 11th July won’t be considered.

The Winners will be picked randomly and they will be announced shortly in another post or in this post.

This is my third giveaway. I’m planning to conduct more giveaways and contests, so you can subscribe to our RSS Feeds to get quick updates about these contests and participate easily.

Update : Contest Ended. Click here to find the Winner of Blogussion Inspired Theme.