4 Tips to Find Unlimited Blog Post Ideas

Unlimited Blog IdeasThe blogging world can be tricky and daunting, what with the blog that needs to be updated on a frequent basis, getting a lot of readers, building your own readership or fan base and so much more. It is normal if you’re stressing out when the time comes for you to update your blog, especially if you’re desperately in need of ideas. The task of constantly getting ideas may sound impossible, especially when you are suffering from writer’s block or are already burnt out.

However, it is impossible to come up with a good post that will keep your readers reading until the end of the article. There are so many ways for you to do this:

1. Check networking sites and search engines

Depending on your niche, you may find a lot of good topics to write about which are relevant to the industry that you’re currently focusing on. There are so many reliable and informative websites that provide good blog contents as well as ideas, all free of charge.

All you need to do is to search for a suitable keyword that fits your niche in the search engines and you’ll be directed to a lot of sites. You don’t have to open the pages of each and every search result; just scan through the titles on the links given alone and you might be able to get an idea or two. If you see something that is strongly relevant, click on the website’s URL and use the websites to your advantage. For instance, you might want to write reviews about freewares. To search for new freewares, you may use StumbleUpon. You may also use other sites such as Delicious or Yahoo Answers for some blog post ideas. If you have a problem in looking out for ideas, the best place for you to get a head start is by searching through sites like the ones mentioned previously.

2. Be the best interviewer

Have you ever read or heard of a term called “One Question Interview“? You could prepare a list of experts within your niche and send them a question (preferably different question for different professional).

In order to get a positive response from each of the experts, your mail should be impressive and concise enough. The questions posed should not be too offensive. If you’re worried about coming across as an annoyance to these experts, remember that it is always better to try than not to at all. You’d either receive a reply or not, and if you don’t, there is really nothing that you can lose (no, not even your reputation). If you ask a question politely and in a proper manner, people are likely to respond to you in a good way as well.

3. Write about the latest news

A lot happens in a day, so be fully aware of your surroundings. Also, remember to write about the various latest happenings within your niche.

It is highly advisable that you write an article in great detail and don’t forget to add on your own personal views regarding the news. Browse through other websites or blogs for more information. If you’re concern about whether anyone would be interested in the news, just pick the ones that most people can relate to. You will almost never go wrong with quirky or amusing news; everyone would like a good laugh after a hard day at work.

4. Read bloggers and readers’ comments

Reading the comments made by other bloggers and readers is a surefire way for you to get good blog post ideas. Usually ideas will come pouring in if you try and read the comments, as most of the comments made are usually thought-provoking and interesting to be discussed further.

Try going to the popular blogs or even your favorite forums and look out for articles or topics that may have good potential in sparking the interest of other readers, and don’t forget to read the user comments. If there is a question posed by a user which hasn’t been answered, you may link the readers to your site where you offer your point of view in the form of a blog post. Don’t worry about being the “reader stealer” as this method is used very widely sometimes.

In conclusion, practice makes perfect. It may take some time to generate good blog posts ideas but if you start with the pointers offered above, you’ll eventually get in touch with your creative side and be able to write without spending too much time thinking of the topic.

35 thoughts on “4 Tips to Find Unlimited Blog Post Ideas”

  1. If you are passionate about blogging and you are doing these tips listed here, you can never run out of post ideas or suffer the writer”s block syndrome.

    Great piece and well written!

  2. I’ve seen most interesting and surprising questions in comments section. People don’t just comment but they indeed ask for help or share their idea of perspective and experience.

  3. Isn't that the dream? Having an immeasurable amount of ideas for article topics. First things first, I think we have to check other blogs for ideas, also being updated with the current trends/news won't hurt, checking the forums helps as well, anything that has to do with anything new is valuable. Because people want new stories, and hot topics that will catch their attention.

  4. Great Article Jasmine.
    There is nothing called as end /over/completed about information.
    As per my thinking one can never run out of ideas as long as google stays 🙂
    Everyday tons and tons of content is being indexed which can never outrun.
    And also, as you have mentioned, many times comments do give us new ideas or atleast they can help the reader to see the same concept from entirely new direction.

  5. Most of the time i get idea from newspaper , magazine, readers question and request and the best is from post from other blogger.
    It give you inspiration about new topic and allow you to write a better blog post than others if you read more.

  6. Hey jasmine Thanks For Sharing useful Content 🙂
    After Reading This Article 🙂
    I Come To Some Things I Am Not Following Any Ways Thanks 🙂

      • well I think, it helps him to search and find ideas by merely communicating and asking other writers. Sharing insights and thoughts on a certain topic. You can learn a lot from a group in the same field of interest.

  7. Thanks for the tip Jasmine. When I run out of ideas to blog, I know there is something wrong with me. I pause and I will try to figure it out. And to find out, I'm just only starving LOL. It's hard to think of a post if your hungry.

  8. Hi Jasmine! No doubt …….reading the comments made by other bloggers and users is a great way for us to get good blog post ideas. Thanks for full informative ideas!

  9. The sites like myblogguest is also good idea to find guest posting topics. It is a community where i found users requesting other WITH TOPICs on which they want guest post. Good way to go!

  10. Nice Info!!!!

    This is the one of the great option to do with your passion if we are very passionate about do blog post then i think this is the great opportunity for us.

    Beside that we can keep in touch with many bloggers after leave a comment on them blog post and post self blog post also.

    • You have a point Sam.One way is to read all your reader's comments and suggestions to learn new ideas of what subject is best to write . Not only a way of learning but also way to value your readers so that they'll feel that they are important to you. Communication will always be the best way to improve and gain new knowledge about being a good writer.

  11. Jasmine,

    I have had interesting experiences with news items.

    While they can explode off of the line in popularity while the subject is a hot topic, I have found that as soon as the buzz dies, so does your post.

    Every once in a while I will blog about a news item, but I generally stick to evergreen topics…

    Interesting post…:)


    • I agree mark. News articles haven't done me much good either but the instant burst of traffic does do some amount of good. Even you earn on faithful reader then I guess you are done for the day.

  12. That’s how blogging is done. Sometimes even the probloggers run out of unique contents and then they look around on the net.
    It can also depend on the niche, like technology, where something new happens every hour.

  13. Yes, You can write about latest news in your niche and all of your readers and visitors would like to read it.

  14. I am new to blogging and these ideas are really helpful.I will surely keep these points in my mind.Thanks for these tips 🙂

    • You actually have an advantage here. As a new blogger you must have lots of ideas in your mind. Exhaust them first.

  15. My blog does not have a lot of traffic for people to comment. However, whenever I run out of ideas to write, I will read other people's blog which is within my niche and their comments as well. I tried before picking up people's comments and write something about it. It works 🙂


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