HOW TO: Create An Android App With Zero Coding Skills [Screencast]

Its not too late we saw that Google acquired Motorola making this one of the biggest news ever but the biggest thing that we people get to see easily is that we would be getting the handset as well as the software from the same company now. As we all see this big step in the history of android, why not bloggers get to know how to build an Android app.

If you develop an Android app for your blog then it would be reaching more audience with the help of mobile phones as well as would be providing a brand image to your blog. The biggest question that one would be asking me right now is

Do I require Coding skills?

The answer is


Oh ya but you require a few clicks to get this thing done. You have to install no software or compiler or anything to do this task and its as easy as it can be done in a few minutes.

Wasn’t it easy? Still you have doubts.Please let me know in the comments section.

16 thoughts on “HOW TO: Create An Android App With Zero Coding Skills [Screencast]”

  1. Thanks for the article Sandeep! I created an Android App and published it on Google Play with the help of this article! Thanks again!

  2. Now that was easy! All you need to provide is an Atom or RSS feed. At first I thought this will include a drag and drop interface. But I don't think we can create what you call "Killer Apps. Coding skills is still required for an advance app.

    • Its something like setting up a blog, u can function with the default things but the more you enhance the better it turns 🙂

  3. Great Idea to increase visitors on blog post without any coding they can also keep in touch with us after take service of this useful tool.

  4. Sir,iam a bca 1 year studant.i realy enjoy in programme i realy want to make it make?what languages it need?can i make andr.aplication?pls send to all detail abt this to my email id pls..

    • Hey Sina,
      Here this article I have published is for all those who are not gonna take Android dev. as their full time job instead just require it as an add on for their website/blog. But as you said you wanna do the real development you have to know about coding and other skills. I have been developing for about a year now and this is an article for beginners. Do read this and still problems let me know 🙂

  5. @Suhanesh & @Vinayak Even I thought it was difficult but its too easy, overall thanks for the appreciation !


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