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5 Awesome Simple Steps To Find Your SEO RankScore


The aim of this post is to give you a gauge of the most important SEO metric for your website – your search engine rankings. Often, we find ourselves searching for our keywords on Google to see where we rank. That gives us a binary result – a ‘yes/no answer’ i.e. you’re either ranking well or not. But while performing this periodic ritual, we miss recording something more valuable. And what’s that?

Imagine you’re playing a game – and all your rankings in that game are put up on a scoreboard, next to your competition. The score-keeper runs some calculations on the rankings, and comes up with a total score for each contender. Those scores are then put up on a totem pole (a pole where ranks are put in order from top to bottom), so you know exactly who’s winning & who’s losing. You then track this score over-time to witness your improvement (or decline); and make changes to your SEO strategy when necessary. Such a score would arm you with precise knowledge of your competitive rankings & tell you where you stand on Google in one go, wouldn’t you agree?

That’s the concept behind RankScore, and that’s why I feel it is important to share it with you. By the end of this post, you’ll be able to determine your own RankScore (with the help of a simple Excel sheet), and know the RankScore of your competitors too. You ready? Let’s jump right into it then.

Step 1: List your Keywords

Step 1: Listing your Keywords

In the first step, simply list down all your keywords together (preferably in an excel sheet). In the next column, write down your website name/URL, and highlight the whole column.

Tip: the more keywords you enter, the more awesome analysis you’ll get

Step 2: Know your Competition

Step 2: Know your Competition

This is important! You need to know who you’re competing against. If you already know your top 3 competitors (atleast), skip this step. If you don’t, perform a search on Google for your main keyword, and note down the top 3 competitors. Now, enter them next to your website like this:

Step 3: Find thy Standing 

Step 3: Find the Standing

Where do you rank on Google? More importantly, where does your competition rank? Let’s get searching! To do this, you can either use free tools available online that allow you to check your rank on Google, or do it manually yourself. What we’re trying to do here is fill in that sheet with actual data that can be used for our analysis in the next step. The final version may look something like this:

Step 4: Analyze

Step 4: Analyze

Done checking your rankings for all keywords? Great! It’s time for your hard-work to pay off! The first thing you should do is find out your average rankings. This will tell you the exact number of #1’s, Top 10s, Top 30s & Top 100s you have. The formula I use to calculate this is:

=COUNTIF(B3:B6, “<=10”)

The above formula will tell you the number of Top 10s that are present within a keyword cell range. To put this in your sheet, simply change the B3:B6 to your keyword cell range, and “<=10” to whatever criteria you want to apply (for eg: “=1” for to find the number of Position 1s).

Next, let’s run a formula to get the actual rankScore. For the sake of simplicity, here’s a formula you can use right away:

=(COUNTIF(B3:B6, “=1”)5)+(COUNTIF(B3:B6, “<=3”)4)+(COUNTIF(B3:B6, “<=10”)3.5)+(COUNTIF(B3:B6, “<=30”)2.5)+(COUNTIF(B3:B6, “<=50”)1.5)+(COUNTIF(B3:B6, “<=70”)1)+(COUNTIF(B3:B6, “<=100”)*0.5)

Put this formula below all your rankings and replace the “B3:B6” with the range of your keyword cells. This formula basically counts all your rankings, gives a specific score to each position range (for eg: 5 points if you are #1 for a keyword), and then sums it up for all keywords. There it is, your RankScore! This is how it all looks at my end:

Step 4: Analyze


PS: If you would prefer to download the Excel sheet I use in the example above, you can download it here (it’s in XLS format).

Step 5: Take Action!

Yep, about time! Now that you know where you stand, it’s time to think about your future steps & the action you’re going to take on them. If you have a lower score vis-à-vis your competition, change your SEO strategy. This blog is full of posts which can help you get on the right track and stay there! For more insight, compare your averages too (your number of #1s, Top 10s etc.). If you fare great on both these aspects, great job – be proud of yourself!

So that’s it, I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I would love to hear your feedback/likes/hates in the comments section below.


Bhavik likes to create awesome things (mostly on the web). His newest product is called, a free Google rank checking tool that makes competitive analysis of your SEO rankings a breeze.

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    • Christopher Joseph

      Excel in SEO with MS Excel! 🙂 Great post!

    • Rinkesh

      Nice tool. Its so easy to use. Now I don’t to rely on third part softwares to get full detailed report on SEO ranking. You have made my life so easy. Thanks.

    • Jesper Damtoft

      Hi Bhavik, great post. Excel is just a must have when doing SEO research. 🙂

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      Hi Bhavik
      Awesome Article thanks for share it. Like a well-established SEO company, Ebizsubmit doesn’t rely on offering services without consideration. Instead, it’s dedicated to create awareness concerning the effectiveness of Internet marketing. So I like you blog.

    • Vivek@authorland

      wow, its really wonderful lesson to learn about SEO Ranking. Most of webmaster’s were confused in ranking factor & still many webmaster’s are in confusion. This article can really help in Ranking.

    • Clarkmartin

      Hi Bhavik
      Thanks fro excellent post. I agree. Good, quality SEO doesn’t have to be overpriced, and for that matter not all overpriced SEO services are really as effective as they claim. It really comes down to results, doesn’t it? If you find someone that charges $50/hr vs someone that charges $1000/hr, you are not guaranteed to get better results from the latter. SEO is one field where there really is no rhyme or reason to prices, and for that matter it is overrun by scam-artists, unfortunately.

    • ShoppingMonk

      Oh. I thought SEO can be analysed by software like MajesticSEO only. Thanks for the readymade excel codes 🙂

    • Prithvi

      never thought of these ways . seriously.. I just thought one could rely only on those softwares to get a report of SEO.. Awesome..

    • shubhkarman jatt

      unique ways to check SEO Rank Score

    • Aasma

      Hi Bhavik,

      Really interesting article and unique way to check the SEO Rank Score. I would love to try out this technique.

    • Lexi

      Awesome!! I even dont know we can use excel like that!! I’ll try it soon!!!

    • Rohit kabdwal

      thanks for this highly informative article bahvik.., but i think this is very tedious job to be done.., but this is what a blogger needs to track his success.

      • Bhavik

        You’re welcome Rohit. It’s tedious, but there are many tools that can help you automate the whole process. One of them is mentioned in my post, the other one in my bio above.

    • Alicia

      I am bad at Excel… gonna download your Excel sheet to make it easier for me. Hopefully it’s easy to use. 🙂

    • Zainil

      This post is just “wooowwww” ! ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Superb explanation Bhavik! 🙂

    • Rajkumar Jonnala

      Hi bhavik,

      awesome post and well explained

    • Anton Koekemoer

      Hi Bhavik,

      Thanks for sharing the post . Will be sure to have a look at “”.

    • Aniket

      Thanks for the SEO rank score tool. Yes this is a practical approach to rank blog. These things are old but very useful. I am very happy to see this tool.

    • Bhavik

      Thanks hrmehrotra!

    • hrmehrotra

      nice post bhavik…… explained how to analyze keywords competition

    • Sai

      Thanks a well explained post Bhavik, Just visited your wherestand website, its also very useful to check our ranking.

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      Wow, I never used Excel before for SEO purpose.
      Thanks for sharing the resourceful information.

    • Bhavik

      Thanks David, hanakres & admin!

    • Henry

      Hey Bhavik, this is a very useful post. Infact, this is something all bloggers need, at the end of a month or a quarter, everyone wants to see where they stand in the market. And yes initially it was tedious to get the rankings which too weren’t appropriate, the scorecard you mentioned is amazing. Thanks for sharing the post.

      • Bhavik

        You’re welcome Henry & I’m happy this was useful to you. Yes, the scorecard when tracked over a period of time would give you some awesome intelligence on your rankings. We’ll soon have the tracking feature implemented in our tool too, so do check it out!

    • admin

      Hey Bhavik thanks for this. Very detailed.

    • hanakres

      Of course, this strategy will be very helpful for bloggers and online businesses.

    • David

      Its a great need of every blogger or entrepreneur to get high rank in search engines. So these are seems to be useful and effective strategies to work on them to get search engine rankings.

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