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Choosing SEO Domain Names For Better Search Results


Thinking out the perfect domain name is really a tough job and when you find a great domain name you might get disappointed on finding that it’s been already taken. Plus, registering SEO domain names are pretty hard these days.

This happens to all, but hey, there are still a lot of cool domain names that would suit your niche. Whether you are starting an online business or a blog domain name is an essential necessity which you need to choose with care as it is a one time buy and the only thing you cannot change after building up.

Why You Should Choose SEO Domain Names?

Choosing SEO Domain Names For Better Search Results


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In order to choose the “perfect” domain, you would go through hundreds of names that strike your head but do you really know which would be the best. If not or even if you do, here are some guidelines that would help you know the right one when you find it.

Try To Integrate Keywords

Keywords are the terms that you rank for in search engines like Google. If you have a keyword that you are looking forwards to target then it would be easier for you to rank higher in search engines and reach out the right audience. For example, hellboundbloggers.com is a domain name with the keyword bloggers in it. Hence, it will definitely rank higher than other blogs having similar content and backlinks. GoDaddy is good for domain names since they have lots of offers and if you can spend some bucks, you can go with Virtual Private Server for hosting. (20% Off on ‘A Small Orange’ for HBB Readers)

Thus, try to put up one or two short keywords into your domain name as it is of great importance as far as SEO is concerned.

Should Be Easy To Remember

When choosing a domain name make sure that one can easily spell as well as remember it. Just do not try to make your domain name fancy by replacing the ‘E’ with a ‘3’ this might look amusing but when your visitors type the domain name they will be redirected to another site having the correct spelling. Moreover, your domain name may be taken as a typo and does not give the expected results.

Keep It Short

For now short domains are considered to be in. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a nice short domain for your blog/site. By short I mean which contains about two to three words not more than that and preferably containing, at least, one keyword as discussed earlier. Moreover short domain names are easier to remember.


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Well, these were the three short tips that you should remember and apply while choosing a domain name. Do share your thoughts and suggestion with us via comments.


Karan is the Editor-in-Chief and Owner of Techfudge.net where he shares tips on Blogging and Wordpress SEO.

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    • Mohammed Abdullah Khan

      Whenever I look at my blog domain, I feel embarrassed because of the only reason.

      The matter was, when I planned to purchase a domain I forgot to add keyword in domain name. Β Other things are fine but only this. Is there any way to revert it ?

      Please guide me πŸ™Β 

      • Pradeep Kumar

        See bro, keyword related domain name is essential for SEO, but it doesn’t matter when you can publish quality articles. That matters the most than SEO domain names.

    • NFR

      Good keyword research is very important for choosing domain. Nice Post.

    • Karan Labra

      Thanks for appreciation Jacquelyne.

    • Jacquelyne Duplessy

      Cool. Thanks for typing this. It is always great to see someone educate the world.

    • Shaquille Ray

      Thanks for the share. Its much appreciated. I love the tips that you’ve included. Nice article btw

    • Andreas@Linknami

      When choosing a domain name there are 2 options: Going for a search engine friendly domain name that includes the main keywords or a modern short name such as fiverr, digg etc (the funnier the letter combination the better) in order to easily brand your business.

    • Ipod 4 Touch

      choosing your domain is one important thing

    • Marijan Sivric

      Great post! Thanks for sharing! I need to buy a few domains for my new projects and I’ve been looking for ideas…This post opened my eyes! I also think that this type of domains can rank higher than other domains! Thanks again!

    • Jasmine

      What do you think of my domain name? Is it SEO-optimized domain or not? πŸ™‚

      • Pankaj Gupta

        I saw your website related to webhosting and I think it is good domain name and you might be getting daily more visitors. πŸ™‚

      • Karan

        Well webhosting is there in the domain name which is quite a competetive keyword. So it should be a help but if you had a word instead of 100 then it would have been better,
        But nevertheless its a nice domain if properly promoted and built up.

        • www.thepankajgupta.com

          Yes Karan, This is also a good point. We should avoid using numbers in domains. Instead we should use letters.

    • Pankaj Gupta

      This is a great tips for searching. I am currently thinking to start a technical blog like HBB.. I will use it to select my domain name. Thanks for sharing.. πŸ™‚

    • Namit Gupta

      Nowadays the name should be very unique to be available in .com. Otherwise other top level domains like .am, .in,… can be considered while in case the usual .com and .org addresses for your domain are not available.

    • icechen1

      I cringe each time I saw web addresses like free-money.info or domains composed of generic names. It just smells like spam to me, even though web crawlers might love ’em, it will draw consumer away.
      So yeah, try to not use dashes (-) in your URLs.

      • Karan

        Well yes icechen you are right..
        They seem to be fishy to me too. But this is because we have spent so much time around these things. For a general internet surfer this might look a cool way to earn something.
        You get it so the domain names still hold their value.

    • Reshab | GetFree.in

      Nice post . Do you like my domain getfree.in ? Is it SE optimized enough ?

    • Mani Viswanathan

      The shorter the easier. Though too short i.e. using numbers to represent letters would cause some troubles.

      • Karan

        Well Mani your domain rocks.
        I mean DailyBlogging.org is a domain easy to remember and it contains a keyword “Blogging” too.
        But the extension .org kills it. ;(

        • www.thepankajgupta.com

          But I have not seen .org domains on top. If they are popular then only they are shown. What do you Think Karan on this? Should we go for org or com domains?

          • Karan

            If its a good domain like Dailyblogging then I would say that you should take it!
            Moreover it depends upon how much you promote it and the extension seems to be a problem during offline promotion as far as online promotion and ranking is considered all extensions hold the same chance..

    • Prabal

      Nice post ! I also searched for many domains for my website.

    • Irfan Siddiqui

      I am in this stuff for last 2 years and have selected two word domain for my blogs but never buy a sub-domain. What you thing about my domains, ‘RealTimeTricks’ & ‘MovieFridays’ are they SEO optimized domain or not?

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