Engage Prospective Customers With Real Stories

marketing storiesRam Trucks has received widespread acclaim for the unique story it tells in this video about farmer’s dedication to their work. The ad has been viewed and shared millions of times on social media and it’s currently one of the most popular videos on YouTube.

It’s an example of an advertisement that doesn’t bother with the details of how a product works. Instead, the company decided to focus on a group narrative that people can relate to. This kind of direction has proven to be very effective at creating positive engagement for businesses.

Clarify Your Message

The problem with trying to get consumers involved with your company is that there’s usually a communication gap between your target audience and your company’s products and services. Often, consumers label particular brands as only applicable to certain groups of people. The best way to overcome this is to create a statement that is universal enough for a broad audience to appreciate.

Fortunately, on the Internet, there’s an abundance of opportunity to reach consumers, like free ads site help you to get instant contacts. In the above noted ad, Ram Trucks created an association that sends a concrete message to their audience. The same applies across the board, ads should have a well-defined goal that connects your potential customers with the value they can get from your products and services.

Tell Real Stories

One of your primary content goal’s as a business utilizing online marketing should be to help solve people’s every day problems. Real stories, as a content type, possess an inherent value to web users as entertainment. Your job as a marketer is to define the challenges and stories that connect your product to your audience.

The best way to do this is to respond to the needs of your target market. A few months ago, we ran ran a contest on Facebook for one of our clients, who are roofing contractors. The campaign, a free roof giveaway, touched on an important chord because it sought to help a person genuinely in need of their service, but unable to afford it. The campaign succeeded in getting the companies local audience involved via social media, and you can see it based on the number and quality of comments Facebook users left after the winner was announced.

This kind of push resonates with people and touches on their sensitivities, just like the video that was mentioned in the beginning of this article. At the end, the ad dedicated its message “to the farmer in all of us,” meaning every person has all the qualities that were mentioned, specifically hard work and sacrifice. Campaigns like this can draw in a wide audience and definitely boost your brand appeal.

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