Google Doodle – HTML5 Colourful Interactive Balls

Today Google unveiled yet another amazing doodle. Google Logos were called as Google Doodles.

This doodble is animated and it reacts to the mouse pointer. If you move it closer to the logo, the particles will disperse. It runs away from the mouse pointer.

The Google Doodle looks like this before moving the mouse pointer.

Google Dooble Balls

This doodle is available in certain countries like U.S. and U.K.

Now the particles disperse after moving the mouse pointer there.

Google Doodle Balls

So Why This Doodle?

It could be Google’s birthday which falls on either September 4th, September 7th, or September 27th. But no official announcement. If the logo is clickable, then we could have easily figured it out! 😛

So what do you think about this new Doodle? Any new ideas?

19 thoughts on “Google Doodle – HTML5 Colourful Interactive Balls”

  1. Oh! I knew a new word. Google coined Doodle for its logos! Time and again google makes its search page interesting with change in its logo temporarily. Could it be for its birthday?

  2. Well, looks like somebody in Google had to babysit their kids for the whole week and got to fulfill their life latent desire to play with the crayons some more

  3. Yeah I had notices tomorrow than I found that Google Logo looks something like color ful bubbles writing the word Google ! I love It

  4. I had a fun 5 minutes playing with the homepage today, no idea why its there but its fun so lets enjoy it!

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      • Yup I checked out at many places, They say the official birthday is on 7th. But I still (like you) couldn’t figure out why only in certain countries 😛

  6. This is awesome. Good use of HTML 5 by Google. Recently the Ball they put on was also HTML 5. This one is even amazing. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it!


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