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Easy Steps For Creating A Torrent File


Recently my friend wanted to get some files from my system. They were about 100-150 MB. We both know it will take years to send these files through Yahoo! Messenger, MSN or any other service. File Transfer really sucks there. I never thought about creating a torrent file. Many people know how to download a torrent, but they don’t know how to create them. The latter is very easy like the former. Many prefer this type of transferring because you can share this with many people. Let us discuss the steps for creating the smart way for transferring files. Let it be a couple of pictures, a farewell day video etc.

Note :

  • The tracker identifies the network location of each client either uploading or downloading the P2P file associated with a torrent. It notifies the client of the P2P file location (that is normally on a different, remote server).
  • A private tracker is a tracker which requires registration before you can use this service. Such trackers usually have a high amount of seeds, because users get banned if their ratio is too low.

Creating a torrrent file in Common BitTorrent clients

utorrent11. File | Create new Torrent or Press Ctrl + N

  1. Select the desired files / or directories
  2. Trackers :  You can use one or more trackers here. But one is required.

These are the preferred trackers :

Put any one of this in the tracker box.

  1. Do not tick the private torrent box unless you are using a private tracker.
  • Save the torrent. Thats all. Simple na ? 😛

  • vuze1. File | New Torrent or Press Ctrl + N

    1. Tick Use an external tracker.

    The case varies if you are using a private tracker.

    These are the preferred trackers :

    Put any one of these in the tracker box

    1. Select single file or dicectory and click Next
  • Point to the file or directory you want to share and click Next

  • Do not tick Private torrent

  • Do tick allow Decentralized tracking

  • Save the torrent

  • BitComet1. File | Create Torrent or Press Ctrl + N

    2. Select the files and or directories

    3. Select “Enable public DHT network” from the dropdown list

    Note : By this you can be your own tracker if in case the public tracker goes down.

    4. Tracker server and DHT node list

    These are the preferred trackers :

    Put any one of these in the tracker box

    1. Save the torrent


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      • Irfan Siddiqui | RealTimeTricks

        If i do not tick the private torrent box would my torrent file available for me only or it would be public? Please reply its urgent.

      • Crunchynow

        Great article…..

        thanks for sharing…….

      • Money from blogging | SEO for blogger

        torrent really made file sharing easy. nice post because it other way around, creating a torrent file’ rather than ‘ finding a torrent file ‘
        .-= Money from blogging | SEO for blogger’s last blog…SEO Tips for Blogger and Blogspot =-.

      • Vishnu

        Hi dude, help me create a torrent website lik provide me the details, help me find a cheap and best webhosting. Thanks:)

      • Karl Foxley

        Seriously very useful tips you’ve shared. You are so right when you said that people know how to download torrents but do not know how to create them.



      • SEO Tips for Blogger

        thanks for this tutorial , i had searching a long time for this

      • Madhu Kumar


        You told ‘How to create torrents’ in a nice way.
        But I don’t think it is complete.

        We can’t do anything with that torrent if don’t know how to seed it.
        I have met with several articles like this, but no one is giving a clear lesson on ‘seeding’.
        Will you give it?

        Do we have to submit the torrent in ‘tracker’ site that we used while made the torrent? Is it a must? Without submission, can we seed?
        How can we test ourself whether the ‘seeding’ is working when we are using utorrent?

        Madhu, Kerala.

        • S.Pradeep Kumar

          Thanks for your participation Madhu Kumar ! 😉

          Well, the explanation is lengthy, you can add me in GTalk : and we will discuss this in detail !

          You can try BitLet for creating and uploading a torrent metafile online, which minimizes all the works !

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