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Content Curation: What You Need To Know


Content curation is a new name for something that has been going on forever on the Internet. In fact, content curation might be considered the Web’s raison d’etre.

You have to sort through the vast amounts of content and present it in a meaningful manner. The basic architecture of the Web depends on the simple process of each page linking to another relevant page, which is largely what content curation is all about.

The Basics

People share content on Social Media for various reasons:

  • To improve their reputation,
  • To demonstrate their knowledge and engagement in a niche,
  • To attract followers,
  • To publicize themselves.

content curationFor Businesses and others with a presence on the Web, sharing content is a great complement to content creation. It is a refined version of the content sharing that everyone engages in.

Curation originally referred to the selection and display of items in museums and other exhibitions. Those curators relied on their taste and expertise in a particular area to choose exhibits that best exemplified the subject and informed the intended audience.

Online content curators do much the same thing, scouring the web and the world for the very best content, adding value in the form of comment and opinion, and then sharing it with their followers.
Sites like Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings and The Cool Hunter are dedicated to content curation and have become hugely popular because of the unique personalities filtering and presenting the content.

That’s Great, But Why Should I Care?

Content curation has many of the same benefits that content creation does. It’s not a substitute for blogging and other content marketing practices, but it is a great complement to them.

Propagation of Awareness

Sharing encourages sharing. There is an economy of content sharing on the Net. People want to have their content made visible to as many people as possible. It’s a sign of validation, a form of social proof, and a means of increasing their brand awareness. They will often reciprocate by retweeting or otherwise making their followers aware. If content curation is carefully targeted, awareness will be propagated to a relevant market segment.

Relationship Building

Sharing the content of vendors, potential partners and clients, and content publishers serving the relevant vertical, can help establish relationships that are beneficial to business.

Attracting High-Value Followers

A follower is only valuable in so far as they contribute towards a business goal. Ten thousand followers who never buy or contribute anything are a wasted investment. Conversions, in the long-term, are always the aim. Curating relevant content is a great way to encourage engagement and awareness from a desirable market segment
For example, a web hosting business that shares the best content that is relevant to their niche will be able to open a channel of communication, through social media, with the community that is most likely to need web hosting services.

Demonstrating Expertise and Engagement

Sharing relevant content indicates that a business is constantly aware of what’s happening in its industry. They are taking an active and continuing interest in issues of concern to their clients. Combined with the production of content that contributes to the industry’s discourse, sharing the content of others helps establish both expertise and continuing engagement.

It’s Inexpensive

Creating content is expensive. It’s still the best way to meet the goals mentioned here, but many smaller companies have neither the time or the money to produce large amounts of original content.
What do you think. Is content marketing a passing fad, or is a worthwhile investment? Let us know in the comments.

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    • Ravi Singh

      Content Curation is one of the most beneficial technique to obtain public networking buzz. Many people are up to content marketing and different public techniques, but a highly efficient professional only goes and invest a log time with content Curation. For me, Tweets, and Pinterest are the best ways.

    • Aresmoner

      Content marketing is definitely the way to go when you’re selling any type of item in the online arena. The idea here is to attract people by addressing their learning needs.

    • Aasma

      Content creation and sharing helps you to build your trust among your audience. It establish you as an expert in your niche.

    • Sam

      I agree with Aasma and Anton as well. Content creation and sharing is a great tactics to build your own audience on social media. Creating a good content need research and it is really time consuming. But when we find people are sharing that particular content or talking about it. That makes it worthy.

    • Nicholas

      People generally like your article because of the originality and uniqueness of the content. They like it because somewhere someone has experienced it and spreading the word. You’ve enlisted commendable points Daniel. Content marketing is a cost-effective way for you to increase quality leads that converts to sales. I think quality can only be achieved by properly utilizing your knowledge and skills while writing content of your article. Definitely, it is a worth-while investment for people who are known to Internet marketing business very well. But sometimes it is necessary to develop your own content for cost-cutting strategies.

    • Sai

      Content Curation is one of the most powerful way to increase our brand popularity on Social media. Thanks for creating amazing content and your contribution in HBB 🙂

    • Saif

      Content Curation is the most effective method to gain social hype these days, one can easily bring lot of attention to his work with real tricks of content curation. You have write an amazing post here, and reveals all the points of content curation.

    • Saif

      Content Curation is one of the most effective method to gain social media hype. Many people are up to content marketing and different social strategies, but a powerful marketer only goes and spend heavy time with Content Curation. For me, Twitter, and Pinterest are the best ways.

    • Gautham Nekkanti

      Content Curation is one the effective techniques for Social media marketing. Pinterest is the best tool

    • Hamza Tariq

      Hi Daniel,

      You have revealed many points here about the content curatation but like @Anton! I am also not agreed with your point that expensive writter written content is more valuable and socially priced. I guess our own emotions in the content make it more valuable and socially rich.

    • Anton Koekemoer

      Hi Daniel,
      Great post – Couldn’t agree with you more. Especially when it comes to creating content – You don’t always have to have your content written by expensive copywriters, sometimes writing your own content is the best for getting a personal touch and message across to the reader.

    • David

      Sure Curation of content is also too effective and ensured to increase our popularity among social media network. In the last, you ask it for Inexpensive… I think nothing is Inexpensive because time and hard working is also a cost factor.

    • Oasis

      Completely agree with you about the above mentioned points, but one more and most important would be that you should have a different and independent views which you can share..Whatever thanks for the post..:)

      • Avi (@skyhitblog)

        Yah Oasis, we should always be unique. I liked the article, really we need to build good relations and do our works in a unique way so that it attracts users from social sites and search engines…

    • cbhushan

      Basic list of what nonprofits seem to be using according to my scans. These are curation tools – tools that allow you collect and organization and present your links and resources. However, to be a good curation, you need to add another group of tools to the mix – news discovery tools.

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