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Tips To Get Free Traffic From Blog Commenting


Interested in getting free traffic for your blog? And one that doesn’t need much effort either? Well, you can through blog commenting. You know, when you visit another blog and leave your comments instead of being a silent reader. You can drive traffic to your blog by branding your comments.

Benefits of Blog Commenting

There are quite a few benefits to commenting on blogs, of which some of them are:

  • Building relationshipsin the Blogging community
  • Let others know of your existence and expertise
  • Create quality backlinks to your blog
  • Of course, increase your blog’s traffic

With so many comments out there, I’m sure you sometimes wonder just how to attract attention to your comments. Here are some questions that you may want to ask.

Does The Blog Have CommentLuv Plugin?

blog comments trafficI like it when I see a CommentLuv plugin on the blogs that I am about to comment. It does encourage me to comment. I’m sure many of you would agree too.

What this plugin does is to place a link of the commenter’s latest blog post at the end of their comment. This way, other readers and commenters are able to view the title of my latest post and if they are interested, can just hop over. Great to get some free traffic to my website!

Do You Have An Avatar?

An avatar is your image that tags along on your comments on posts and forums, together with your name. It is easily created. Check out Gravatar.

Would be great if you do create one. Sure will come in handy especially when you are not among the first few commentators or when there are a whole bunch of other comments too. It definitely makes your comment stand out and be more visible to other readers. This will get you some good traffic for sure!

Although recommended, you don’t have to put your picture. You can upload an image of your pet or an animation or just about anything else you fancy. Nothing rude or offensive though please.

Are You Adding Value?

Is what you have to say, meaningful? Or does it even make sense? Is it of value to the other readers of the blog?
Too often, commenters make general comments that seemed to fit in almost any blog they go to. It’s like the ultimate go-to comment that you use on every single blog you visit. It gives the impression that you are trying to blog-hopto as many blogs as possible in the shortest time… without really reading the posts. That’s akin to being a fake. And you know what? You are sounding like a spammer too.

Try to come up with something informative, witty or funny. Alternatively, you could also provide your insights and recommendations. Good advices are always appreciated. If you can’t or don’t have the inspirations at that moment, you could even comment on other comments.

Is Your Comment Related To The Topic?

Even though you desperately wanted to talk about something else, the comments section is not the right place to do so. Not only will you sound irrelevant, you may end up irritating some people.

So, read the blog posts (and not just the post title only) to understand what the author is trying to say before you comment. And make sure that it is relevant.

Now, if you have an entirely different experience on the topic, won’t that be a great idea for a new post? You can place a link on your comments to let others know where to find your post.

Are You Nice?

Being nice doesn’t mean that you have to always agree with the author. You can disagree but be polite in delivering your thoughts. Respect the author and other readers and you will find that you will get respected too. I’m sure many will be interested to know more about you if you display a good character.

Commenting on blogs definitely bring you lots of benefits. When properly done, this will get you a lot of free traffic to your own website or blog. I do hope that you find the above tips useful in improving your blog’s traffic, just like how I did for mine – You can’t just comment normally, you can use some tips to become a Hero on Blog Commenting.


Jasmine is an experienced web consultant at She is the chief editor at Best Web Host – a web hosting review and resources website. Her favorite web host is iPage, check out her iPage Review to find out why. For web hosting deals, make sure you check out the website for top 10 web hosting companies.

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    • Johnson

      Blog comments are more useful to increasing the traffic to your websites and this is one type of discussion method. There are many ways are there to improve our business sales, with the strong relationship among the blogger helps to improve your traffic.

    • Seo Company in ludhiana

      I always choose those blog where I can get some useful information that I got from your blog and yes blog commenting help to get traffic as well as back links to site but important thing is we got a chance to discussion with other and we can share our views with other and can get some useful information from other.

    • rishabh misra

      Blog comment is a good exercises to generate links and traffic if you are doing social media marketing. you are generate huge numbers of links , traffic and back links. and this article gives best support somebody starts first time.
      thank U

    • Denis

      Comment is a great way to get links and increase positions in search engines.

    • Denis

      You should make it a habit to visit your favorite blogs every day, and when you have something to say, just write a comment. In fact, you can even allocate 1 hour every day to do it.

    • gadgetbowl

      Commenting is a very good method to creating quality back links!

    • Vilson Karl

      Agree for both CommentLuv plugin’s importance and blog commenting at good blogs. It will give a good backlinks. This informative post help those who are still unknown from the advantages of blog commenting. Well effort and well info here..

    • Fenand

      It’s easy to get free traffic from blog commenting, you let the world know that you are in the blogging business and it’s more convenient to draw your audience to your blog as well.

    • Ravi Singh

      Blog commenting is the best technique to building backlinks and also you will get the expected traffic. This technique provide the regular traffic your website.

    • Bhushan

      Commenting is a very good method to creating quality back links!

    • Anderson

      thanks for sharing this useful post. Blog commenting is a great way to get more traffic and back links to the website. thanks for these useful points on blog commenting.

    • Stacey@Sydney SEO

      I absolutely think blog commenting helps a lot when you want to gain and draw more audiences to your blog. This is a very useful article. keep posting!

    • Christopher Joseph

      Commenting is a very good source for backlinks!

    • Kelly@financial services recruitment

      Blog commenting will get you very far into the weblogging world. But of course, the comments should be related to the blogs that you comment on, because unrelated comments are such no-shows.

    • Veronica

      I think blog commenting is a good way to reach out to other bloggers and let the world know that yes you exist. I agree with your points. I use CommentLuv by the way!

    • Mavi

      Traffic generation is such a pressing concern for most of us but I really do enjoy the task of blog commenting immensely because apart from being able to pick up valuable information from the posts I read, I also get the opportunity to connect with others and exchange valuable insights. Thanks for the share!

    • manoj@android

      unitl our comment makes some sense i dont think anyone will follow us back

    • Ashok

      It is important to have a comment that adds value to the main article, as you rightly pointed out. This is the best way to get traffic by commenting on sites. Nothing succeeds like “content”, so it is advisable that the comment should also have some content.

    • Rinkesh

      You made my head turn. I will certainly look into the CommentLuv plugin. If it can bring some good organic traffic to my site, that will be of great help to me.


    • Nicol

      The best way to get traffic from blog commenting is by creating quality back links to your blog.CommentLuv plugin is very helpful tool for bloggers because the other viewers and bloggers can get access to your latest blog.Gravatar is another tool of great use and it can be used to create an avatar of the blogger.

    • Sudipto

      Nice post and I am totally satisfying with your post. With commenting on different blog we can easily increase our traffic as well as we got more backlinks also and by increasing traffic and backlinks we can also improve our alexa. So its a good move to commenting on others blog.


      thanks for sharing good trick . I haven’t used it but now i’ll definitely try…

    • Remix Blog Ideas

      Fantastic method explained to get loads of traffic via blog commenting.

    • Bhushan

      Blog commenting is the best method to get more exposure, get free back-links and free traffic! It also establish a strong relationship with the blogger.

    • Victoria

      Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.The points described in this article are of great use.It is important to include the commentluv plugin.Also Gravatar can be used to create an avatar.Also the most important thing is that the blog should be adding some value to the viewer else nobody would be interested.

    • Avi (@skyhitblog)

      You’re right David, Commenting is a good source of long time link backs and PR. Thanks Jasmine for your article, it showed many good points of commenting and how to comment… 🙂

    • Tani Work

      Hey Jasmine,
      Blog commenting is a great way to interact with a larger audience base. Bloggers should always encourage comments, but yes, the readers should drop in a relevant and genuine comment. Thanks.

    • Sanchez

      Hi Jasmine! Thanks for the engrossing read–I immensely enjoy blog commenting and apart from being able to generate leads, I am taken into a whole new dimension of learning each and every time. I also think that we owe it to ourselves and most importantly the blog authors to keep our comments relevant and truly insightful. More Power!

    • samantha

      Conversation always been the best tool for communicating your thought so the blog commenting, some times i got annoyed of people doing irrelevant commenting on many post, that is what not acceptable

    • Saif

      That’s another nice hit. Yes! Blog commenting is very important, and can really bring tons of traffic to the commenters blog. I have been involved in commentings sessions since the start of my blogging. I normally cheerup everyone in my field, and it really helps in growing my network.

    • Abhishek

      Very informative post, Jasmine. Blog commenting surely has a lot of benefits, getting quality back links being one of them. I love to read blogs and comment on them too.

    • Gautham Nekkanti

      Blog Commenting can’t give a lot of quality backlinks in my opinion, unless you do it on a large scale, it’s basically good for driving traffic

      • Jasmine

        Most are no-follow links, so they are not really perfect choice for building quality backlinks. But they are still good for all the other reasons – get exposure, get traffic and etc.



      Thanks for the idea , Well i am also a regular reader of your blog and also many more blogs. I am also a newbee blogger. I read many blogs but rarely comment in any blog because till now did not know it could bring traffic to my blog also. Thanks for opening my eyes.


      • Jasmine

        Oh, I didn’t know you are a regular reader of my blog? I have a few blogs, you mean I am definitely looking forward to seeing comments from you on my blog.

        Also, do drop by HBB often for more great posts. I like this blog and always guest blog here. 🙂

    • Andru

      Polite and informative comments will always be acceptible to the bloggers. Leaving simple yet effective comments on a blog post can also help get backlinks that will aid in generating tarffic. It has various purposes, you become visible to the bloggers and the audience and this existence is important.

    • Ashrin Srithika

      Hi Jasmine
      I love to read many post and gain knowledge. I used to comment often after reading the post especially in commentluv enabled blogs. Your tips were very useful for me.

    • Don

      I’m new top wordpress and blogging, so I’m soaking up as much information as possible. Great blog and information, thank you!

    • Techispider

      Blog commenting is important,,especially on comment luv enable blogs…but it also makes us visible to the blogosphere

      • Jasmine

        Oh yes, I also like blogs which have the CommentLuv plugin. Too bad, not all blogs have this plugin… nevertheless, it’s still beneficial for us to comment on blogs even if they do not have this plugin.

    • FussedBlogger

      Blog commenting not only increases our fame but also drives traffic and even provides our site with quality backlinks. It is one of the best way to get quality backlinks. But, the comment must be relevant to the topic of the post or else the author of the post may treat it as a spam.

    • Disha@hotellasuite

      Its really amazing & valuable article for Blog Commenting, Blogger is strong & current trend part of Online Marketing. I’m favor of “Comment must Related To The Topic” relevant & Related comment always increase Blog readers.

    • hrmehrotra

      absolutely right comments are bringing good traffic for me also……

    • vetrri

      blog commenting give increase PR and offers traffic to our site.

    • Amit Kumar

      Good information. 🙂
      Keep the good work up.

    • Oasis

      Nice article, Blog commenting is a good habit, its increases your mind reflexes also with the knowledge so keep reading the blogs and start commenting. .. 🙂 Thanks for sharing …

    • Kuldeep


      Blog commenting is an awesome way from which we have many benifits like building natural backlinks and traffic too. Although it need some rules or guide lines to be followed or else their will be no value to it.

    • rancorinfotech11

      Hi Jasmine,

      Nice tips for blog commenting, However one must write what actually comes in his mind after reading the post. You should never think if author is going to approve it or not. Be honest with your comments and you would easily attract many people.

      • Jasmine

        That’s for sure. You must read a blog post completely and only comment on the topic. Do not say something which is completely unrelated.

    • Jasmine

      I can see comments are coming in steadily for this post. Keep it up guys and gals… let’s read more blog posts and comment more! This is beneficial to both the commentators and the blog owners!

    • vividvilla

      I certainly feel that Blog commenting is the best way to build your audience..

    • cbhushan

      Excellent article. My sense about Entrecard is that it’s a passing trend…just haven’t felt called to engage with it. However, you asked for other ways to drive traffic, and here’s my answer: Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, and Stumble work for me.

    • Kaya

      did not use blog comment for backlinks before, but totally agree with you! google does like pages that people leave comment.

    • Rahul KAshyap

      I am Agree With You Blog Commenting is very Important for our blogging career coz blog commenting give us unique backlink and unique traffic. So keep commenting and get success in you business 🙂

    • Zainil

      Effective commenting is one of the best thing to do for your blog. Commenting has a variety of benefits & thus it should not be at all ignored! 🙂

      • Jasmine

        You should make it a habit to visit your favorite blogs everyday, and when you have something to say, just drop a comment. In fact, can even allocate 1 hour everyday to do this.

    • Alicia

      Blog commenting is for sure a good way to get more exposure, get free backlinks and free traffic!

    • David

      No doubt Blog Commenting is also a good source of getting unique visitors plus free backlink to get an experience for further increase in your PR and SERP in doing so. In short among different SEO strategies it has an important role.

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