[HOW TO] Block Unwanted Notifications In Facebook

Unwanted NotificationsAre you tired of getting daily unwanted notifications in your Facebook account? It’s fine if the notifications are legitimate but what if they mostly come from some spam group, event or apps/games request you never want to use? In this busy world most of you might not have that amount of time to browse all your notifications. And also it’s not right to click on anything that you are not associated with because the link might lead you to some scam page. Facebook got secure privacy options from which you can control your account privacy. All such notifications can’t be blocked with a single click, so I am providing you the steps below to block unwanted notifications from Facebook groups, events and apps or games request.

Group Notifications: There might be a number of groups in Facebook that you are associated with but not all posts from them are of any importance to you. At times you post a particular message in the groups and would like to receive notifications only associated with it and not from other people in the group. In that case you’ll need to disable the ‘Notifications’ option to ‘off’.

Group Notifications

On the other hand, when you comment on someone else’s post into a group, you keep on receiving notifications from that thread. To disable notifications from that particular thread you can simply click on the cross sign in the post notification and unfollow or visit that thread and click ‘Unfollow post’.

Group Notification

Unfollow Post

Apps and Games Notifications: Another most irritating thing is receiving apps and games requests. Personally I hate this feature since I never use apps or play games in Facebook.  If you have a bundle of apps/games to be blocked you can directly enter the outstanding requests in your homepage.

Blocking Applications

Go to the app/game you want to stop receive notifications and click on the cross button. Then either you can block the app or ignore all games request from that particular sender.

Apps Block

Applications Block

Event Notifications: Attending some events? Still if you won’t like to receive notifications from it first head over to the event page > click on the Settings icon > Turn Off Notifications, and you’re done.

Event Block

Hope this post helps you to save some of your time browsing Facebook notifications :).

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22 thoughts on “[HOW TO] Block Unwanted Notifications In Facebook”

  1. this doesn’t help me: i am getting notifications from a thread i commented on but i guess they’ve blocked me (apparently my comment that the photo of the 10ft high newfoundland was not genuine was offensive to someone – wutEVAR). i can’t blocked it bec i don’t get the ‘x’ appearing and if i click on the notification, it tells me there’s no such page so i can’t block it that way. unfortunately, it seems to be a very active page so i’m basically getting spammed to death with no way to stop it.

  2. I know how frustrating it can get, when every time you open your facebook and finds game and application request that you have no interests in……

  3. Thanks Priyanka fore ellaborating all the tips for blocking facebook notifications in one psot. I will try them out.

  4. I am also tired from such unwanted notification. I am going to follow these steps to block notifications.

  5. Thanks for this post,this is what i was recently looking for.To disable unwanted notifications from some users.They just make my notification bar go insane,and that’s irritating.  

  6. Well, pop-ups are really annoying and it’s better to block unwanted notifications to keep the Facebook wall clean. Thanks Priyanka for this useful post 🙂

  7. I was frustrated of FB game requests and all that sh!ts,Thanks dude,Really helpful

  8. Thanks for the tips…
    its really useful..
    almost my notifications were flooded with unwanted notifications..
    but now i will turn unwanted notifications Off 

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