5 Benefits of Guest Blogging You Should Know

5 benefits of guest bloggingNowadays every blogger knows the importance of Guest Blogging. It has been playing a major role for growing your blog business and expanding it in the Internet World. But still lot people deny this important part of their blogging career.

They avoid Guest Blogging. In simple words, Guest Blogging is an art of publishing your post on any other person’s blog. No matter how is your blog’s condition or it belongs to an individual or many authors, Guest Blogging is always beneficial.

Most newbies or most individuals are still confused that they should write for other blogs or not. So, I am listing below 5 benefits for writing for other blogs i.e. Guest Blogging.

5 Benefits of Guest Blogging

1. Targeted and Quality Traffic

No one can deny the fact that Guest Blogging brings to you a lot of traffic. However, the best part of it is visitors of another blogs come to know about your blog by this process as you are given a backlink for submitting a post on any blog. As such, you are most likely to get unique visits to your blog. However, if your posts get published on a big blog, then you are most likely to receive huge traffic. However, this thing also depends upon the Quality of your post. By targeted traffic, I mean that if you own a Technology blog, you are most likely to submit Guest Post on a Technology blog. This mutual exchange of information helps to bring traffic from a different blog which brings you targeted Traffic.

2. Exposure

Everyone likes to be famous. Isn’t it?? However, Guest Blogging helps to build an authority over the Internet people from different blogs and helps you & your blog to be famous. Guest Blogging helps you to bring exposure to you and your blog. It make your blog a Big brand and helping you to create high Impact over the Internet World. Let us consider this as you have published your post on two blogs. One gives you 100 visits and other gives you 50 visits. As a result, we conclude that your blog has been exposed to 150 people which gave your blog Targeted Traffic and Exposure. Guest blogging helps to be popular quickly.

3. Improve Your Writing Skills

We know that it’s the experience only which helps a person to decide what is right and what is wrong. However, when I was new to Blogging, most of my posts got rejected. Then I started from some small blogs and later on the process moved on and I became quite good at my writing skills. This is what The more you write, the more you learn. So, to improve our writing skills, we should be focused on our topics, try optimizing our posts for SEO and readers both which a quite hard process. Most bloggers will accept your Guest Posts only if they find your article at least better to some extent that readers find it useful. For that, you need to improve your writing skills.

4. Get More Backlinks

Whenever we submit a guest post on another blog, we get backlinks in the author bio and even sometimes in the post. Most bloggers include their blog’s link to get some essential backlinks. You need to be smarter in this thing. You should include your site keywords properly so as to increase your Search Engine Visibility and rank higher with your rankings. These backlinks can also result to increase in your Pagerank. Good Pagerank means more Search Referrals and Good amount of organic traffic which is really most and needed.

5. Know what people think about your posts

People that share views are different from blog to blog. Your blog visitors might take your posts in a different manner and others may too. However, you should be aware of the fact that what are the reaction of others about your posts, you must know that you are appreciated or you are criticized for your posts. However, Guest blogging can help you to know about this thing because people from other blogs may not know about and your blog, so you are most likely to get a honest opinion from them.

So, after reading my these posts, you would like to write for other blogs and gain Exposure, Traffic, Backlinks, Better Writing Skills and opinions. Guest Blogging is the best way to build authority and market your blog in the Internet World.

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  1. You are right, Kuldeep, Guest blogging is a very important tool ,but only if used alongside other online PR vehicles. Also, you need to get on to the right sites, with the right follow protocol, and the right kind of Page Rank, like http://www.provincialmoving.com. Check out their blog.

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  3. You’re quite correct about guest posting. No doubt it gives you an opportunity to get high quality links plus it also gives you an opportunity to get maximum exposure among relevant audience which results in more popularity and more earnings.

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  5. Guest blogging is popular method for blog traffic and Pagerank, guest blogging is a unique way to get targeted traffic to your blog. Rank will be high on search engines based on backlinks, guest blogging also improve our writing skills more and more.



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  7. Really nice article kuldeep . I personally never did guest posts but now i am thinking that i should do guest posts 🙂

  8. Good job Kuldeep ! Highly known points but good attempt at your age. One of the most important benefits of guest blogging is that you get to know your improvement areas, knowledge and how good or bad your stuff is from a large group of targeted audience ! A great way to improve ourselves as bloggers.

  9. I did not think that posting as a guest poster on other peoples blogs would actually end up helping me. I was like totally surprised, but have guest posted on a number of blogs and have got really great reviews and also at the same time, the biggest boon was the fact that I got great new ideas and my confidence improved considerably.

  10. Good article, Kuldeep. You have outlined the reasons why I love guest posting so much… I make it a must to guest post at least one article on HBB every month.

  11. Yes these are the very true points no doubt in that but one more thing had proved with guest blogging it is prove so beneficial when you are on long vacations and you can keep in touch with your readers as well.

  12. Guest blogging can be really helpful for your website if you know how to make use of it. Whether you have an established site or a newly launched one, guest blogging can help you increase the traffic to your site through backlinking. I recently launched my business site and have been doing guest blogging on a daily basis and I can see the changes. More people have started visiting my site than before.

  13. Guest blogging has excited me a lot and I think it is a nice thing to have happening to you. The tips you have given to be a good guest blogger seem like they will work well to ensure that you are wanted as a blog contributor by others. Will follow these tips as I have a lot of interest in guest blogging.

  14. Guest blogging has given me lot of fame and authority. Some of my guest post are still on top like 7 tips to be hero on blog commenting. Yes it on hbb reference. Thanks to pradeep for giving me such oppurtunity

  15. I will say this is a nice Post. Don't mind but there is nothing new in the post. You need to add some new ideas or benefits of guest blogging Kuldeep. By the way its nice to see here on HBB. I hope you will contribute better post in future.

    • Thanks for sharing your views! You said that it's a common post and even criticized it! However, I would request you to take a look at the title of the post! It narrates as 5 benefits of Guest Blogging YOU SHOULD KNOW! "YOU SHOULD KNOW" highlights the contrast that there are some points that should be a necessity and every one should know so as to say Common points!

  16. The Guest Blogging is a great way to get the exposure into the social world and the online world. But the only condition which should be followed while getting ready for the guest posting is to produce nice and attention grabbing content on our own site because any blogger would allow to guest post on his/her blog until he checks the guest blogger's own blog and the quality of his content that's how guest blogging is a great way to be in popularity but if it is not made in right way it could lead to bounce rates of visitors and Crap content.


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