Windows Server Hosting

Advantages of Windows Server Based Hosting Services

You need to have deep understanding of pros and cons of using your services and making right choices when you are choosing your webhosting provider. This is the service, which is going to make your online presence more vulnerable and going to give you growth in the business ultimately by helping to reach more visitors at the same time. Choosing the right operating system for your hosting server is a hard decision to make but using Linux and Windows has some unique advantages and depending on your exact requirements choice to use required operating system in your hosting server remains in your court.

Windows Server Hosting

There are many companies and individuals who prefer windows based hosting for their websites. As the scripts they have used are compatible with the windows and they are comfortable working on it also it is the most user-friendly operating system ever developed until now. The most recent windows operating platform is Windows Server 2008 and as always there are many advantages and disadvantages associated with use of this operating system.

Advantages of Windows Web Hosting Servers

  • This is the only option available for the use of Visual Basic and DOT Net programming, If you have no ways to eliminate these scripts then you should use Windows servers as they are best options available to host your website.
  • Being more familiar with windows, you do not have to be acquainted with the new operating system you can easily manage and maintain your website running on Windows hosting servers.
  • Time comes when you have update and make your website more compatible using new resources and platforms. Windows is easily compatible with new platforms like PHP and My SQL, although you will have to understand that other software’s might not perform well on Windows platform as is done by VB and .Net.
  • This platform is more compatible and favors the Active Server pages (.ASP) and dynamically database driven pages. Another advantage is use of FrontPage for webpage designing so windows servers will always prefer and favor them.
  • Using Microsoft Access for database functionality is easy to use in windows hosting servers where in much more options for integration between these two.
  • With the continuous screening of Windows by Microsoft for updates and support most of the problems, bugs and patches are eliminated automatically and do not have to use additional skills for that.

This guest article is written by Sarvesh. He is a part time blogger and loves to write on webhosting and tech niches. He blogs for a site selling best cheap website hosting services and WordPress web hosting. If you wish to write for us, Kindly check this.

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Sarvesh, a part time blogger and he loves to write on webhosting and tech niches.

25 thoughts on “Advantages of Windows Server Based Hosting Services”

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  2. Good point but anyway for me, its too way expensive compared to other hosting platforms, and honestly I always got issues with their speed, not that fast though. My site's requirements aren't just compatible with it.

  3. If your site uses Active Server Pages (ASP), do you need to store the site on a Linux-based Web server?

  4. The very first thing I want to say is that the article which I have gone through just now is a great article as it helped me a lot to know the best things of windows web hosting sever. For a web its really hard to decide which will be best operating system web server to deal with. Though the linux based servers are totally virus free, but still windows is the best user friendly operating system ever. In fact I will definitely prefer windows based server as it has the capability of serving many different unique features those can't be performed by others. Thanks a lot for such a nice article.

  5. Security in windows based servers is not that good i think. People always go for a secured linux server. But seeing these above posts i can move to it for sure 🙂 well said 🙂

  6. Though Windows Server has better updates and future compatible when compared to Linux, yet Linux hosting is fast, secure and more reliable. Most site use php scripts and they tend to go with Linux.

  7. Good one Sarvesh. Short and sweet, easy to understand. What kind of hosting is the best for hosting WP sites? Linux or Windows? It will be very helpful for webmasters if you could write more articles on different types of hosting as well. Keep up the good work !

  8. everyone said me that Linux hosting is best, but after reading this, i will consider windows hosting for my website. Currently i am using B4UIndia Linux hosting, they also have windows servers. read my article about B4UIndia hosting service and coupon code (only if interested 🙂 )

    1. Nope, you are wrong. Most of the Indians use Linux Based cPanel Hosting only. Because its more user friendly than Plesk control panel in Windows.

      But when it comes to a Desktop Operating System, we still with Windows ! And many started moving to Mac !!

  9. There are surely certain advantages of windows hosting, but since I usually use php for all my applications, I just don't feel that comfortable on windows servers.

  10. Ideas come for apply if some companies are ready to use this option then i think this is a good move because result will come out after the practical

  11. I just forgot, but there comes one tool you need to install on linux server which will run you dot net scripts on linux servers as well.

    1. well usman in that case i really want that script can you tell me the name of I want to test a Dotnet project on the server..Windows hosting is bet only for Windows technologies like dotnet only..

    1. Windows Servers are more prone I Agree. But they have their own measures. All windows s.w are from windows servers.

  12. My opinion is, Windows Based hosting is not comfortable than Linux Based hosting. Choosing Windows Hosting without the need of running ASP or VB is foolish.

    Main disadvantage is yet there is no easy control panel for Windows Servers like the cPanel for Linux ! Also Windows Servers takes lot of resources than linux.

    You can easily run 250+ WordPress powered sites with a basic linux server with 1 GB RAM, but its not possible with Windows. 🙁

    1. Yes, and also their are costly. Windows server are only preferable if you are creating websites on, otherwise, linux hosting is best.

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