Advantages of Windows Server Based Hosting Services

You need to have deep understanding of pros and cons of using your services and making right choices when you are choosing your webhosting provider. This is the service, which is going to make your online presence more vulnerable and going to give you growth in the business ultimately by helping to reach more visitors at the same time. Choosing the right operating system for your hosting server is a hard decision to make but using Linux and Windows has some unique advantages and depending on your exact requirements choice to use required operating system in your hosting server remains in your court.

Windows Server Hosting

There are many companies and individuals who prefer windows based hosting for their websites. As the scripts they have used are compatible with the windows and they are comfortable working on it also it is the most user-friendly operating system ever developed until now. The most recent windows operating platform is Windows Server 2008 and as always there are many advantages and disadvantages associated with use of this operating system.

Advantages of Windows Web Hosting Servers

  • This is the only option available for the use of Visual Basic and DOT Net programming, If you have no ways to eliminate these scripts then you should use Windows servers as they are best options available to host your website.
  • Being more familiar with windows, you do not have to be acquainted with the new operating system you can easily manage and maintain your website running on Windows hosting servers.
  • Time comes when you have update and make your website more compatible using new resources and platforms. Windows is easily compatible with new platforms like PHP and My SQL, although you will have to understand that other software’s might not perform well on Windows platform as is done by VB and .Net.
  • This platform is more compatible and favors the Active Server pages (.ASP) and dynamically database driven pages. Another advantage is use of FrontPage for webpage designing so windows servers will always prefer and favor them.
  • Using Microsoft Access for database functionality is easy to use in windows hosting servers where in much more options for integration between these two.
  • With the continuous screening of Windows by Microsoft for updates and support most of the problems, bugs and patches are eliminated automatically and do not have to use additional skills for that.

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