3 Basic Tips To Achieve High SERP Rank

Poor ContentIn the cutthroat business that is SEO, it is infinitely important to always be on top.

Since there are a lot of competitors out there (both white, gray, and black hat SEO practitioners), every day poses a new set of challenge to ensure that your websites appear on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page or SERP, if not on the top three results. Tall order, right?

The good news is that winning the rankings game is actually very feasible. All that it takes is for you to observe some simple and time-tested SEO tricks that most successful SEO campaigns have used then and today. Here are some few good tips on how your site can achieve high SERP rank:

1. Use the right keyword

I have a lot of friends who complain about not getting the rankings that they want, despite having a lot of very well-written posts. Well, in turns out that those blog posts lack the proper or unique set of keywords that could have propelled their sites on top of the SERP. Remember that most SEO campaigns thrive on well-chosen keywords that generate traffic and effectively gets crawled by Google spiders. So if you want to be on top, get the right keywords first.

Keywords are the lifeblood of most SEO campaigns.

2. Originality is Essential

Introduce fresh, original, and well-written content as often as possible. An SEO professional’s rule of thumb is top notch content. Keep in kind that Google primarily ranks your site based on the content quality and frequency with which you update your site. Hence, make it a point to invest in good content, especially since Google Panda judges individual sites almost solely based on the content quality.

Poor content will surely drag your site’s SERP rank down, courtesy of Google Panda.

3. Launch an aggressive linkbuilding campaign

Now, of all the SEO tricks out there, linkbuilding has got to be among, if not the, most expensive ventures available to increase site traffic and SERP ranking. You could resort to guest posting, ask for exchange links, post on forums and blogs, submit articles to eZine, HubPages, and similar article submission/directory sites, or pay for the services of professional linkbuilders. Try which ones will work out for you, and which ones will not.

Linkbuilding is pure hard work, but with good results.

Remember that sites don’t reach top 1 SERP rankings overnight. Hence, be patient. Like what most successful SEO practitioners have proven for themselves, reaching the top always takes a lot of good SEO practices, and tons of hard work on the practitioner’s part. So start observing these tips and see your site’s SERP rank rise to the top!

This article is written by Ryan Cote. He is a Project Manager for Ballantine Digital, a NJ social media agency, and is responsible for overall operations and client campaigns. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

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Ryan Cote

Ryan Cote is Project Manager for Ballantine Digital, a NJ social media agency, and is responsible for overall operations and client campaigns. Ryan has been immersed in SEO and Internet Marketing since 2001. Ballantine provides social media solutions

23 thoughts on “3 Basic Tips To Achieve High SERP Rank”

  1. One of the basic mistakes many people make is thinking from their perspective and not from the perspective of a person intending to search something on the search engine. People, generally, will not be searching for a single keyword but either a combination of the words/terms or something as a quection e.g. "which is the best…" or "where can I find…" or "How to use…" etc. We generally tend to miss these in the contents as well as links.

  2. Keyword research is very important. Choosing the right keywords helps increase traffic and you've correctly emphasized on the importance of keywords and the role it plays. All 3 tips are right on, well written.

  3. I think choosing suitable keyword is most important factor. Can you tell me what should be the best keyword density in a post?

  4. From here, there are some good tips on here. High quality content will be get high page ranking into the blog. So, those tips will be more useful to all the people in the wide without any doubt. Thanks a lot for sharing your post on here 🙂

  5. To rule on the web world you need uniqueness and orginality. This surely will help in getting the results ! Great post Ryan.

  6. Do you tell us about any keyword suggestion tool for my blog I don't think my blog got a right keywords and how to make my blogger blog passed the W3C validator.

  7. Hi guys,

    Don't take this the wrong way but I think suggestions like this miss the real point of blogging. Call me an idealist, but you shouldn't be blogging if you don't have something interesting/unique to share with the world. And by the world I mean the people, not the search engines. I look at blogging as an extension of my daily activities. I talk about stuff I find interesting, stuff I would be talking about with my colleagues in the office. Except this way my "office" is potentially much larger. But the same way you wouldn't just stand around in your office waiting for someone to come talk to you if you have something interesting to say, you shouldn't rely on search engines to drive traffic to your site. What blogging gives you is the authority to approach other people in your topic area. Maybe there are highly respected people in your area you normally wouldn't go out to talk to. But once you get a blog your sort of become an established authority yourself and it becomes okay to reach out and interact with others. This may be harder than doing SEO, but in the end (I believe) the outcome is much better and much more useful.

  8. Every one should try their level best to concentrate on the points to get success…..as serp matters.

  9. I think it's really essential to have fresh content before starting your link building process as if you've copied or duplicate content then there is Panda who won't let you rank on SERP.

  10. link building, originality and use of the right key words, all of the three are 'equally important' for the successful rankings of sites.

  11. I totally agree with the originality as it matters a lot to Google for the ranking thnx for the awesome tips.

  12. As the title of this post suggests, these are the "basic" tips for SERP ranking for your pages. But, to give full credit to Ryan, he has really put them very well. Short and sweet.

  13. Nice Info!!!!

    Every one wants to see their site on top in search engines but it's not an easy task. You mentioned very well in your blog post we should have "right keyword, Originality and linkbuilding campaign" in our site. This is very true if we will follow these tips then we will get better response in SERP.

  14. Mr. Ryan you are rite these three tips are necessary for SERP page ranking but high quality backlinks and escape from spamming are also important keys for this…!!

  15. Thanks Ryan for this well written article on SEO techniques. Being one SEO professional I want to say that push the ranking on first page is very very tough. If your site reach position 10th, then only one thing remaining is continuous link building, if you leave it, ranking also goes down.

    1. Links can come naturally but fresh and original contents don't. So I vote for originality as the most important factor of all.

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