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Google Wireless Transcoder – Access All Websites Via Mobile


Yesterday, when i was monitoring my visitor info using Startcounter- Real time webanalytics, i found some person visited my website from mobile using google wireless transcoder. When i start to dugg out what it is ?!

I found out that it is a Beta service of Google to access all website in internet using your mobile phones !! Google Wireless Trans-coder(GWT) translate all “scripts” and render it in mobile format (XHTML mobile 1.0) & make surfing website a mobile friendly.


Features :-

1-> It breaks long pages into multiple sub-pages.

2-> Transcode all pages to mobile friendly

3-> serves fully cached pages (including Pictures)

You can access it by using this simple query string in your mobile browser & Type the website URL(Any URL that u want to surf) in the search box which is at below the text “Enter the URL”

See a GWT demo of this website just click below link




I'm sudharsan, author of As i'm newbie for this blogging i don't have any pre-determined Topic (or) intention to write, i’m just writing article whatever i like & the field that i wish to develop myself

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    • Yen@iPhone 4 Cases

      Google transcoder is new to me. I got more information about it from the comments here.

    • Norma@make money with Clickbank

      it makes things faster by stripping advertisements like AdSense and others.

    • sam@seo services company

      Google Transcoder was built as a search engine for cell phones, but it also can help reduce the complexity and visual clutter on Web pages.

      • tricks tips

        Ya sure…main thing i like in this tool is…it reduces the Ads and make webpage to load faster than before

    • Illinois CD Rates

      Great tool… have been using it for around a year and think it’s the
      best way to access ppc hostile sites…

    • Law School

      The GWT thing is not caching but “only” transforming my website content on the fly.

    • Ecommerceweb

      Google Wireless transcoder is really a gift from google. I have read more about it from another website.

    • How to tell good seo companies from bad

      @Satheesh> Thanks for you info. But I wish to know where can I download this application.

      • sudharsan @ technoskillonline

        @How to tell good seo companies from bad

        Brother..this is not a application…

        This is a web based service like a website

    • Satheesh@How To Lose Weight

      The inability to display ads is the major problem of using Google wireless transcoder.

      • sudharsan @ technoskillonline

        No bro..
        User need only content not the Ads for them…

        it is also nice features in user point of view
        .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…TeraCopy – Copy all Files at Lightning Speed =-.

    • Sandeep Singh

      Amazing new info !!! i tried to open ma site in mobile but wasnt able to do it witout Google transcoder

      • sudharsan @ technoskillonline

        It worked for me and for most of the user…

        I dont know y it is not working for you ???
        .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…TeraCopy – Copy all Files at Lightning Speed =-.

    • Freelancing Marketplace

      Is this a decoding or encoding software? I dont know much about Google transcoder. What is the use of it? Does it has to do something with my business?

      • sudharsan @ technoskillonline

        It just creating a mobile version of a website..
        that’s it

        It will not decode or encode anything
        .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…TeraCopy – Copy all Files at Lightning Speed =-.

    • Car Donation Baltimore

      This tool can also be used as a link in websites that are not optimized for
      Mobile viewing.

      • sudharsan @ technoskillonline

        Nice idea mate…but we can use some plugins for website
        .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…TeraCopy – Copy all Files at Lightning Speed =-.

    • Computer Support

      When people access their website through the google transcoder, they loose all information about the ip address.

      • sudharsan @ technoskillonline

        Whether they loose info about their ip-address ??
        .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…IpL T20 Applications for Iphone – Watch IpL Live =-.

    • Lanzarote Holiday Guide

      Is google transcoder works with all the versions of mozilla firefox.

      • sudharsan @ technoskillonline

        @Holiday Guide

        Yes It works. But GWT is mainly for mobile phones…
        .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…IpL T20 Applications for Iphone – Watch IpL Live =-.

    • smoking effects

      Thanks for all your note about Google Transcoders. I hope, this will definitely help me.

      • sudharsan @ technoskillonline

        surely it will help frnd…

        just try it
        .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…IpL T20 Applications for Iphone – Watch IpL Live =-.

    • Building and constructions

      @ Video Games. It is good for web users. At the same time it is bad for misusers.

    • Video Games

      @ Sudarsan – Do you think that Google Transcoder is a good device for web users?
      I am not that much brilliant in stuffs like this. Can you please give me the advantages of google transcoder.

      • sudharsan @ technoskillonline

        @video games..

        It will surely help to surf website from mobile phones as it reduce all the unwanted KB’s for scripts.. so you can save money
        .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…IpL T20 Applications for Iphone – Watch IpL Live =-.

    • Compare Mortgages

      This tool can also be used as a link in websites that are not optimized for
      mobile viewing.

      • sudharsan @ technoskillonline

        @ Compare Mortgages

        very nice and great tips dear…

        even i didn’t think of it…

        thanks for sharing

    • real estate gardening home

      This is a new note for me. I dont know much about the transcoder. I am hearing about this for the first time.

      • sudharsan @ technoskillonline

        @ real estate gardening home

        just try once u will surely like it and u can also follow the tips give below as said by Compare Mortgages

    • Hami

      eeww site looks so ugly there.. I think it should be imporved more to avoid headers and theme snipets in the page.. WOT SAY ?

      • sudharsan @ technoskillonline

        GWT will remove all the scripts in a webpage to load it fast into your mobile phone so it looks ugly…

        It is very much useful for ordinary mobile but it’s not suitable for iphone…etc., because you can use browser to access website in that

    • chandan

      Google really rocks, google is discovering new things to beat the social media.

    • Brilla@propane burner

      I heard that Google Wireless transcoder strips Adsense. Is this true?

      • sudharsan @ technoskillonline

        Hi brila

        s its true..

        It strips all javascrips …. so that your load time is very very less

    • social network design

      Hi Sudarshan. The nice part is that once you are on a transcoded website, all the links that you will follow will be transcoded too

    • Recap - January 2010 | A-Z online tricks & tips website 4 technology

      […] Access all website via Google wireless transcoder in […]

    • sriganesh

      that was a good one, i never heard about this. now we dont want to create a mobile version for now is it ?

      • sudharsan @ technoskillonline

        No sriganesh
        many people not aware of this GWT, so mobile version of a blog is must ….

    • Rathan

      Really some valuable informations, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Selurus

      This is like the pages you get when you’re using Google Mobile.
      It doesn’t work on some pages.
      I prefer using Opera Mini 🙂

    • Dwarka Rao

      “Google Wireless Transcoder”….never ever heard about it. Thanks for sharing.

      Hey, but have you people heard about GOOG service. Check it out, its simply awesome. With GOOG, you will stop using yellow pages.

    • Uttoran Sen

      interesting service, that way us webmasters won’t have to worry about format and compatibility which google will take care of it. Good to see this innovative step.

    • Ann @ How To Make Websites

      That is really neat, mobile is really a necessary tool to integrate with these days.

    • Chethan

      hahaha.. Nice Discovery!

    • chandan

      So I think google is the king of website, we can get traffic from different google service like google blog search, google map and like you say here.

      • sudharsan

        yeah its true chandan
        But i have one question how we can make traffic from Google maps..???
        please explain..

        • chandan

          We have to submit our business at google local business search, when someone search service putting the location then your site might be come on the search results. Well I am not so active with it.

    • Malini

      Hi sudharsan, I heard about Google Tisp broad band services in beta version but not this one. thanks for sharing this valuable information and keep writing.
      Wishing you all the very best.

    • Ruchi

      Thanks for sharing. Many people are not aware of this. I will surely share this post with all my friends.

    • Sriraj

      This isn’t a new development from Google. It’s been there since few years (since 2005, if I’m not wrong), although different from what Pradeep (uses G Reader) is using now for HBB.
      The main disadvantage is the conversion speed. It’s taking at least 4-5 seconds from my 1mbps broadband to convert a page into a mobile site. So your guess is as good as mine when it comes to mobile gprs.

      • sudharsan

        Yeah sriraj
        Though it’s not a new service from google, Many users don’t no about this service
        so i found this useful
        Thanks sriraj for your information…..

    • Rishi

      Looks a great tool. Works good on my Symbian phones. Useful for people who want a flawless mobile web version their blog without any paid tool or external WP plugins. Cheers, nice find Sudharsan!

    • chester

      Wow thats awesome. This might save a heck of a lot of development time. Nice work Google!

    • Kashish Kaushik

      Yeah Its a Cool Thing..!

      But if you are WP User, Why don’t use plugin. I have been advising Pradeep of using WPTouch Plugin or MobilePress. Believe Me, They are Awesome..!

      For Seeing it live, Open ShoutMeloud [dot] com in your Mobile.

    • Lori

      Nice service from Google.
      excellent articles and having valuable information. Thanks

      • sudharsan @ technoskillonline


        Thank you very much Lori
        .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…Win Dell Inspiron Laptop Free – Sizlopedia Contest =-.

    • Dinesh

      Another new service from Google.

    • Rajesh

      you rocking sudha

    • sudharsan

      Thanks pradeep
      i have been checking your site about my guest post, finally i got it …

      im very happy !!!

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