Google Wireless Transcoder – Access All Websites Via Mobile

Yesterday, when i was monitoring my visitor info using Startcounter- Real time webanalytics, i found some person visited my website from mobile using google wireless transcoder. When i start to dugg out what it is ?!

I found out that it is a Beta service of Google to access all website in internet using your mobile phones !! Google Wireless Trans-coder(GWT) translate all “scripts” and render it in mobile format (XHTML mobile 1.0) & make surfing website a mobile friendly.


Features :-

1-> It breaks long pages into multiple sub-pages.

2-> Transcode all pages to mobile friendly

3-> serves fully cached pages (including Pictures)

You can access it by using this simple query string in your mobile browser & Type the website URL(Any URL that u want to surf) in the search box which is at below the text “Enter the URL”

See a GWT demo of this website just click below link