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HellBound Bloggers Becomes DO FOLLOW Friendly Now !

Last updated on 13/05/2011 by | Short URL: http://hbb.me/12KcRsY

Today I decided to make HellBound Bloggers Do Follow Friendly ! That means You Comment ! I Follow !


I did this because I love my commentators !


If you also love your commentators, then you can do the same.

So Whats so special this DO FOLLOW ?

From now onwards whenever you write a comment your link will be follow by search engines and it becomes a backlink. And indeed it increases your pagerank. A single comment won’t increase or create a backlink, it should be atleast 10 or nearer to it.

Feel free to comment in my blog ! But always remember two things, never comment for the sake of commenting and don’t forget to brand your comments ! It drives traffic to your blog.

Future Plans For Respecting My Commentators

Why Future? Because I’m going to redesign this blog, so the layout will surely change and currently I’m using lot of plugins !


I’m going to do this within 4 months or soon.

Commentators play an important role in my blog. An article/post becomes a discussion thread by them. Below are some of the changes I’m going to make in my blog for respecting my beloved commentators.

1. Top Commentators Widget – shows the top commentators list in my blog’s sidebar.

2. Comment Love Plugin – Displays last blog posts, tweets or digg submissions in their comments which they can choose one from.

3. Announcing Top CommentatorSeparate post for mentioning the top commentator of the month.

4. Sidebar Banner –  A 125 x 125 banner in sidebar will be allocated for Top Commentator of the month.

5. Thank Me Later – Will send thank you emails to readers after they post a comment.

My Favorite Cool Posts To Start Commenting (Random)

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On June 21, 2009 by in Editorial | Short Link: http://hbb.me/12KcRsY  

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62 Opinions on “HellBound Bloggers Becomes DO FOLLOW Friendly Now !

  1. That is a positive move for this blog; all new bloggers need exposure and what better to do than to make your blog do-follow (if you are able to manage spam, that is). I am looking forward to the changes and do not be surprised if I continuously grab the top commentator spots every month. :)

  2. JakeI Web Journey says:

    Great, sounds awesome. Is your Top Commentators widget going to be Dofollow?

    I personally use all of these plug-ins on my blog, and they really help.

  3. Good, i love my commentators so i am going to make my blog "Do Follow". soungs good.

    Wanna exchange link with me.

  4. Caden Grant says:

    Sweet dofollow links now :)

    Also good ideas for the future on this blog. I like the 125×125 for top commentator idea.

    Your top commentators will be dofollow as well right?

  5. great upgrade for this nice blog dude

  6. Hey, great site! Trying to use your guest post from another blog on category post titles, having issues – but trying to figure it out :).

    Cya on Twitter!

  7. Very nice move.. great going Pradeep.
    Good Luck ! :)

  8. sure , da. i will do it.

  9. This is great news! It will surely boost the number of comments for you posts.

  10. Just Updated : HellBound Bloggers introduced Top Commentators Widget ! :)

    It shows the top commentators list in my blog’s sidebar. Check it out !

  11. Its good news for blog owners and link builders. Dofollow blogs can help us increase the backlinks but it will be a pain for the admin to moderate the comments. There will be much more spam and useless comments now so that it will get the backlink very easily.
    My blog is also a dofollow blog, i am getting tons of spam now, very difficult to manage. But i love to say that ” My blog is Dofollow”.

    Btw i like your blog posts, very useful informations. Keep it up buddy.

  12. I think it will be a bold move. I just hope nobody will spam your blog. I think it’s very cool. Keep it up!

    Best Poker Players

  13. Interview with S.Pradeep Kumar of Hellbound Bloggers at FBC100 | New Media Bloggers says:

    […] I started to like my readers and commentators; they indeed helped me to build this blog. My blog We Became Do Follow for […]

  14. The more the better,good start.Your IT knowledge provides you the cutting edge over many others.

  15. Having a do-follow blog is a good way to engage more people in the discussion. It’s a win-win situation for both the commenter and the blog owner. More power!

  16. Yeah Pradeep ! I do agree with you. Comments are really help us to understand reaction of our visitors. Help use build relation with them. and much more advantages. Even I wrote an article about Why you should comment on my blog. You can check article @ http://www.jaydip.info/why-you-should-comments-on-my-blog/

  17. Aside from spammers, what could be the other things that we need to watch out if we implement do-follow to our blog? great post!

  18. Donna Parker says:

    thank you !! you have taken a good step

  19. do-follow blog is a good way to engage more people in the discussion………:)
    .-= Dev | Technshare's last blog…<a href="http://www.technshare.com/tips-to-increase-page-rank/">8 Tips to Increase your Google Page Rank</a> =-.

  20. My blog is a DO-follow inorder to respect my commentators

  21. i am thinking to make my blog dofollow aswell , but i am not sure about google ranking effects

  22. that’s awesome to hear man 😀 !!

  23. cool!! visitors play a vital role but those who comment comes back for more!!


  24. Thanks mate !

  25. I will love to be in top commentators of Hellboundbloggers.

  26. car kerala says:

    thats a nice criteria. I guess it makes our websites to get some traffic from yours.

  27. I followed your foot steps. My blog too is DOFOLLOW now. :)

  28. Hello Mr. Pradeep.
    I do read HBB regularly.
    I think I can’t stop myself from asking you about a tip on backlink.
    My question is that “Does Backlinks generated from the blogs like HBB or amitbhawani really drives traffic to my blog”.
    Please answer my question if possible.

  29. Hi, HBB

    I have converted my movie blog from nofollow to dofollow a year ago but i have noticed one thing people won’t post good comments instead of that they just spam your blog. How do you fight against these spammers?

  30. I really appreciate this step. Can I get a list of blogs that are “do follow” friendly?


  31. The Bottom Line is this. We love Comment Luv as much as we love Keyword Luv. We only follow Do Follow Blogs, and we do not follow no follow blogs. Why waste time with them ? So many DO Follow Blogs to post on ….. so little time for a busy roof cleaning company in Tampa :)

  32. Hi Pradeep, Do-Follow is a great trick to invite traffic. Your article made me to go Do Follow..lets see how it works…thanks :). I used “You Comment I Follow” as my name, if you have any obj. please edit it.

    thanks for following :)


  33. Do Follow is important. We are also a DO Follow Blog, but we do not have Keyword or Comment Luv.

  34. i'm a blogger who usually comment on others post, not only to gain some links but also appreciate their work, its really a Win-Win move towards getting and Giving popularity.
    I want to congratulate you people for this initiative.

  35. Hey thanks for Creating do follow blog,:)
    your posts are really awesome and i learn a lot of tips from your awesome blog posts.
    Keep posting this content people love for your blog for this.

  36. thanks for make dofollow blog…

  37. This "You Comment I Follow" thing looks like a hype. More and more blog owners are changing back to nofollow because of spam. Some are even using it to get alloth of comments and after that they change back to nofollow. When you say you follow, then always follow and don't act sneaky by gathering all the comments by promising a follow link and then remove the rule.

  38. Examentraining says:

    Haha all right this will give you a lot of followers and commenters! But the question is: do you search for this kind of comments, because it will be commenting to get a backlink. But it will also raise you poularity, so it can be interesting for you!

  39. Mike | Remi gratis says:

    This is a best methode to attract visitors on your blog. Thank you for the do follow!

  40. Dont know its a good thing or bad because I never read anything like this before that any blog owner offers a free backlink service…if its true then nothing is cooler than this…looking forward to see more stuff like this thanks…:)

  41. Great I love DoFollow blogs and never miss any updates from your blog. This is Awesome.

  42. Good work dude,by your step,others should learn from you the way to thank its commentators.

  43. Haahahha..supper awesome. To be honest we all would like to have some backlinks from the GOD of Blogs ! HELLBOUND !!!!!!!

  44. sophia @ SEO jobs in indore says:

    Wow, its great news that HBB now dofollow blog..but you need to control on Spam comments…anyways great movements at HBB.

  45. Rob Townley @ ShopSeekers says:

    Thanks for making your blog dofollow, this is a great movement and more people should do it, i will do this to my own soon, if more people started doing this then maybe the search engine results will stop being so stale and favoured towards big corporations

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