You Should ALSO Write Killer Articles Sometimes

You write many articles daily, weekly or after two – three days later. Yeah readers loves your article. You keep on writing articles again readers love your articles but … Are you noticing something? The commentators avatar are changing as you go. Hmmmm you are getting new readers, very good but what about the older ones? Ya that’s the main point where the old readers gone? They are not gone anywhere they just got bored commenting on the same type of articles. Believe me your old readers really bored with your articles. Too bad!! But not the end of your blogging.

Now your mind feels little bit frustration why I am saying these things. Now I will tell you a short story about myself (Hey Its true). I wrote hundreds of articles for a number of bloggers. I have experienced both good and bad conditions in my blogging life. Recently for a blogger I wrote many articles and got both good and bad responses, but what really made me unhappy is I got an horrible and shocking email from an unknown lady. Here is what she wrote:

Hey Ifham I really love your articles and I really enjoyed them, but did you know Now I am feeling bored to read your articles as you are forcing on same topics

Sucks!!! The whole night was horrible for me. But I realize that’s true I am not giving my best now. So if you don’t want such types of emails from anybody (Kidding dude!!), let us know some of the tips to write Killer articles for your blog at least once in a week to make your readers visit again.

How to write killer articles?

Now you know why to write killer articles. I am giving you the best way to write killer articles :

#1 – Title expose articles

Titles force the readers to read your article, did you know many people just decide whether your article should be read or not by just seeing the title. So, always make catchy and short titles.

#2 – Begin with calm

You should not start your article with a shock your readers will get extra shock (Hell my jokes J). Start your article with a very quietness but remember never go on with the quietness and start giving shocks to your visitors they love if you give them shocks for a moment later and force them to read the whole article.

#3 – Be a story teller

The best part to attract them to the article. They really love articles which have a short story, so why not use your own experience. Give them a sweet punch with your short story and they’ll start enjoying a lot.

#4 – I worked in comedy circus

Hmmm, give them a a bunch of laugh to make them enjoy. This really works for most of the readers if they enjoy your article, they will definitely visit again to your blog.

Some Basic Tips

  • Try to write your articles in the evening rather in the morning.
  • Before start writing do a survey on your friends blog that what they are writing. Use Google Reader for tracking their blog posts.
  • Take coffee or tea to refresh yourself. Avoid Blogging Stress and do the work freshly.
  • Don’t play songs, music, etc while writing.
  • Format your blog effectively, you can read my article here

Challenge them , will you?

This is the last part of this article. Challenging your readers leaves a great impression to their mind. The best way for challenging is ask some them a difficult question eg, will you? Are you? etc. They definitely try to give your answer.

At the end they really love your article and definitely respond with positive comments

This article is written by Ifham Khan. He is the author of geekspalace and If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

23 thoughts on “You Should ALSO Write Killer Articles Sometimes”

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  2. thnx for the post ifham..i agree with each point of yours…specially "challenge your readers" really works..

  3. Hey frnds help me I want to write another killer article for HBB. Can you please tell me on which topic i should write? 🙂

  4. Writing Pillar artical is good for our reader . If you will write pillar then you can make your readers more understand and this will be the reason to get them back to your blog

  5. whats the difference between killer and pillar articles ? as far as i know pillar articles is long post of more than 500 words. correct me if i um wrong

  6. A fresh approach is needed from time to time. It's easy and normal that at some point you get in a rut, and all the articles have the same approach. In such moments its good to have a second objective opinion it.


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