5 Solid Tips To Write A Better Blog Post

As I sat down to write this post for Hellbound Bloggers, I wondered what I would write about. As I sat contemplating, I decided to write about ‘what to write about’. Rest assured the rest of the post isn’t going to be as confusing as the sentence you just read.

Better Blog Post

#1 – Inspiration

For starters let’s start with a blank slate and add some inspiration as the background. In this case I’m going to use some of my favorite writers of the Beat Generation as an inspirational topic. Jack Kerouac made a list he considered essential to write spontaneously. Others like Allen Ginsberg and William Burrough wrote voraciously on the elements central to the “Beat” culture like drugs, alternative sexuality, Eastern philosophies and a rebellious scorn for materialism. Using this 1950s American landscape as inspiration, let us create a masterpiece, worth writing about 50 years hence.

#2 – Spontaneity

A Zen master would answer our question ‘What do I write about?’ with a profoundly simple yet stern command ‘Write!’ I began this post with a similar initiative when I used the question as the answer. I must admit I’m rather addicted to confusing prose, so let me rephrase the above lines thus. Spontaneous is defined as ‘performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus’. So applying the same, I am writing this post with neither planning nor research and if all goes well, I won’t even bother editing the post. Many will argue that this is downright ridiculous, but I believe it to be the best antidote for writer’s block.

#3 – Eloquence

A virtue almost on the brink of extinction thanks to the advent of list posts and the brevity of the ‘Great Internet Blog Post’, eloquence refers to the art of speaking or writing fluently and with persuasion. As you can see from the nature of this post, I am using a format of short headlines and carefully pedicure paragraphs which all you bloggers will be familiar with. Since the short attention span of the ‘Great Internet Blogger’ is fickle and prone to waver, I will wax eloquent within the confines of this paradigm. One may even be as brief as bullet point list posts, but every once in a while venture forth into deeper waters and write eloquently and with élan.

#4 – Spirit

Often as bloggers, we stick to niche topics and genres which while bringing traffic to our shores also limit our view of the horizon. Digg into the seat of emotions within yourself and discover that which shapes yours thoughts and attitude. This is the eternal ‘fountain of youth’ for bloggers and will offer a never ending source of material once discovered. Of course you can instead feel free to consume ‘spirits’ the kind prepared by the process of distillation – which is often a far quicker albeit highly unstable route to tread.

#5 – Conclusion

Often the trouble with spontaneously inspired writing, fueled by the spirit within is that the eloquence knows no end and struggles incoherently to derive a conclusive end to its exuberant journey. Ernest Hemingway, a writer known for a writing style, characterized by economy and understatement said ‘Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.’ Similarly when you write rabid and random posts, you will soon learn how to be brief, conclusive and to the point. Or you can always write like this!

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15 thoughts on “5 Solid Tips To Write A Better Blog Post”

  1. A must read… well, I agree with this post and I am adding this to my bookmarks list because it needs to be put there. Fantastic work.

  2. Inspiration is the word for every blogger. without it i doubt if anyone can go one writing for 3 years as a blogger. great post man!

  3. Yes, as you say it’s very important to write what you feel; to come from the heart. If you write with enthusiasm in this way, your blogs will have impact.

    Also, if you are true to yourself, they’ll have a quality not found anywhere else: a “unique voice”. That’s one of the main things that keeps people coming back repeatedly, I believe.

  4. I think Spirit is very important for writing a blog post and then follow other things.. Thanks for sharing.. Nice post.. Keep it up.

  5. Awesome blog post. Covering almost all the essential areas. Highlighting main points are really essential while writing a lucrative post. Thanks for all.

  6. In your blog you highlight some important point for write the good Blog.As with any time I cover this topic, I’m speaking to people who seek to blog somewhat professionally or about their profession. If you’re writing for the love of it, I’m not talking to you. Keep doing what you’re doing. Thanks for sharing the nice information.

  7. Nice post. Wished it could cover more points.

    Also a good research, knowledge and experience on the blog post will help you write better blog posts.

  8. Ritesh , <i>Mr Hemingway</i> has got nothing on you 🙂 This is by far ( and wide ) one of the most <b>Inspirational , Spontaneous , Eloquent , Spirited </b> works of writing I have read within the blogersphere so far .
    Should you ever consider writing a book , I will buy the first 12 copies ! 🙂
    Thank you for your brilliant writing – it was indeed an honor to read you <i>Sir</i> !

    <i>This should be quoted & instilled into every bloggers frontal lobe ! </i> :

    <cite>Often as bloggers, we stick to niche topics and genres which, while bringing traffic to our shores also limit our view of the horizon.</cite>


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