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Some Tweaks To Spruce Up Your Windows 7


Those who are new to Windows 7 or are about to use it, are probably still unaware of the various ways to make life easier while working with Windows 7.  So here are a few handy tweaks that can make using the latest version of Windows not only easy but also fun.

Windows 7

To increase power plan to maximum performance :

To increase power plan to maximum performance, click on the control panel and open power options. Then click on the arrow of Show Additional Plans and simply activate High Performance plan! Next go to the advanced power settings, then to the Hard disk and then to Turn Off hard disk after which you should set ‘never’, which will enable the GC to do the job while logged off. You may also reduce the time required for Windows 7 to boot up. Just follow the following steps to ensure that: Just go to the run option from the main menu and type msconfig and press enter. This will open System Configuration window (like in earlier Windows). Now click on the Boot there and then you will see a box labeled Time Out. This gives the time the system waits for the user to select his or her choice of the Operating system, but since you are in a rush, you better set it to 0! Also select the No GuI Boot option so that the logo at Windows 7 boot-up gets turned off. Just Apply and click Ok and voilа, you’re done!

Computers Having Multiple Processors :

If you have a computer with multiple processors, like Quad Core or the Intel Dual Core processor, then you would want to read on. Since here I will give you some simple ways to choose the number of processors that you want to use. This can be handy in case there is a problem with one of your processors and you want to find out which one exactly is out of order. Remember that multiple processors are there so that a certain task being carried out by your computer is distributed among these multiple processors which in turns results in an increase of speed of your machine. Now back to the tips. Simply go to boot options from the Advanced options menu and the Boot Advanced Options will show. From there, you should know what to do!
Next comes how to disable the Aero Theme. First right click on your desktop, and then click Personalize and then the Windows color tab. De-select the box reading Enable Transparency and then click on “Open classic appearance properties for more color options”. A window should open up, in which you are to select a Standard theme.

Disable Unnecessary startup Programs :

Another cool thing to do is to disable some unnecessary startup programs. These programs start and continue to run in the background along with the Windows. For this also, just go to the Run option, type in msconfig and press enter to open the System Configuration window. Then click on the startup tab and choose for yourself which programs you want to keep and which you want to delete from the startup list.

Disable UAC or the User Account Control feature :

Let us now venture to see how to disable UAC or the User Account Control feature. This can be done in two ways. In the first method, go to Control Panel and open the option User Accounts and Family Safety. Next click on User Account, then the UAC settings link, following which you have to drag the slider to Never Notify. You’re almost done, with just clicking on Ok remaining and of course, you need to reboot. In the second method, you are to do the following:

First you have to go to Regedit or the registry editor, which you can access by typing regedit.exe in the Run box and then clicking enter. Next, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesSystem and on the right pane, click on the EnableLUA and also on Modify. Then all you need to do is set the value to 0. Since enabled is given by 1 and disabled by 0 in the binary system.

Some Keyboard Shortcuts :

Now let us move on to some more fun options like keyboard shortcuts.

Alt + P is a shortcut that provides an additional preview option to the right side of the window whenever you are viewing any image file. Windows plus the + key and the Windows plus the – key are magnifying or zooming tools. Windows plus any number is a shortcut to activate the corresponding programs from the taskbar programs list.


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