Quanik Media – Educating People About Self-employment

Blogging is one of the best ways to realize the power of Self-employment. It is nothing but working for one’s self rather than for another person or company.


Quanik is a team of passionate professionals who strive hard to educate people the value of self employment. They are not here to make money rather they are here to educate people and guide them to do what they want.

Talent Blogger Program

There are lots of bloggers who are not able to afford domain names and web hosts for taking their blog to next level. By this, we are losing large amount of passionate bloggers and thus they put an end to ‘Blogging’. Fortunately Quanik brought an excellent program to solve this. We are talking about Talent Blogger, a very unique program for blogger who cannot afford for a domain and a web hosting.

Quanik picks passionate bloggers and give them free domain and a unlimited bandwidth web hosting account. The “Talent Bloggers” program is to help those who really need a platform to establish their career. Based upon the entries they will select 10 users to provide the free unlimited hosting and domain for a year.

If you are passionate blogger and you are not able to afford domain names or webhost for enhancing your blogging experience, you can submit your entry for Talent Bloggers Program. As of now, this program is available for Indian Bloggers and they will expand it soon. Also just make sure you don’t own any domain name (Top Level Domains) or webhosting account before applying.

The Team Behind The Show

Quanik has a little team of enthusiastic professionals. The team behind Quanik includes Franklin Manuel, Karthikeyan, Sudharsan, Balaji and Rethnaraj Rambabu. My best wishes for this hard working team.

Do share your opinions about Quanik and Talent Blogger Program as comments below.

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12 thoughts on “Quanik Media – Educating People About Self-employment”

  1. i have seen Quanik logo on many sites but don’t know anything about it. nice review

  2. It is a good program similar to buddingbloggers It is nice way to promote blogging among people who are little skeptical of investing money for domain name and hosting.

    It is quite difficult to shell out 80+ dollars in one way with no certainty whether the blog would run or not.

  3. Now I see a review of Quanik on most of the blogs. Whats the catch 😛

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