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5 Great iPhone Apps That Can Improve Your Health


OK, so tapping away on a tiny screen may not sound as if it is the best way to improve your health, but believe me, there are certain ways in which your Apple iPhone can make you a figure of fitness and, in some ways, help to save your life.  No matter how much fun Angry Birds is, you should forget your gaming apps for a second and concentrate on the countless healthy living apps that are out there; you never know, it might transform you from that couch potato into Mr Universe!  Here are the top 5 iPhone apps that can improve your health.

Health Improve

#1 – Good Food Healthy Recipes ($1.79)

You are what you eat.  OK, not literally, but when you consider your body as an engine running on the fuel that you put into it, then the engine can’t run on bad fuel such as junk food and sugary drinks; it needs good fuel like fruit vegetables and lean meat.  Good Food Healthy Recipes contains over 150 recipes that will help you stick to any new year’s resolutions that you may have made, featuring recipes to suit all dietary requirements and please even the fussiest of eater!

#2 – Smokeless ($1.99)

So you flirted with decadence and puffed on a few cigarettes back in college in order to impress the local hot girl or boy that may have taken your fancy and now you’re hooked, unable to make it through the day without your nicotine fix.  Great.  The benefits of quitting smoking are so huge that it seems redundant even repeating them, however what I will say is that the Smokeless iPhone app is one of the greatest helps a smoker can get.  It lists the reasons that you are quitting, how much money you are saving each day that you don’t quit and even has a First Aid Section in order for you to overcome your withdrawal symptoms.

#3 – Runkeeper Pro ($9.99)

There’s nothing quite like a good run, but if you live in the concrete jungle that is a major city, it can be quite hard figuring out where to actually jog along.  Well, Runkeeper Pro can help you out as it utilizes Google Maps technology and plans out the routes that you can take.  It also gives you your average and current speed, shows you how far you have run and even logs your personal best times in a table, giving you goals to aim for!

#4 – iHeartRate ($2.99)

The heart is the largest internal muscle in the human body and it never rests, pumping blood around your organs 24/7.  So it’s best to look after it.  iHeartRate monitors your heart rate as well as your BMI, Body Fat percentage and even includes a calorie burn calculator for those of you who want to lose a little flab of the sides.  This really is a great little app, simple to use and incredibly useful.

#5 – Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker (Free)

For those of you who may have piled on the pounds over Christmas and want to get a beach body by the summer, this is the app for you. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker has the largest database of any iPhone calorie counting app available at the moment, with over 600,000 food types listed with their nutritional benefits and calorie amount.  It also contains over 350 exercises for you to do in order to burn off the fat that you don’t want and can connect you with friends on social network platforms so that you can show off your progress as you go!

This article is written by David Harfield. He writes about iPhone apps, accessories, and also provides tips to get the most out of your iPhone.


David Harfield blogs at about iPhone apps, accessories, and also provides tips to get the most out of your iPhone.

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