5 Reasons Why Computer Users Still Use Windows XP

Although windows 7 has taken the place of all previous Microsoft Windows, but still majority users are using Windows XP. It is because of some reasons and problems, due to that users can’t use Windows 7 and Vista. I myself use duel Windows, that is Windows XP and Windows 7. My problem is that the internet software that is use is only compatible with windows xp. As windows 7 is not publicly launched in our country therefore the Internet Provider has not yet updated its driver for windows 7. Similarly a lot of users face different problems and they are forces to use windows xp. Below are a few reasons that why computer users still uses XP.

windows xp

1. Driver Problems – As i told you about my problem, similarly a lot of users faces driver compatibility problem. As they have no option but to use only windows XP.

2. Low Memory – In under developed countries people still uses P2 computers which has 64 and 128 Rams. Thus they can’t uses latest windows. They will have to use only windows XP or 98.

3. Lack of knowledge – Although internet has removed illiteracy from the world, but still there are some countries where still people don’t know about Windows 7 and even they uses XP in there P4 computers.

4. Loyalty – There are some users that don’t want to leave windows XP. One of my friend is doing the same. I told him to switch to Windows 7, but he refused and told me that i just can’t leave XP. He don’t want to use any other window, i don’t know but there are some users that don’t want to switch from XP. Still people are searching on internet for how to make windows xp genuine, which shows that are so loyal to XP.

5. Less Expertise – Although W7 and other windows are so simple and any one can operate it, but i found some users that are not compatible with W7. As they have used XP a lot there fore they only know how to operate XP.

How to Switch From XP?

If you falls in any of the above category then here a few tips for you to switch to the latest windows. As latest windows like W7 has a lot of features that can please you a lot.

  • Try to figure out that if there is any trick available through which you can install your software driver in W7.
  • Increase your computer memory. If you want to use W7 then you must have at least 512 MB RAM.
  • If this is the case then it is very difficult to solve, because it depends on the country where you are living. Although internet is growing in fast speed and every country is be able to access it. However if still you are living in a country where internet is not available then i guess you are also not able to read this article. That is why it is little bit difficult to solve this problem.
  • If you are loyal to XP then that’s is upto you, but believe me Windows 7 is a wonderful window. Give it at least a try and you will know that.
  • If you can’t operate Windows 7 then learn about it. You can search in Youtube for videos tutorials about w7. Youtube is full of tutorial videos, it will surely help you.

There could be so many reasons that why computer users still uses Windows XP and not 7 or vice versa. If you know some one who is still using XP then don’t forget to share with us that why he is using it. Due to any specific feature or he is forced to use it. Whatever the reason is share it so that readers can now that why XP is still alive.

30 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Computer Users Still Use Windows XP”

  1. Windows 7 looks incredibly same as Windows Vista. Then why Windows 7 became popular and not Windows Vista?

  2. My reason to stay with windows xp is my RAM which is 512 mb. Once, I upgrade it, my windows will also upgrade.

    Apart from me, Most of the IT companies are pretty firm on windows xp. Upgrading there is also a big problem.

    Big joke is, in my company, we use 8GB RAM machines with windows XP. I think XP can not use further 4GB or even 4GB.
    Once I asked hardware people about this issue. He gave me blank look and said “remaining memory goes waste”!

  3. I have a dell Latitude D505, running windows xp with 1gb of ram. Am i able to upgrade to windows 7, and not have a really slow laptop, 40 gig hardrive intel pentium 1.6

  4. I tried Win 7. Thought as you mentioned the first point is causing me troubles. My old Lan was not reading in Win 7 due to it’s lower version. I haven’t installed Win 7 after I bought a new LAN Card. will try after my sems πŸ˜›

  5. Nice article. It is always recomended in technology that you should use updated versions but if your computer system configuration is not compatiable there is no harm in using old version too and that’s the main reason people prefer to use XP yet.

  6. when people get accustomed to something, it’s little bit hard to take another one so early though windows version are always almost similar. so none needs a major changes in their habit. they can easily be converted. but the main reason is incompatibility with huge number of softwares. this why people taking time to embrace this new tool of MS. but here in this article very nicely you have outlined all those problem people facing with w7 and give a good solutions to them also. thanks for sharing.

    • I tired that Upgrade Advisor it indicated that my Hardware is not compatible with Win 7….so i didn’t try to install it…

  7. Nice Post….but i wud like to correct you that RAM requirement for Win 7 is at least 1GB..even i like win xp as my old P4 pc has compatibility issues with win 7…

  8. What area of configuration do you mean? I should have the basic setup with a couple of software installed – the basic stuff. It’s slow…. I have not touch that computer for quite many months though.

  9. Reasonable enough but I suggest to move to Windows 7 on the first available chance since Windows 7 is really awesome. πŸ™‚

  10. I still have a low end PC running on XP. It’s an Athlon PC. Even running XP, it’s extremely slow. Any idea what else I can do with this PC? Perhaps load Linux on it?


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