Free Simple Download Manager From Microsoft

Not everyone knows Microsoft has a cool standalone download manager for Windows? This simple and free Microsoft Download Manager enables you to download files simply and easily. It also makes downloading large files such as application and multimedia files quick and reliable.

Microsoft Download Manager

Microsoft Download Manager’s easy-to-use interface displays the status of downloads and enables you to suspend active downloads or resume downloads that have failed.

[Download Microsoft Download Manager]

5 Reasons Why Computer Users Still Use Windows XP

Although windows 7 has taken the place of all previous Microsoft Windows, but still majority users are using Windows XP. It is because of some reasons and problems, due to that users can’t use Windows 7 and Vista. I myself use duel Windows, that is Windows XP and Windows 7. My problem is that the internet software that is use is only compatible with windows xp. As windows 7 is not publicly launched in our country therefore the Internet Provider has not yet updated its driver for windows 7. Similarly a lot of users face different problems and they are forces to use windows xp. Below are a few reasons that why computer users still uses XP.

windows xp

1. Driver Problems – As i told you about my problem, similarly a lot of users faces driver compatibility problem. As they have no option but to use only windows XP.

2. Low Memory – In under developed countries people still uses P2 computers which has 64 and 128 Rams. Thus they can’t uses latest windows. They will have to use only windows XP or 98.

3. Lack of knowledge – Although internet has removed illiteracy from the world, but still there are some countries where still people don’t know about Windows 7 and even they uses XP in there P4 computers.

4. Loyalty – There are some users that don’t want to leave windows XP. One of my friend is doing the same. I told him to switch to Windows 7, but he refused and told me that i just can’t leave XP. He don’t want to use any other window, i don’t know but there are some users that don’t want to switch from XP. Still people are searching on internet for how to make windows xp genuine, which shows that are so loyal to XP.

5. Less Expertise – Although W7 and other windows are so simple and any one can operate it, but i found some users that are not compatible with W7. As they have used XP a lot there fore they only know how to operate XP.

How to Switch From XP?

If you falls in any of the above category then here a few tips for you to switch to the latest windows. As latest windows like W7 has a lot of features that can please you a lot.

  • Try to figure out that if there is any trick available through which you can install your software driver in W7.
  • Increase your computer memory. If you want to use W7 then you must have at least 512 MB RAM.
  • If this is the case then it is very difficult to solve, because it depends on the country where you are living. Although internet is growing in fast speed and every country is be able to access it. However if still you are living in a country where internet is not available then i guess you are also not able to read this article. That is why it is little bit difficult to solve this problem.
  • If you are loyal to XP then that’s is upto you, but believe me Windows 7 is a wonderful window. Give it at least a try and you will know that.
  • If you can’t operate Windows 7 then learn about it. You can search in Youtube for videos tutorials about w7. Youtube is full of tutorial videos, it will surely help you.

There could be so many reasons that why computer users still uses Windows XP and not 7 or vice versa. If you know some one who is still using XP then don’t forget to share with us that why he is using it. Due to any specific feature or he is forced to use it. Whatever the reason is share it so that readers can now that why XP is still alive.

Microsoft Finally Launches Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7Quite recently Windows Phone 7 was officially announced by Microsoft. Windows Phone 7 is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft, and is the successor to their Windows Mobile platform. You can expect a completely new finger-friendly User Interface. It also enables easy integration with Microsoft services Xbox Live and Bing. Also contains third-party applications like eBay, IMDB, Netflix, and some music apps.

You can also expect integration with social networking sites like Facebook. As of now Samsung, LG and HTC are powered by Windows Phone 7. There are nine Windows Phone 7 devices that will be available in the U.S. from top manufacturers like Dell, HTC, Samsung, and LG. One of them, the HTC 7 Surround, has just been officially announced by AT&T. Also there was a buzz like devices based on WP7 won’t support copy and paste, and tethering. People behind the Windows Phone 7 said the user experience is consistent and delightful, and also explained that “hundreds of thousands” of developers were working on applications for the OS.

Personally I feel Windows Phone 7 is hitting the smartphone market too late, now it is hard for them to cope with iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

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New SocialGadgets From Microsoft FUSE Labs

Microsoft FUSE LabsMicrosoft’s FUSE Labs was started by Ray Ozzie and is run by Lili Cheng. FUSE stands for Future Social Experiences. The group focuses on real-time and media rich experiences and is located in Redmond, WA, Cambridge, MA, and Cambridge, UK.Their earlier projects include Spindex, Kodu, Project Emporia, Docs, Bing Twitter, Bing Twitter maps.

FUSE Labs works in partnership with product and research teams to ideate, develop, and deliver new social, real-time, and media-rich experiences for home and work.

FUSE Labs experiences give users new ways to create, connect and collaborate with the people, information and ideas that matter to them. Earlier we saw Microsoft Research’s new concept — LightSpace. Now they have introduced new project called Social Gadgets. Below you can see the detailed explanation of SocialGadgets from Microsoft FUSE Labs

Visual exploration of Twitter topics

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. And when analyzing the massive amounts of data generated by Twitter, this adage could not be more appropriate. FUSE Labs’ SocialGadgets are a set of embeddable widgets that visualize Twitter real-time data. Each gadget focuses on a given keyword and displays its volume of usage over time. Mentioned entities such as people, locations, companies and noun phrases are identified and visually represented. The gadgets are interactive, letting users explore the relationships between topics publically shared on Twitter. By focusing on patterns and trends, the gadgets can extrapolate what people find important, and provide a succinct yet effective way to look at events as they are unfolding.

Twitter, ‘the pulse of the world,’ is an incredibly rich data source used by millions across the globe. People post their thoughts, ideas and whereabouts via text-based status updates. Visually displaying trending topics can help readers better understand content and its context. By using any one of the four SocialGadgets, data flowing through the Twitter fire hose is indexed and semantically analyzed in real-time. Within minutes, major entities are identified and their relationships are displayed. The gadgets are easily configured, allowing users to choose a keyword and a template type, then copy and paste an embed code to be displayed on a website of their choice.

Expected Features Of Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9, in short IE9, is yet another much expected release from Microsoft Windows. But people believe this one has lots of new stuffs to deliver. IE9 will definitely be a lot better than Internet Explorer 8. Below I mentioned some of the new features of the Internet Explorer 9.

IE9#1 – HTML 5 Support : HTML5 support is the most powerful addition I believe. HTML5 features added in the new IE9 will include h.264 video, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), and lots more.

#2 – New JavaScript Engine – Chakra : It runs JavaScript in the background of your computer on a separate CPU core. Provides much faster JavaScript rendering and a better overall internet experience.

#3 – Direct X Video Acceleration : High Definition Video and new graphic capabilities are reproduced.

#4 – Better Usage Of Hardware : Normally browsers are not that much optimized when considering hardware usage. Internet Explorer 9 is going to change that.

#5 – Enhanced CSS3 Support : Internet Explorer 8 was not supporting CSS3 earlier. So we can expect some major improvements.

#6 – Developer Tools additions : Internet Explorer 9 is going to provide some new features for Developers. They include Console tab, Network tab, UA switcher tool and Real-world performance measurement.

Do you think Internet Explorer 9 will do something remarkable? Do share your view as comments below

Windows Home Server (Codename ‘Vail’) Beta Now Available For Download

Windows Home Server Microsoft has been working hard for its next version of Windows Home Server. Recently MS released beta of this next version (code name “Vail”) and it is available for download now. WHS is codenamed as Vail.

It is the version 2 release of Windows Home Server. You can download the beta release from Microsoft Connect Site.

Some Primary Changes :

1. Extension of media streaming.
2. Improvements in multi-PC backup and restore.
3. Simplified setup and user experience.
4. Expanded development and customization tools for partners.

To Install the Vail OS on a PC you should format all data from that PC or device. It is better to try Vail OS secondary machine first!

Microsoft recommends that you install the software on a secondary machine first.

This beta also includes a new Software Development Kit (SDK). It gives developers and partners more ways to customize the OS and add new functionality and services to Windows Home Servers.

Windows Home Server 'Vail' beta
Windows Home Server (Codenamed 'Vail') beta

Hardware Requirements For Windows Home Server (Codename ‘Vail’)

  • Processor : 1.4 GHz x64 processor.
  • RAM : 1 GB RAM.
  • Hard Disk : 160 GB hard drive (Minimum).

It is recommended to run Vail on a 64-bit PC. There will be some compatibility issues with some OEM drivers if you try to run Vail on a 32-bit PC or existing Windows Home Server systems. Even don’t try it on 64-bit Home Server systems.

Windows Home Server (Codename ‘Vail’) Beta – Download Here

10+ Features Microsoft Kin Smartphones Lacks

Microsoft Kin is the latest buzzword in town right now (of course, only for geeks). Earlier I reviewed about the features and specifications of Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two smartphones.

Believe me, some of its features are really great for smartphones. But to our dismay it lacks some good features too.

In this article I’m going to reveal 10+ worthy features missing in Microsoft’s much expected smartphones.

Close your eyes.. 😛

Microsoft Kin One and Two Smartphones
Microsoft Kin One and Two Smartphones

1. No Instant Messaging : Microsoft said that the target audience of Kin will have texting as the primary means of communication. But they need to understand that there are lot of people who communicate in modes other than Twitter and Facebook. Yes there no IM client!

2. No third-party apps : All the smartphones have apps. For example Apple iPhone has tonnes of apps and they are counting, same for Android phones and BlackBerries.

3. No microSD support : Microsoft Kin smartphones are not compatible with microSD cards. Neither of the devices supports microSD cards. Memory will be restricted to 4GB and 8GB according to the models.

4. No Games : Came to know that it is not possible to play games on this much expected smartphone. Kin phones will not support games! 🙁

4. No calendar app : You can’t share your calendars with others since there is no in-built calendar app, but you can use online calendars. Bonus feature : You can set an alarm! 😛

5. No GPS Navigation : Even though you can get directions using Bing maps, turn-by-turn navigation is not part of Microsoft Kin Smartphones.

6. Bad Twitter support : Microsoft Kin One and Two won’t allow its users to share photos and videos via Twitter. WTF? Then why are they calling it as social networking smartphones? And what is the use of good cameras?

7. Not Using Windows 7 Phone OS : Since the Windows 7 Phone operating system is under construction, the Kin smartphones are based on current Microsoft mobile technology. So they won’t run Windows Phone 7 when it releases.

8. More Phones On Market : Well the price is not that much expensive, but we can get some cool Android-based smartphones for the same price. Think twice! Act wise!

9. Only On Selected Networks : Microsoft restricted the limitation of the Kin One and Kin Two smartphones to selected networks only.

10. Flash Support? It is a million dollar question whether the smartphones will support Adobe Flash or Microsoft’s own Silverlight.

11. No Universal Inbox :To view e-mails from another account, you need to go out of the inbox you are currently viewing and then go to the other account’s inbox. This feature is also missing in Apple iPad and but to my surprise, iPhone OS 4.0 has this feature.

I also compiled a list of missing features in Apple iPad before. Now tell me, what’s your opinion about these missing features? 😉

Features And Specs Of Microsoft Kin One And Two

Microsoft launched a series of Kin phones on Monday April 12 and they also announced that they have teamed with Verizon. It was actually designed to attract people who use social networks actively. Kin was also known as Project Pink.

Verizon Wireless (CDMA service provider) will launch the phone in the US in May. Vodafone (GSM service provider) will do the same in the Europe in late 2010.

We have two models here, Microsoft Kin One and Microsoft Kin Two. Kin One and Kin Two were known as Turtle and Pure earlier.

This phone has access to the Zune music cloud service and the user can stream music via Zune. They also have a green spot on the screen where users can drag photos, links and social network messages and then share with friends.

Below I mentioned the features and specifications of the two models.

Features and Specifications of Microsoft Kin One :

Microsoft Kin One Model
Microsoft Kin One Model

Microsoft Kin One was formerly codenamed as Turtle. This model is compact size and has a solid camera.

1. Display : 2.6″ TFT, QVGA (320 x 240), capacitive touch screen

2. Camera : 5 megapixel camera. CMOS anti-shake, auto focus and dual LED flash

3. Speakers : Mono-speakers.

4. Memory : 4 GB internal memory and 256MB DDR RAM.

5. Keyboard : Slide-out keyboard.

6. Form factor : Vertical slide, QWERTY

7. Battery : 1240 mAh

8. Connectivity : EV-DO Rev A, Bluetooth 2.1 w/A2DP, Hi-speed USB and 802.11b/g

9. Others : Other: Assisted GPS, FM radio, and accelerometer.

Microsoft Kin One, when compared with Microsoft Kin Two, has quite few features and I also guess Kin Two will be costlier than Kin One. Let’s wait and see!

Features and Specifications of Microsoft Kin Two :

Microsoft Kin Two Model
Microsoft Kin Two Model

Microsoft Kin Two looks more like a regular phone. It was formerly codenamed as Pure. It has a wider screen than Kin Two and a bolder camera.

1. Display : 3.4″ TFT, QVGA (480 x 320), capacitive touch screen

2. Internal Memory : 8 GB of internal memory and 256MB DDR RAM.

3. Camera : 8.0MP HDR CMOS from Omnivision with anti-shake, autofocus, and Lumi LED flash.

4. Speakers : Stereo speakers.

5. Keyboard : Slide-out keyboard.

6. Battery : 1390 mAh.

7. Connectivity : EV-DO Rev A, Bluetooth 2.1 w/A2DP, Hi-speed USB, and 802.11b/g.

8. Others : Assisted GPS, FM radio, and accelerometer.

So when is this model releasing?

Microsoft Kin Phone Release Date is expected to be around May 2010 and it may vary according to countries.

What’s the price of Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two?

It is still under the wrap. Will ping you guys when they announce it! 😉

Confusing Act! Microsoft’s Official Kin Website is using Adobe Flash instead of Microsoft Silverlight. I think the phone uses silverlight as a platform. Am just wondering.. 😀