Why Google Has Always Loved Articles

Articles can have a tremendous impact on your search engine rankings. I have been in the SEO field for three years and I have personally seen the impact they can have on a website.

Google has always loved text rich content. In fact they cannot cannot get enough on it.  Writing articles feeds that system of gobeling up information and in turn gives you tremendous SEO benefits that can set you apart from your competition.

If you are not already doing so then you need to start if you are serious about making money online no matter what service you are offering.

Some of the articles I have wrote on Ezine, Buzzle, GoArticles, EHow, About, or Hubpages are a PR3 and are giving the sites I wrote them for tremendous power. The longer, better, and more researched my article was the better it got ranked and gained authority. I do not have any idea how the Google algorithm can tell the quality of an article but believe me when I say it can.

Why does Google love article directories so much?

Two reasons :

Google loves word based content
All these article directories have adsense on them

The big “G” feels like articles are able to fulfill too needs.  They give users the information they are looking for and they are making hundreds of millions from doing it.

Look at any article directory and you will see adsense ads on the top, right, middle, and bottom. A large portion of the people reading these articles are clicking on these ads.

The directories are making money, Google is making money, and you are getting a huge search engine benefit from producing the article in the first place.  This is one link building technique that Google not only supports but indirectly promotes.

In fact whenever possible Google will put an article from a respected directory on page one for any given search term. They make no money on commercial sites. Yet, of course, they still have to list them. But they will always try to add one or two articles in the searches if they can find a good one. These articles are going to make them money because they have adsense on them.

Knowing this should encourage you to start writing. It takes work, time, and a little research but it pays off. Your article will get indexed quickly and as long as you put a link back to your site you will get a search engine benefit.

Keep in mind several important things before you start. Failure to fully follow them will result in your website getting sandboxed or penalized for a while.

  • Vary up the anchor text (not just a little but a lot)
  • Link out to not only your homepage but sub-pages of your website
  • Make the article relevant to your website
  • Do not build a bunch of articles all at once. Start off by submitting one article a week, maybe every two weeks, if your website is new.
  • Do not submit duplicate content

Remember to make the article informative and well written. Other publishers will either link out to that article or put it on their website with a link back to your site.

I try to make all of my articles at least 400 words. 250 words are the minimum but I have found that articles that short give me very little SEO benefit.  I get a link but its not strong.

Once you start writing 400-600 word articles you will start to see the power of them.  You will be surprised to see that one article not only show up high in the SERPS but be giving your website tremendous power.

There are some websites I have gotten to page one with nothing but three articles. I wrote an Ezine, Buzzle, and Hubpage article for it and in a month it was on page one. Keep in mind these were fantastic articles and I spend several hours on them collectively. But, it worked and I by-passed reciprocals, forums, directories, and other links that would usually be needed.

So what are you waiting for?

Go to Starbucks, get a cup of black coffee, and start writing. It’s a technique I’ve used to build a large portion of my online AdSense revenue and really believe in it.  Remember that Google loves words. They eat up content and rewards websites that produce tons of it. Articles present a way for you to “feed” that system and in turn Google “feeds” you.

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  1. Yeah Sure That’ Why I always prefer Articles Submission for My Every Website. because Articles having right knowledge with some Information how to use particular product

  2. This is definitely a pat on the back for anyone wanting to embark on article marketing, and runs deep enough in value to grant a glimpse into the big picture too!

  3. Google Always like articles because article contain information with contextual link and visitors show interest in article and you can boost your ranking through quality articles…


  4. This is so true and I have seen the same amount of power and link juice and recognition from several of my articles on Ezine.

    I just used to rephrase the post on my blog and submit it to EZ which used to get instant approval because no matter whether it is rewritten, I used to be consistent and articulate.

  5. Dude you have explained very well about google ranking, and you said “I have wrote on Ezine, Buzzle, GoArticles, EHow, About, or Hubpages are a PR3” can you please provide me the link to those article if possible.

  6. Article writing for SEO has always worked for me. The trick is finding good article submition websites that have a PR and of course writing unique and quality content.

  7. Great read! (great starbucks tip!). Google is moving towards more of that. as they tweak more and more, backlinks and stuffs like pagerank would get lesser value.

  8. You are exactly right, long and quality word-based content is the most loved by Google. Uniqueness also matters. Recently, Google has started working on crawling Javascript and Flash menus also..but it is recommended to avoid them.

  9. There’s no substitute for a well researched and written article. Ezine is the top but there are many other great directories too. I’ve noticed great results in ranking with this technique but have also noticed the same results with sponsored posts or guest posts on blogs as well.

  10. Excellent article tips, especially for one that's not done much article marketing yet, like me.

  11. Content is King, when it comes to Google search engine. Google like blog and website that update his website and blog with unique content everyone.

  12. Quite interesting article about winning SEO by writing quality articles. And I totally agree these article directories harness an awesome power to your SEO. As, Content is King 🙂

  13. Yeah they do. I found out firsthand the power of articles when I started working for an SEO firm. We rank a lot of clients (for local searches mind you) off articles. National searches are going to be a little harder and I have found that when doing article writing for national searches you really need to “vary that anchor text.” I feel I cannot say that enough! I wish I would have been more diligent at that when I first started out. I have four sites that are sandboxed, even after a year, because I failed to do just that. The whole sandbox effect can be avoided if you vary that text.

    Wesley Barras

  14. Ezine articles, goarticles and hubpages have high Google PR and you can get quality backlinks from them but you should write on topics related to your blog.

  15. writing unique content and submitting them on article directories is not enough, you need to promote those articles too. when i submit an article on ezine, i make sure to social bookmark it or link it from a similar article from buzzle or squidoo to give it extra power to rank on the serps. its a competitive world 🙂

    hubpages have gone nofollow, unless you have the profile points over 75, which sometimes i have and other times it falls below. so my links there keep changing to nofollow and dofollow.

    Also, i would agree that there is a ranking benefit of absolute unique content, google does not say so, but from experience, unique content which are deeply researched usually ranks better.

  16. Writing long articles on ezine and such sites and even on your own blog positions you as an expert.

    Google loves a document with good resource always.


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