Learn Why Content is King For This Year As Well

The New Year is just around the corner and already online marketers are trying their best to work out new strategies for ensuring content is seen as widely as possible in 2016.

Looking ahead, expert analysts have predicted some bold trends for the coming year. With some 571 websites launched on the internet every minute, it’s becoming an increasingly difficult task to try and make one’s website stand out from the rest. Hence, now more than ever, content has been deemed the key focus for 2016 – but how can we ensure our content is directing users to our site?

Content Is King For 2016

Content Is King For 2015

Make Content More Engaging

Next year, all online marketers will be working to make sure that content on websites is more ‘interactive.’ According to Forbes, content marketing is set to be “better than ever” but it can only be so if users are feeling engaged. PowerPoint presentations are out of the window, and instead, marketers are using drip-marketing campaigns through Marketing automation tools. In Layman’s terms, drip marketing is a sequence of pre-fabricated email messages that are sent to readers based on their previous actions, hence catering to their needs, interests of preferences.


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Use Multi-channel Content

One of the most important facets of content marketing is to establish a degree of trust with the reader. There are many ways to do this, but one of the best ways of doing so is to create content through a variety of channels. Before getting started, website hosts must ensure they have all relevant industry information which gives an audience an insight into a particular subject. As such, it’s important to create a rapport with the reader by posting Social Media posts, articles on a business’s website, eNewsletters, case studies and videos.

Spice Up Content With Images

Many website hosts seem to think that ‘content’ is synonymous with ‘words’, but as proven by the above point, it’s important to engage with people over a multitude of channels. Hence, another huge trend for 2016 is image-centric content. While sites like Instagram have proven just how much everybody loves a good picture, images can also be essential for presenting information. Infographics, for example, are a reasonably new trend that have served to liven up traditionally boring facts and figures. Images are also great for holding users’ attention on websites – for example, Gaming Club breaks up its text with attractive images in line with the site theme and ensures users are not bored.


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Content may be huge in 2016, but with the correct marketing strategy, you can make sure your website is just as successful.

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