Why Your Blog Isn’t Getting the Traffic It Should?

The expectation of most new bloggers is that their new blog will start getting traffic almost immediately. After months of writing on their favorite topics or the profitable niches, bloggers get discouraged when no one pays attention. Some never recover from their discouragement and end up bringing down their blogs. If you are disappointed with your traffic analytics, consider the insights below before closing down your blog. Our focus in this discussion is on getting the right traffic and not just any traffic you can get online.

Why Your Blog Isn't Getting The Traffic It Should?

1. Posting the Wrong Content

Your choice of blog topics and content has a significant effect on the traffic that the blog attracts. Internet users search for relevant and high-quality content in their fields of interest. Before you post another article, pause and ask yourself if the article will add any value to your target audience. Every article you post should give your visitors reasons to stay longer on your blog. Think about the needs of your target audience, assuming that you have a well-defined audience. It could be that you post content that is only relevant to a small percentage of internet users.

2. Applying the Wrong SEO Strategy

The purpose of search engine optimization (SEO) is to drive organic traffic to your blog or website. Without applying the right SEO strategy, other bloggers will overtake you in drawing traffic. Getting traffic is even harder if you are in a highly competitive niche. Are you applying up to date SEO tactics? If you are serious about earning from your blog, consider hiring SEO Services Search Engine Optimization companies to optimize your blog. The advantage of hiring experts is that you are assured that they will apply the latest strategies to make your blog visible to your target audience.

3. Ignoring Social Media

A competitive SEO strategy is important to draw traffic to your blog. However, you need to think of alternative ways of getting the right traffic. In the current world of connectivity, you cannot ignore the power of social media. You have an opportunity to promote your content to millions of people every day on social media. Start increasing the number of followers on major social platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Share every new post on all platforms and encourage your followers to share the content on their pages or account.

4. Unrealistic Expectations

You may be complaining about low traffic, but the reality may be that you are expecting too much too soon. If you just started a blog, it will take several months of consistent SEO and other strategies to attract meaningful traffic. Sometimes it takes over a year to realize significant results from your optimization strategy. You may also be investing too little in your blog and expecting outstanding results. It takes lots of effort, time, and sometimes financial resources to build a successful blog.

There are no instant results or miracles in blogging. You must improve your blog consistently and focus on providing high-quality content to your target audience. Review your blog SEO strategy if you have been blogging for a while with low traffic. If you have tried every strategy you know to build your blog without success, it is time to seek help from experts. You must be willing to do everything possible including spending money to build a competitive blog in your niche.

3 thoughts on “Why Your Blog Isn’t Getting the Traffic It Should?”

  1. Very informative posts for me.
    Help me a lot. Because I am not getting traffic on my blog I tried everything which i can. Thank you for the posts.

  2. Hello Pradeep,

    Great tips over here 🙂

    This is the quite common problem, which si faced by almost every blogger who enters into the blogging world, why ain’t their
    blog getting a required amount of traffic on their blogs as per the hard work they are putting into their blogs.
    There are quite tiny loop holes which may are ignored by the bloggers and these tiny holes can cause big damages into
    blogging carrier. In blogging every a to z things are needed to be done perfectly so that it can drive out the best
    possible out comes into our favors.

    That’s the very true fact, getting up to the wrong SEO is the main thing which can distract traffic to another platforms.
    SEO plays an important role in getting us the hight amount of traffic, so its better to choose our keywords very smartly so that
    they can rank us better in the search engines.

    Social media is one of the most important platform which is capable of bringing lot of traffic to our blogs.
    Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest can be great one which can drive horde of traffic to our blogs.
    So its better to get out in the front and brand out our products on various social media platforms.

    Thanks for the share.


  3. Thanks for sharing this with us. But what if your traffic get constant. Traffic on my blog is not increasing or decresing since last 3 months. Please suggest.


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