Pack Electronic Devices And Prepare Them For Shipping

How To Pack Electronic Devices And Prepare Them For Shipping

Despite advances in modern technology electronic devices remain extremely vulnerable when being shipped between places. As we are relying more and more on technology it is important to devise a system which allows you to pack your electronic devices safely and ensure they remain that way while being shipped.

Pack Electronic Devices And Prepare Them For Shipping

These tips will ensure your electronic goods arrive where you want them safely:

Impact & Tilt Sensors

You can visit and discover the full range of impact and tilt indicators. These are designed to be added to your package and will record every impact, incorrect tilt and even vibrations hat happen to your device.
While this may not help you to pack the good, the inclusion of this device and the sticker will help to ensure all relevant parties treat the box with a little extra care; increasing the chances of it getting to its destination in one piece.


When packing your electronic devices each one should be sealed into its own packaging and then placed in a larger container where it can be surrounded with bubble wrap or pieces of foam to prevent it from moving during transit.
Ideally the closer the size of the packaging to your product the easier it will be to stop it moving during transit. Taping the first layer of packaging to the box will help to ensure it doesn’t move.

Turn It OFF!

You must ensure that your product is completely turned off when you are ready to send it; this will help to make sure the battery does not become drained n transit or that the device gets too warm while travelling.
In addition, there may be manufacturer’s guidelines which should be followed before you turn it off; it is important to do this.

Take A Picture

It is always advisable to take a picture of your electronic device before you send it. This serves two purposes:
Replacing cables

Some devices need a host of different cables connected to provide all the services you need. Taking a picture will help you to reconnect the cables when you need to.

Verifies Condition

A picture will illustrate that you have packed the item properly and that it is good condition at the point of return. This can be valuable information if something goes wrong during transit.


Your electronic devise probably has several different cables which arrived with it or need to be dispatched with it. It is advisable to place these in a separate bag and tape them inside your box. This will ensure they do not move round and they arrive with the electronic device.


Finally, to ensure your package gets where it needs to go as quickly and easily as possible it is essential to put the right labels on it. This should include where it is being shipped to and what is in the package; especially if it an item being returned. You should also write “this way up” and “fragile” to help the delivery firms handle the item appropriately.

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