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What Should You Do When Blogging Is No More A Fun


No Fun BloggingLot of people starts blogging every day with a hope of getting success in blogging arena. But very less number of people gets the success. The reason behind the failure is not the survival tricks but mostly the loss of interest in writing blog posts. Probably you like reading blogs and you like more when someone reads your blog. You get energy when visitors reads your blog posts but after starting your blog it is very difficult to get a good amount of traffic and then slowly your energy level decreases and you start asking the question to yourself “Should I quit?”.

Probably everyday people quit blogging and as a fact most of the people stop blogging within 3 months of starting. If you are also in the same stage of blogging career then just think before shutting down your blog, just go through the below tips which will help you in keeping your energy level high.

# Give yourself a break

If you are fed up of writing blog posts then give yourself a break for some time. This will relax your mind and within break time you will get some more blogging ideas. Try to spend more time with your friends and family

# Try mixing up with variety

After coming from your break you can just try mixing up with variety of posts. May be you can try with some video post or an interview with a popular person. Try to write some post on free software.

# Increase your social connections

Try to increase your social connections; popular social networking sites are the best source for it. Making a big friend circle helps a lot in blogging as you get different ideas from people.

# Guest Blogging Helps a lot

Believe me guest blogging is a great tool for the bloggers. It gives your reader a new voice. Writing for a popular blog gives you lot of benefits which includes more traffic to your own blog and chance to interact with other bloggers and new visitors.

# Learn something new today

The wisest mind has something yet to learn and learning process never ends in life. So try to learn something new today, it helps in getting new ideas and you can make yourself busy in something else than blogging.

# Schedule your calendar for writing

You need to schedule your writing in your calendar; that organizes everything in a better way. Perhaps it is the best way that helps in every path of life.


Guru is a Technical Blogger who writes at Jafaloo founded in 2011 July. He writes about technical tips, social media information and technical tutorials.

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    • Pulkit Kaushik | TheDolt

      Pradeep, a little off topic here, but have you ever done guest posts?

    • Noel Addison

      Success in blogging does not depend mainly on writing and posting. You have to do other things so you'll get more inspiration for writing. You also have to socialize with other people on the web so you'll create this connection and build a good relationship with readers that can probably help you increase readership and eventually increase blog traffic.

    • Kavya Hari

      Initially, have to learn some thing new every day and gather information from wide. And, increase your social connections with all the peoples in the wide. Thanks a lot for sharing your blog post on here 🙂

    • Jasmine

      Nice tips. When I feel it's no longer fun to blog anymore, then maybe it's time for me to quit blogging and sell my blogs! Haha…

    • Jane | Tech Buzz Online

      Good topic to be discussed because for every blogger there often comes a point when blogging is no longer fun. I usually take a break and it works. Thanks Jafaloo.

    • Abhishek

      Nice tips buddy,they are really helpful if we are bored from blogging.

    • Aarti

      Scheduling your calender is always very important in all profession, it makes you work in time and makes you active as well to complete the task in time.

    • Aman Arora

      Thanks for these tips bro, really worth reading and I needed those like hell, wasn't really feeling to blog these days 🙂

    • Abhi

      Nice ideas.Yes i also use to have a break,i play games,listen music,watch movies etc.
      And also get some time to increase my social connections.One more thing i would like to add that i use to edit and customize my template,links,widgets etc.Its also a very important part of blogging but little different from writing.

      • jafaloo

        Thanks Abhi for your comments, The points you have added are very nice one. One of the important thing that blogger can do is working out on the template,links and widget. Thanks.

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