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The Uniqueness Of EzineArticles – Special Review


Ezine may be the king of all article provider sites on the Web, but indubitably, it holds crown for the “ugliest website on the planet” as well.

EzineArticles LogoEzine’s web design is undoubtedly ugly. Ironically, it carries a forgettable, Microsoft Clipart-looking logo that makes it unforgettable; it never fails to maintain its nationalistic, flag-like contrast, unifying blue, red and white together, yet acts like a leftist for aligning all its text to the left; and its gradient and stoke usage seem like remnants of the 1992 Web design boom. Still, amateur and professional writers on the Web patronize the site without even considering its dreadful design. Actually, the “ugliest website on the planet” is only a hyperbole. What makes their ugliness too recognizable is their absolute domination of their niche. Ezine Articles is extremely popular among other ‘article provider sites’ on the Web—not to mention most reliable and dependable—and all design critics’ eyes are on it.

A hatful of websites has changed and redeveloped their sites over the years, and has ended up shutting down and buying a new domain for another marketing attempt, yet Ezine remains up and running, continuously serving the article-hungry Web surfers. It sounds tragic for some Web owners who failed to bring down Ezine (at least to Rank 2 or 3), that this poorly designed website is holding the top spot for years without even considering a complete design makeover.

What makes Ezine remarkable is its steadfast stand to its purpose

Ugliness is definitely not its way of branding. What this site is doing is an unorthodox approach to it. No one is sure if this site still puts too much concern in branding now that it has achieved the top status, because it seems like it doesn’t need one anymore. What is clear is their unwavering stand to function and purpose- to provide quality and helpful articles to people.


Traditional yet Unorthodox and Unconventional

Nowadays, encountering a site without a commenting section and panel of share buttons is next to impossible. Every website today relies on these social media tools to attract traffic to their sites and generate popularity from outside sites and readers. And it is not surprising anymore if Ezine does not have to comply with these needs, because the people behind it know how extremely popular their site is, inside and beyond their niche. Despite the site’s popularity, it still manages to retain its traditional approach to “byline promotion” and avoids the popular social media tools to promote its content.

Ezine Popularity

Its haphazard website layout has never been a hindrance in achieving popularity. Dominating a niche that caters to diverse niches and scrutinizing hundreds of professional and amateur written articles a day is not joke, and making them appealing to each and every niche—from Arts and Entertainment to Women’s Interest—is a lot harder task. Ezine’s popularity is all because of its efficient delivery as its sole purpose.

It would be difficult to build a website without putting details to its aesthetics and just focusing on purpose alone. It would be impossible to launch a poorly designed site without getting harsh yet truthful comments from Web design experts.

Perhaps, Ezine’s case is a very unique one, something that is difficult to imitate, something tailor-made only for Ezine.

This article is written by Warner Carter. He is interested in everything online that fuels discovery. He finds SEO a facinating puzzle so of course work for an SEO Reseller, Endless Rise.


Warner is a guy who likes the net and tech stuff, especially SEO. I work at an SEO Reseller company Endless Rise.

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    • Guppu Boss @ InternetDreamz

      Ezine article is a great site to publish your articles and get quality backlinks nice review

    • Warner Carter

      Its hard to argue against 7 million visitors a month. Even though it was higher, that is high enough for good articles to get picked up and when written right they do send direct traffic.

    • Dr.Zachar

      I'll have to admit I agree with the Ezine articles layout, a bit ugly, LOL!

      Always love your comments though warner..

    • Harsh

      It has a huge database of articles and the good thing for bloggers is that they can get some solid backlinks 🙂

    • Kavya Hari

      Great review about ezine article 🙂 As compare to other web sites ezine provider site would be superb site without any doubt.But design is worst 🙁

    • Jasmine

      Ezine is definitely a great website to submit articles to. Their design might be ugly but it is one of the most popular websites in the world! 🙂

    • Warner Carter

      EA survived the Panda update better than a lot of people think because their longer and better quality articles maintained better raking than average.

    • Glorious Blogger

      I had amazing results after submitting few articles to Ezine for a micro niche blog.

    • Jose Tinto

      Ezine is a pioneer in AM and has very loyal followers. The top affiliates in the industry favors EA over others.

    • shyam jos

      great review ,a good place to get some solid do-follow links

    • Warner Carter

      A great way to leverage ezine is to do a search for the title of your article then see who picked it up and if the site is a good one contact them directly and offer them more original articles.

    • Praveen @ Geeks4share

      Nice review Warner! Ezine is a great place to submit articles. Its a dofollow article directory !

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