txtWeb: An Exciting Opportunity for Developers!

Did you know… that in India that there are over 700 million mobile users but a majority of these users have regular feature phones and no data plan.

The top complaint that most smartphone users face is that their 3G or Edge network often drops and they are often left stranded without internet access in remote areas and if they are on vacation or travelling.

txtWeb, an Intuit owned property addresses these issues. It is an SMS app platform where anyone with a mobile phone can discover and consume content just by SMSing keywords to 51115.

txtWeb - How It Works

With over 11million users the platform grows from strength to strength everyday providing access to cricket scores, news, Facebook and more all through the SMS. Users need to SMS @keyword to 51115 to access content

E.g. To get cricket scores users need to SMS @cri to 51115.

A user can think of txtWeb as an SMS-based browser, but much more accessible than web-browsers since anyone with a simple feature phone can use it.

txtWeb Platform

txtWeb also has a vibrant developer community that are die-hard txtWebbers themselves. The platform offers developers from a variety of tech and non-tech backgrounds the opportunity to grow, learn and most importantly Earn on the platform. Let’s take a look at what sets the platform apart for developers:

  • The platform is Agnostic and therefore welcomes developers with a varied skillset and coding background. Apps can be developed in any of the web programming languages like PHP, JAVA, PYTHON and so on.
  • txtWeb allows developers to create different kinds of apps based on their skill level. The platform also allows their apps to become more complex, include new features as the developers coding skills improve.
  • Developers with no coding skills can also develop apps with a simple excel sheet.
  • txtWeb rewards its developers with cash prizes of upto 51,115 INR every month . The platform has two leaderboards based on user hits, that rewards new apps and fan favorites.
  • The platform also supports different languages allowing developers to create location-specific apps in regional languages.

What are the different types of apps on the platform?

txtWeb - create a new service

  • Through Coding: Create a txtApp that provides a dynamic response based on the app developed by the developer. The developer has to host the app and provide the URL while creating this app. Creating and deploying an SMS-based app on txtWeb usually takes about 5 hours.
  • Through an Excel Sheet: txtShuffle serves a randomized response from the list of SMS messages uploaded by the developer. An app through txtShuffle could take 20 mins.
  • A simple Text App: txtSite is the easiest and quickest way to create an app to serve static content. This typically takes 5 minutes.
  • A Reminder App: txtReminder app sends SMS messages to its subscribers at a scheduled frequency & time. A reminder app could take between 20 to 30 minutes to create and deploy.

Discover how easy it is to create an app on txtWeb in this Tutorial or check out a sample txtWeb code.

txtWeb - Sample Code

Become a txtWeb Developer Today. Register here. Developers can reach txtWeb at admin@txtweb.com in case of any assistance.

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  1. Never thought SMSes will ever be used in such ways. First Innoz made SMS search engine and now this. Best way to utilize 140 characters.


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