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MoboRobo – The Simply Productive Tool For Smartphone Management


“For what do you use your Smartphones?” We are sure that this question will more answers than when you’re asked of something else! It is clear enough to state the increased productivity of Smartphones, especially after rise of OS as Android and iOS. Some of you might be using it for professional purposes, such as managing documents, keeping the important ones in touch, etc, whereas personal user will prioritize talking to friends, accessing Facebook, gaming etc in his list of requirements. Sometimes at least, applicable for both these cases, screen of Smartphone will not be that sufficient to accomplish some tasks. Suppose you have a lot of duplicate contacts in your mobile device. When you’ll have to find out duplicate contacts and merge them together, the task will be a bit hard unless you have sought help from other applications. In such situations, you might have wished if you have been able to manage such tasks of the Smartphone in your PC! If you still have such thoughts, you have come to the right place, and we are very much glad to review MoboRobo for you!

MoboRobo is an all-in-one Smartphone management tool, which is available for Windows-based PCs. Just as we said before, MoboRobo helps you virtually expand your Smartphone screen to fit that of your computer. After that, you’ll be able to complete all those big-screen-requiring tasks in no time. And, MoboRobo is ready to help you at that kind of instances. Now, we will move onto the detailed review of MoboRobo, in which we shall explore different aspects of this multipurpose tool. Nevertheless, contrary to the usual review methods, we will give importance to noticeable features of this superb tool. First, we will have a glimpse on this free tool.

Note: For this review, we have used an Android Smartphone, and process may vary when you are using an iOS-based device with MoboRobo.

Glimpse on MoboRobo

As we mentioned earlier, MoboRobo is a free tool to manage your Android or iOS powered Smartphone from the PC screen itself. When you have connected your Smartphone to MoboRobo, you have almost full control over device, as it is able to accomplish even administrative tasks. Now, we will move on to different aspects of MoboRobo so that all our readers will have a clear idea about this awesome tool.

Moborobo Main


There are two methods available for connecting your device to MoboRobo. In the first option, you can use one USB cable to establish the connection. For this, however, you have to enable USB debugging in developer settings so that MoboRobo will be able to access your device more deeply. In addition, the tool itself emphasizes this method to set up connection, as it gives more control over the device. In the second method, we have to depend upon Wi-Fi to set up connection between Android Smartphone and PC. In this, you can get rid of wires but control may be a bit lower. So, it is always good to go with the first method – USB cable.

Contacts, Messages and Call Log Manager

When it comes to MoboRobo, management of all these factors are available under one tab, called ‘Data’. Yet, we will have a separate approach to three of these.

  • Contact Management: Contact management is quite easy in MoboRobo, as it takes advantage of your full PC screen! You can see a list of all contacts in your device in the main page. From the sidebar, you can go to contacts lists based on categories. Also, we have an option to add new contacts, import or export contacts using files, and set up contacts backup.
  • Contact Management

  • Message Management: Important feature of message management section is real-time update of messages. You can send and receive SMS message from your computer, when you have your device connected to MoboRobo.
  • Call Log Management: You can view whole call log of your device, edit them and prompt a call (actually, call will be made from your device, but you have an option to enable speaker mode). There is option to export all call logs as well.

Application Management

This is the most productive section of MoboRobo. In Apps management section, you have a bunch of features! One of the best features we found is its ability to transfer application from installation path (phone memory to SD card and vice versa). While some other apps were none of use in this section, MoboRobo was able to transfer it correctly. Additionally, there is an in-built App Updater, using which you can update apps in your device (if update is available). This feature is useful if you have a strong internet connection in PC but lack it in Smartphone. At the same time, you can use this service if you are a Smartphone vendor and want to give your users an up-to-date app experience.

App Updator

Apart from these, MoboRobo has a dedicated app store with it. From this app store, you can download apps & install them in your device instantly. From the same store, you will be able to download Mobo Live, an Android launcher from team of MoboRobo. This feature is equally important, as you can use it for installing applications massively in your new device.

Media Management

Media management actually means the compilation of Images, Music and Videos. Though they are available in three different categories, we decided to combine since features are almost same. In each section of media management, you can check out media files in your devices along with some options to filter results. Apart from that, there is a special kind of store, from which you can download wallpapers, ringtones and videos respectively. Just like we did in the case of Apps, these stores are helpful when you want to download favourite videos and music to your device.

music management

Backup & Restore and Phone Cleanup

MoboRobo knows that all Smartphone owners give importance to the data they have stored in device. So, the tool is having a special section to backup information such as contacts, messages, call logs, images, apps, music etc into PC and restores them if you have lost that information.


Is your device running slow? If so, you can use the Phone Cleanup feature to clean your device and thus boost speed. In this process, MoboRobo will clear cache files in device as well as remaining app installation files so that you will be having extra free space in device as well as speed. Along with these, MoboRobo boasts an in-built file manager as well.

User Interface of MoboRobo

User Interface of MoboRobo is something worth praising due to its simplicity and productiveness! One will require no kind of introduction to use MoboRobo, because the UI is extremely simple. The tabbed layout of tool makes it very easy to manage different sections and pop-up messages make sure that we do not miss important information regarding device.

It’s Time for Decision

Well, taking a decision about MoboRobo is quite simple – AWESOME. This is what we think about the tool after our first use, as MoboRobo has helped us to manage our Smartphones never like before without forcing us face any sort of glitch. Anyway, we are eager to know your opinion about this tool and we expect those opinions in comments.

Download MoboRobo

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      Moborobo looks like a great tool for my phone management. I am going to try it soon.
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