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HOW TO: Track Your Blog’s RSS Feed Clicks

Do you want to know how many people are visiting your blog via RSS Feeds?

Go to your Feedburner Dashboard, now select the title of your RSS feed.

Then choose the option “Configure Stats” under the Analyze Tab.

Tick the options that say “Item views”, “Item click” and “Track clicks as a traffic source in Google Analytics” and save it.

Track RSS GA
Now this tip will help you to analyze the click counts and the exact source from where that click may be originated. You can also find whether Google Reader subscribers are more engaged than your My Yahoo! Subscribers.

Track RSS GA

Use the “All Traffic Sources” and “Campaigns” sections to track the traffic from clicks inside your RSS feed.

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16 thoughts on “HOW TO: Track Your Blog’s RSS Feed Clicks”

  1. This is really cool. Tracking RSS clicks is most important since they helps us to analyze which of our content is liked by users

  2. Hi there,
    thanks for absolutely fantastic tips on tracking the rss feed clicks. I am using rss strategies for all my blogs and websites with good traffic results but never new how to track the rss traffic sources.
    Regards. Pathan

  3. I installed Google analytics too, I want to monitor everything now on. Thanks for all this information.

    All the best for you, man!

  4. i never used this feature ! Even i was unaware that feed has this feature . Thanks for the share

  5. That's cool! I just installed Google analytics like literally today so this is great information because I want to start tracking everything now on. Thanks for

  6. Yes this is right tool to check our visitors and we can understand other things as well from the help of this tool and we can improve our this mistake ""why not more visitors are coming on that.""

  7. S.Pradeep

    tracking is everything, it gives us a better understanding of whats working and whats not, feedburner and google analytics is a great combo.

    Kenny Fabre

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