HOW TO: Track Your Blog’s RSS Feed Clicks

Do you want to know how many people are visiting your blog via RSS Feeds?

Go to your Feedburner Dashboard, now select the title of your RSS feed.

Then choose the option “Configure Stats” under the Analyze Tab.

Tick the options that say “Item views”, “Item click” and “Track clicks as a traffic source in Google Analytics” and save it.

Track RSS GA
Now this tip will help you to analyze the click counts and the exact source from where that click may be originated. You can also find whether Google Reader subscribers are more engaged than your My Yahoo! Subscribers.

Track RSS GA

Use the “All Traffic Sources” and “Campaigns” sections to track the traffic from clicks inside your RSS feed.

10+ Promising Websites To Monetize RSS Feeds

There are numerous ways to monetize a blog and one of the common, but yet not well used, way is monetizing RSS Feeds. If your blog has huge number of RSS Subscribers, then you can easily make solid amount of money through it. But make sure you don’t distract your subscribers by these advertising methods.

Below I mentioned some promising websites, that will help you to monetize your blog’s RSS Feeds.

#1 – Feedburner : FeedBurner is a web feed management provider owned by Google and it is one of the widely used RSS Monetization Program.


Minimum Payout : 100$ | Payout Options : Check, Electronic Fund Transfer & Western Union

#2 – Feedvertising – TextLinkAds : Bloggers can use their FREE Feedvertising technology to run text link ads in your RSS feed. Whether the ads come from them, your own in-house efforts, or your affiliate links… the choice is totally up to you! Currently for WordPress 2.0+ users with more blogging platforms coming very shortly.

Text Link Ads

Minimum Payout : 25$ for Text-Link-Ads Prepaid MasterCard®; No minimum for PayPal payments or TLA voucher payments.
| PayPal Options : Check, PayPal, Payoneer, or TLA voucher.

#3 – Pheedo : Pheedo creates new kinds of profit driven advertising services through distributed content, like RSS, for our publishers and advertisers. RSS advertising is priced on a CPM basis, and rates range from $5 CPM to $20 CPM, depending on targeting criteria.


Minimum Payout : 50$ | Payout Option : PayPal

#4 – Yahoo Publisher Network : Yahoo! Publisher Network, you can put ads in your RSS feeds and receive a share of the revenue generated by each qualified click on the ads. You simply embed some code into the template of your publishing system and you will be served Yahoo! ads that may be relevant to a specific article or post, or to your content in general.

Yahoo! Publisher Network

Minimum Payout : $100 | Payout Options : Check or Direct Deposit

#5 – Kanoodle : Kanoodle was founded in 1999 as one of the early pioneers in search-targeted sponsored links. Their advertiser solutions help you reach your customers across a wide network of search sites, and their simple to use publisher solutions can help you generate revenue from your site.


#6 – MediaFed : Their advertising network matches premium feed content with premium advertising ensuring results for the advertiser and quality revenue for the publisher. The system monitors your feeds 24x7x365 and will alert you (and them) if it detects any problems or validation issues that would reduce reach and effectiveness.


#7 – FeedM8 : Using FeedM8, you can monetize and mobilize your blog’s RSS feeds easily. They will optimize the ads and also help you to promote your sites.


#8 – Bidvertiser :Bidvertiser is one of the most commonly known PPC Advertising programs. BidVertiser Ads For Feeds also allows you to monetize your blog’s RSS Feeds.


Minimum Payout : 10$ | Payout Options : PayPal or Check

#9 – ThankYouPages : ThankYouPages determines the most relevant ad based on the information you pass, response rates are significantly higher than traditional online ads and as a result, revenues are much greater.


#10 – FeedShow : FeedShow is a web-based RSS feed reader and first the online aggregator to remunerate publishers theough Google AdSense. Based on revenue sharing, FeedShow gives a new reason to syndicate your contents.


#11 – AdGenta : AdGenta is an easy and powerful way for you to unlock the revenue potential of your website or blog. AdGenta is a unique way for you to embed ads anywhere you can place a picture – in your blog post, on your website, in your RSS feed.


Minimum Payout : 20$ | Payout Options : PayPal

Have you used any of these services? Do you personally recommend any one of these? Do share your opinions below.